Newsletter #195

All quiet on the news front but we still have the usual mix including opinion, a nice Why Blue and some confessions from Martin Ford and Mark Burgess!

The small hiccough that is relegation seems to have had no effect on new subscriptions; this issue goes out to 794. Apparently we have no glory-hunters, what a surprise 8-))

Next game, Athlone FC, Friday 19 July 1996


I don’t know if anybody else heard it or not but on Piccadilly Radio this morning (Monday) there was a soundbite from Franny reacting to the speculation that “top stars” were set to leave the club on his return from his end of season break.

Franny said “Gio came round to my house with his mother today because he’s going home to Georgia for a bit. The last thing he said was ‘see you on July 8th` which is when pre-season training starts. As for Niall, he’s still in the club’s plans for next season.”

But no mention of Uwe. Oh dear.

Stay Blue, Mark Helsby (


Following reports of a £5 million bid from Celtic for Gio Kinkladze, Francis Lee has again reiterated that he’s not for sale. Lee said that Kinkladze was very happy at City and that the last thing he said before going off on holiday was “see you on 8th July.”

Lee and Alan Ball had a meeting on Friday to decide, amongst other things, how much money would be available for transfers in the Summer. It seems that Ball will have £5 million to spend but must reduce the wage bill. Whether the £5 million includes the proceeds of the wage-bill cutting exercise is not clear, though the impression given was that it would be on top of any monies received for outgoing transfers.

There have also been reports over the weekend that City are interested in Oldham’s Chris Makin (defender?). With Oldham known to be interested in signing Gerry Creaney, a player-exchange deal could be in the offing.

The Mole


I’m sorry but in MCIVTA 194 I cocked up and gave the wrong phone number for the official City shop. The number quoted was for the Eddie Phillips store (oops!). The correct number is 0161 232 1111 and although they will send you stuff if you know what you want, the catalogue is not due out until August when they will, on request, send you a copy free of charge. There’s a story behind this cock up but it’s long and boring so I’ll just grovel and apologise again. Sorry…

Steve Bolton (


If anyone is near Macclesfield on Saturday June 8th, a trip to school is recommended to break up an otherwise uneventful day. Park Lane School is holding a Summer Fête which is to be opened (at 1.00 pm) by the former City captain Paul Power. I don’t know how long he will stay but any proceeds of this event are going to a very good cause; namely the school itself which caters for children with special needs. Go and have a look.

See you there, Steve Bolton (


Did anyone see Points of View the other night? Supposedly there were somewhere in the region of 26 complaints to the BBC over the useage of the singular word Manchester to describe the ‘Glorious Reds'(tm). I know it irritated me at the time, but no I didn’t think about ringing the BBC honest!

On another point, my dad sent me the Cliff Sear testimonial programme and there was a comment by Lomas (I think), saying that City thought a draw against Liverpool would be enough and so they relaxed. The players thought that someone was losing; shame no-one told them it was Sheff Wed.

Oh well, at least we might get to visit the other Nottingham club!

Jim Walsh (


Yesterday’s knock-about was another unprecedented success – especially when teams managed to string more than 3 passes together! Almost everyone (bar one) who was meant to attend did although a few did skive away without coughing up. I thought the pitch was a little on the small side especially with thirteen (we played 6 against 7 in the first half and then 7 against six in the second).

Team A
Gary ‘R Kelly’ Fones, Steve Bolton, Adam ‘Try and Get Round Me’ Houghton, Paul Howarth, Martin ‘Gnome’ Ford and Paul Monaghan.
Team B
Dan Ellington, Mike ‘Schmeichel’ Red, Robert Watson, Roly Allen, Steve Allen? and Mark ‘Shearer’ Varley.
Ashley ‘Go Faster Stripes’ Birch.

We were meant to play an hour but stayed on for an extra 30 minutes at the end for our special brand of football, i.e. pass and watch. Still in the end a fair result as the better team won 18-12 but hey who’s counting?

