Newsletter #311

The on-off transfer saga that has plagued us all season, continues. The latest news is that the Russell transfer has broken down, once again over personal terms. Clark is reported to be ready to pay biggish money for a striker, but cannot find one!

This issue contains Part III of Martin Beckett’s ‘City in the City’ article, a reasoned reply from James Talbot on the ‘FC’s daughter’ article a few issues back, plenty of opinion and a Why Blue from Shepherds Bush. I’m taking a holiday for 2 weeks after this issue, so please make sure you don’t send contributions to me as they will disappear, at least temporarily! Luckily, someone has again volunteered to come in as a guest editor, so MCIVTA should carry on as normal.

Next game, Blackpool away, Wednesday 16th July 1997


I will be on holiday for 2 weeks after this issue and Sarah Dugdale has kindly agreed to step in (she wasn’t thinking at the time!) and take over for the next 4 issues. So, all contributions for MCIVTA – from Friday 11th July to Friday 25th July – should be sent to Sarah. The issues affected are 312, 313, 314 and 315.

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Did anyone else see the article in the Sunday People which mentioned City were tracking an Ivory Coast international (hailed as the new George Weah)? He’s 20 years old and currently plays for Montpelier; unfortunately his name’s a bit of a mouthful and I can’t remember it, Yoko… something? He’s a striker (well he would be if he was the new George Weah!) and he’s keen to come to England if the money is right. The article also said we’d had talks with Ian Rush. Ian Rush? More like Ian slow-plod!

Tim Starns (


City are still hoping to sign Martin Smith from Sunderland, following the acquisition of team mate Craig Russell. They have no plans to pursue interest in Ian Rush, and have failed in bid to sign an Ivory Coast centre foward.

Stuart Barstow (


Mikhail Kavelashvili is flying to Zürich to negotiate a deal with Grasshoppers, this coming Friday. They want to loan him for a year for what they have to pay £50.000. If they agree he’ll sign straight away.

Tor-Kristian Karlsen (


We are close to the completion of stage one of this project. The business plan is all but complete, although we are still awaiting the outcome of a meeting with the Royal Mail.

The next phase will concentrate on the design and content of the ISC pack, prior to a full launch. We cannot give an exact timing for the launch, although we do anticipate having fuller details before the end of the month.

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It now seems likely that Ole M.