Newsletter #282

Another draw (match report) and our hopes of promotion must surely be over, bar a miracle. Dalian Atkinson played for City’s reserves on Wednesday evening and scored a goal, but is reported to be well short of match fitness. We’ve news of another football internet tournament, and a Why Blue, but other than that all is quiet at the moment.

Next game, Stoke City at home, Saturday 22nd March 1997


My wife is due to give birth to our second (nine to go 8-)) on April the 9th. I’m sure that many of you can appreciate what this means for ‘downtime at home in front of the computer’! Basically, I’m going to have my work cut out at home and will have no time for MCIVTA for a short while. It’s become a MCIVTA tradition to have a guest editor in my absence so, we need someone to take over as editor for 2 weeks from this date (4 issues), but with the caveat that it might be sooner – or later – and could be at quite short notice! The job is fairly straightforward, requiring a standard email program which can be used to paste incoming articles into a template (provided). The newsletter is then mailed to a machine which then forwards it to all on the subscription list.

If you can step into the breech then please let me know as soon as possible so that the permissions can be set up. It’s good fun and is certain to qualify you for ‘good samaritan of the year’, especially if City fans are the only ones voting 8-)).



TRANMERE ROVERS vs. MANCHESTER CITY, Tuesday 18th March 1997

I have seen a vision of the future and I don’t like what I saw. This was like a preparation game for when we have to play without Gio Kinkladze, for although the mercurial Georgian was in the team, he was constantly bypassed as the ball flew over his head straight from the back to Uwe R