Unfortunately, the bar at the Armitage was closed and it meant a strenuous walk (I’m not sure about anyone else but my legs felt much worse once I had showered and relaxed a little) across the car park to drive to The Friendship pub. Thankfully the rain held off all afternoon until this journey.

The next fixture is hopefully in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Anyone got any preferences as to when and how big the pitch should be? Thanks to all who turned up and made it another great afternoon.

Robert ‘Bruised Back’ Watson (


Well even though it’s happened and we’re down it still hasn’t sunk in yet. I guess it won’t until the fixture list comes out.

I was gutted on the last day of the season. You see by living 4,000 miles away in Florida it takes a lot of effort and a small fortune to keep up with the Blues. No longer is the old world service radio enough. With technology developing the way it is I just had to have the latest, quickest computer for the Internet and an 8ft satellite dish in my back garden to catch the lads live in action. So last August and $8,000 later I was ready for the new season. At this point I’d just like to thank my very understanding, wonderful wife for letting me buy all this crap, the poor woman actually shed a tear the day we went down after seeing how gutted I was.

I caught at least one live game a week and a 1 hour highlight show showing all the Premier goals, so I didn’t miss a single City goal. Then we go and get relegated! No longer will City be on T.V. here in any way, shape or form – unless we go far in the F.A. Cup. The Carling pages will drop us soon and maybe the Sky pages too. I would just like to thank Ashley, Paul, the Mole etc. for all your work last season, you guys do a great job. And I think I speak for all Blues abroad when I say please keep the info, gossip, match reports coming thick and fast next season. This newsletter and the City pages are now our lifeline and the main source of information on our beloved team, keep up the good work.

That last 12 minutes (vs. Liverpool) listening on the world service was agony. I know it was nothing though compared to most of you actually inside Maine Road. The only thing that brought a smile to my face was when my brother and my mates called me up at around midnight, completely p*ssed singing City songs. They all live in Blackley which is completely Blue and said the pub was packed with City fans drowning their sorrows and singing their heads off “we’ve got the best player/fans in the world… City is our name etc.” They said you’d have thought City had just won the league (I have a theory, the longer it goes without us winning anything,the more passionate and loyal we become?)! The 1 or 2 Rags that did walk in just had the p*ss taken out of them. “Here’s your season ticket for next year” a Blue shouted to a Rag – then he handed him the T.V. remote control!

P.S. Did that fella on here who was thinking about not renewing his season ticket come to a decision yet?… just curious.

Forever Blue, Paul Whittaker (


OK first a public proclamation as to how sad a Blue I really am:

I the undersigned hereby declare my intention to endure the delights of Maine Road football for another year. In other words, yup I’ve gone and done it, I’ve renewed my season ticket. Yeah, yeah, I know after all my doubts I’ve gone and bought it.

Cos I’m sad and can’t bear to tear myself away from the Academy; quick get to the shrink.

Other news:
There seems to be some doubt over who is actually going to sponsor the 1st, 2nd and 3rd divisions next season. Endsleigh’s current 3-year deal runs out in July and it appears from some newspaper reports that there are already a couple of other sponsors in the offing. The names mentioned are Nationwide and Burger King. Nationwide, hmm not bad, but can you imagine:

The Burger King Big Whoppa 1st Division

Martin Ford (


Re: Andy Jackson’s bit in MCIVTA 192 about Mark Burgess.

> I've heard that MB (ex-Chameleons/Sun and the Moon/ etc... all top
> bands, by the way) is indeed a Blue - good on you Mark!  It probably
> was him who wrote to MCIVTA - I hope so, anyway.
> How about another letter?  And when's your next album out?!


Yes I am the same Mark Burgess and I’ve been a Blue my whole life and will remain one many aeons after my death. As well as getting the ideas together for the next LP (which should emerge this Autumn) I spent the last quarter of this past season at Maine Road ticket office on a casual basis because, having just come back to Manchester after three years in Scotland, I’d let my S/T lapse. I figured it was the best way of securing home and away tickets for the remaining games until I could get a new S/T application sorted (well it’s not a job one does for the money!! Believe me!). As it turns out working over there is great and I intend to stay there as long as I can.

Being back at Maine Road this season reminded me of everything that was good about being a Manc (despite the end result). So much so that my wife and I have decided not to return to Scotland but to stay here for another five or six years. I’ve decided I won’t be missing any more matches in future, so I don’t suppose I’ll be touring much anymore. I even managed to get my wife to go to Maine Road for the first time ever this season. She loved it so much she’s now an ardent Blue and hasn’t missed a game since. Quite a coup in light of the fact that her mother, father and sister are Rags. I told her it was a good job I hadn’t known that before as I probably wouldn’t have married her 🙂

Like I said in my initial post it was the disastrous start to the season that did it, though to be honest I believe that what really did it was the nightmare we had against Wimbledon.

I honestly believe we’ll be back in the top flight sooner than a lot of people are predicting but in any event I’d follow them all the way down to the Vauxhall and still sing ‘Blue Moon’ with the best of them.

And the Rags’ reluctance to allow Taggart a new six year contract just reinforces my long held belief that United are a bunch of greedy, money grabbing bastards. I bet he feels truly appreciated!!

Mark Burgess (


Has it occurred to anyone that Romark, who cursed Maine Road during the second coming of Big Malc, may need to be terminated with extreme prejudice before anything gets better there? and … what do we do if he is already dead? Dig him up and perform strange rituals upon his corpse, in the centre circle at Maine Road in the dead of night? Bit extreme I know, but then it’s getting that way isn’t it ? :-))))

BREP (Bristol Rovers Evening Post, Bristol’s answer to the MUEN) was full of Keith Curle rumours the other day, i.e. that Bristol City were making eyes at him. Has this been mirrored in the MUEN? Given that the club has been losing 10k smackers a week over the previous season, I suspect they will not be able to afford his wages – even if there were any truth in the rumours.

All MUEN based rumours welcome down here … it’s boring waiting for Euro ’96, and I am sure we could all do with some crass rumours to spice up those idle days.

BTW, We used to have an address for the SW branch of the supporters’ club anyone got this handy?

Jeremy Poynton (


How about… Cruyff for City!!!

He’s supposed to be mates with Franny, isn’t he? We can only dream. :}

James Nash (


I`ve patiently read most of the stuff on the `to sack or not to sack` issue. I think he should stay for three simple reasons:

  1. After paying Ball off, we probably couldn`t afford a `quality` manager. Any spare money needs to go on the team.
  2. No sane manger would accept the job considering our past record ofshort-term, win the league next year, qualify for Europe yesterdayexpectations, and appointing another mediocre one cannot be termedprogress.
  3. He got us in the s**t, he should be given a season to get us out.

If he doesn`t he should go. but saddling a new manager with a half-built team is asking for trouble and if the club doesn`t show some faith in its appointments, how can we expect the players and manager to show the commitment that everyone`s droning on about? Many seem to feel that it is impossible for Ball to learn from his many mistakes, but before we sack him we should think about who exactly is going to replace him. There’s the rub. Unless we give ourselves a chance to build a team we`re never going to get out of the cycle of underachievement that is becoming our trademark. Success is a habit? That`s a cliché put about by people who have forgotten that all the great sides of the past eventually screwed up. Habits are things you usually can`t or don`t want to break, so failure can`t be one. Being a City fan is a habit. Something you learn, and though logic and reason tell you it`s not a great idea, the dependence continues. Success usually comes from planning, which doesn`t involve quick-fix solutions to complex problems. I`m well aware of Ball`s shortcomings (he`s short and he`s come to Maine Road, tee hee), but looking objectively at the alternatives I think we should stick with him for next season.

Strangely, relegation has reaffirmed my 35 year commitment to City. One of my mates here is a Leicester fan, and although they may be promoted, I can`t imagine supporting them or anyone else, particularly the sad sychophants of Stretford.

Blue more than ever, Andy Hoodith (


After reading MCIVTA 194 just now (definitely what Friday mornings at work were designed for) I was pondering over a couple of the points raised.

Firstly, what did Flitcroft say about Lomas? This is something which has shot straight over my head. I can only assume he’s been shooting his mouth off, in which case he can ***k off if he’s not got any respect for his supposed friends. Are we to assume that he spent his days at the club seething and crossing them off until he could leave? Cheers Garry.

My main point though is about Uwe and Niall. I had this conversation with Andy Brookfield last week and everyone seems to agree that Rösler’s being a bit of a mardy get. Whilst this isn’t any reason to sell him it is as much his responsibility as Ball’s to make their relationship work. Ball doesn’t have to pick him, Uwe has to prove his worth which he blatantly wasn’t for much of the season.

As for Quinny my plan would be to make him club captain or integrate him into the bootroom staff and widen his rôle in the club. There’s no doubting his heart/commitment/affection for the club and in years to come I reckon we could do a lot worse than him as a manager. The money we would receive should we sell him would be nothing compared to what he has to offer.

Last season when everyone was on his back and wanted rid I defended him and am happy to say that he’s proved his worth with what I reckon has been his best season for a long time. At last he’s started trapping the ball, holding up play and his distribution has been great – surely Walshie’s influence rubbing off? I know everyone will get on my back saying he’s been missing sitters but he always has and always will. If he’d gelled with Uwe (and he never will – they go after the same balls) and Der Bomber had knocked in 30, then:

  1. we’d still be up, and
  2. everyone’d be saying what a great season Niall’d had.

I reckon that if all three stay then Uwe and Kave will start but with the knowledge that the club see Niall’s contribution as more than just playing; he’d probably be willing to bide his time a bit more. What’s the point of selling one of them to only have Gerry or somesuch as replacement in the event of a long term injury to one of the others?

I still can’t bear to think about going to Swindon next year but just think how many of the ex City players we’ll be meeting along the way!

Stay Blue, Mark Helsby (

Anyone know exactly what Flitcroft is alleged to have said?



Well, I was wrong, ho-humph… but it’s not all doom and gloom, far from it, I’m here to cheer you all up. I was interested in the article talking about little Walshy, you know and the club spirit and all that and it’s bang on. I wouldn’t blame Ballo yet, not for all the problems. If we didn’t go down this season it’d have been the next etc.,. sadly too true. Uwe? Well we all love him really but to be honest he put a great big strop on the minute Kinky waltzed into the Premiership and showed us the absolute dross we’d been putting up with. You could see his bottom lip from the dugout… but hey!!! What’s all this? To be quite honest I think Kinky’ll stay on and Ball has built the basis of a pretty sound team, if we can keep hold of Kit Symons that is. I understand from the bloke who works in the Indian Spar (you know, the coke tastes of curry, the crisps taste of curry, the milk tastes of cheese, all that stuff), who’s brother works on the gate, who knows a bloke who knows a lass who heard that Keith Curley-wurley is leaving. Well hurrah. At last, he is not a captain and I blame him for much of what went on this season and many before (well, that and a lack of crosses, you know they win matches and all that- so where’s the wingers gone Ballsey?). Anyhow at least we won’t have to put up with that bloody Dicky Keys on Sky.. Oooooooaaoooh I wish Coventry would go bankrupt, go down, give up or something, the smarmy, hairy handed, varmint… erm, sorry, Bye

David Adamson (


Despite my exam tomorrow, I can’t stand by any longer and hear this talk about George Graham.

Frankly, I don’t care whether Alan Ball stays or goes. To me that is irrelevant as next season is going to be a rebuilding year, whoever is manager. If our fears are justified, we will lose all our best players – remember what happened to Crystal Palace last season.

Symons, Curle, Kinkladze, Rösler, Quinn – the heart of our team could be ripped out this summer. It’s too early to say yet whether any of them are going to stay. To my mind, we won’t know until we kick off in August how many players we’ve held onto, and any reports in the Evening News at this time of the year are meaningless.

The one thing that really sticks in my gut is the thought of George Graham managing City. I have two objections to this – 1. He’s corrupt and 2. I want City to play football that we can all watch without falling asleep. We’re not going to get him anyway. If he does get back into management this season, it’ll be at a Premiership club – most likely, Leeds.

If you’re going to get rid of Ball, find a decent replacement that’s going to play decent football. Options? Follow the trend of player-managers with Chris Waddle, go for a man with a proven record in shepherding young talent in Mike Walker or poach someone from the lower divisions. But, in the name of God, not Graham.

Chris Egerton (


Or so AB tells us. Well we all hope so but that sadly is not enough. In my view it was the Wimbledon game that “did” for us and there’s no shortage of teams like that in the Endsleigh League. But why blame yourself when you can blame the players? I don’t believe any City manager has ever been held in lesser esteem by the players or supporters. Sorry AB. I’m with everyone else.

Jim Egan (


The following newspaper article appeared in the Observer on the Sunday after we were relegated and was mentioned by Julian Cooke last week. Julian has scanned it and mailed it to me; thanks to Paul for fiddling with it to get it into shape for MCIVTA. When reading it, it should be borne in mind that it is part of a bigger piece which included other teams:

Francis Lee’s new regime at Maine Road set out to be fan-friendly as an antidote to the perceived arrogance and autocratic style of Peter Swales, who died shortly before City were relegated from the Premiership. Where Swales had remained oblivious to the wishes of the fans, Lee promised to make himself accessible. After sweeping into the club on a tide of popular support and high expectation, Lee offered supporters the ultimate concession: a fans’ representative would be allowed a place on the board.

Whether this was a PR gimmick or a serious gesture hardly matters now, since the experiment was short-lived and ended with disillusionment on both sides. Dave Wallace, the fanzine editor chosen to speak for the supporters, asked Lee a question about Alan Ball at the start of the season to which he is still awaiting an answer. Last week, in the wake of relegation, he accused the club of being more interested in racehorses and restaurants than the interests of spectators.

“What has been most disappointing this season, apart from the obvious inadequacies on the field, is that the club are no longer prepared to listen to supporters below executive box level,” Wallace said. “Everybody prefers the new regime to the old one, there has been a good deal of tolerance and patience shown by City fans in the last couple of years but we are getting the brush-off in much the same way as we did under Swales.”

“All we have heard all season is that the management knows best, and that criticism, even constructive criticism, is unhelpful. Anyone expressing a point of view which does not happen to coincide with club policy cannot be a true supporter. We expected better under Lee to be honest, and now we are relegated at the end of it. So who was right? We still aren’t getting any answers.”

Meaningful dialogue between boardroom and terrace is fine in theory but always likely to prove tricky in practice , and City’s ground- breaking scheme would have stood more chance of surviving a demolition ball than controversial manager Alan. “I knew it wasn’t within my remit to select managers, but as a representative of the supporters, I thought it was my duty to convey to Lee that the manager he was proposing to install was not a popular choice,” Wallace explained. “Virtually all the fans I had spoken to had said they were worried about Ball’s relegation record, which was distinctly poor, so I relayed that message to the chairman.”

“He replied that that was strange, since all his friends had been congratulating him on a cracking appointment. That rang a few alarm bells. For Lee to have friends who thought Ball was a cracking appointment was worrying enough, for him to listen to them was worse. We never really resolved that situation and the fan-on-the-board idea was dropped soon afterwards.”

Wallace has already renewed his Maine Road season ticket for next season, expects most of City’s long-suffering and amazingly loyal supporters to do the same, and would be surprised by any unpleasantness on street or terrace as a result of the club’s latest disappointment.

“We have got a lot to be disappointed about but we are probably used to it,” Wallace said. “I don’t think Newcastle fans have any excuse whatsoever for that sort of behaviour. I suppose losing a 12-point lead is just as tormenting in its way as having a manager who insists you will stay up when everybody knows you will go down. But I know which experience I would choose.”



For those who may have missed it first time round. You can win £10.00 and hopefully have a bit of fun too by having a go at picking the 1,2,3,3 in Euro’96. Rules are on

Jim Egan (


I’m sorry but I’ve found the last couple of MCIVTAs a bit of hard going. Some light relief…

Set by a mate of mine and first attempted in a pub in Maida Vale on last Wednesday night. You can mail answers to me and I’ll post results and answers next week. Pub rules apply. No reference works. Do it now at first sight.

  1. The last two European championship finals have ended in the same score. What was the score?
  2. The Geoff Hurst goal/non goal. Who crossed the ball?
  3. Who played for England in the 1966 World Cup and then had to wait until 1977 for his next cap?
  4. Gary Lineker has scored four goals for England twice. Against Spain in 1987 and who else?
  5. In 1968, Who was the first England player ever to be sent off?
  6. In 1884, who won the first ever Home Championship?
  7. Three South American teams have taken part in the Rous Cup. Brazil, Chile and who?
  8. Which one of the following countries have England not played against: Saudi Arabia, Ecuador or Qatar?
  9. What is the record winning margin in the FA Cup Final?
  10. Which now First Division team kept the cup for seven years?
  11. Spurs have won the FA cup when the year ends in a ‘1’ how many times?
  12. Which was the last team to win the FA Cup for the first time?
  13. Which then non-league team won 1-0 at Burnley in the FA Cup in 1975?
  14. Which Player appeared against Spurs in 1981 & 1987 FA Cup finals?
  15. How many English club sides have won the European Cup?
  16. Name the former England World Cup captain who has managed Colchester?
  17. Which player, later capped by England, moved from Carlisle to the Vancouver White Caps in 1981?
  18. Name the only English club to win all four division titles?
  19. Who plays at the Bescot Stadium?
  20. How many of the 1966 World Cup winning side went on to manage leauge clubs?
  21. Which team went from 4th division to 1st and then back to the 4th between 1978 & 1986
  22. When did Newcastle last win the top division title?
  23. Who play at Field Mill?
  24. How many World Cup finals have there been?
  25. Name the team, that during their first World Cup finals in 1986, beat Uruguay 6-0?
  26. Swindon won it in 1970, Blackpool in 1971. Name the competition?
  27. Name the four English teams that made the final of the Cup Winners Cup between 1970-75?
  28. Which country has played a full international in England but never against England?
  29. Who are nicknamed ‘The Railway men’?
  30. Topically, which club has John Gorman just left to be number 2 to Glenda?

PS I scored eight (poor, v poor)

Steve Walker (


I’m starting to get some travel plans together for the fall. One thing I’d like to do is see an away game at a ground that still has terraces. I’m 99% sure that Portsmouth still do, but does anyone know of any others? Please respond to my e-mail. Thanks!

Luke Gerber (


It might have been the moment when, in the playground at Bazley Road Primary, Northenden, I was asked if I supported City or United and I replied without hesitation ‘City’. It might have been the day my dad took me to see my first game, in 1963, I think. Neil Young made his début, we lost 1-2 to Villa and I got a sore backside sitting on those incredibly hard benches in the Platt Lane stand. And we got relegated that year too. Remember ‘Sack Mac’?

At some point I must have become infected, and discovered that my dad has also been a lifelong Blue. He went to a game in the 1930s at Maine Road where they had a record league crowd, over 80,000 I think. He went to the 1955 Cup final, missed out on the 1956 one and went with me to see them win it, in 1969. Happy days.

I was luckier than most Blues – I went to Newcastle in 1968 and stood in the Newcastle end (the Leazes?). The next season me and my mates were squashed against a crash barrier during that incredible surge forward after Tommy Booth scored the winner under our noses at Villa Park to take us to Wembley. I was hoarse after the 1970 League Cup final and wetter than I’ve ever been on 29th April that year at the Prater Stadium, Vienna (a stadium with the total absence of a roof). I missed the 1974 League Cup and went to the 1976 one.

I’ve lived in Melbourne since 1980, apart from four years in Norwich, arriving back half-way through the 1988-9 promotion season. I have suffered from afar (believe me, getting up at 4.00 a.m. to watch Ricky Villa dancing through our defence… twice! is no picnic), but I’ve always felt (known?) that City are a great club and will prove it on the field one day. We keep going down and we keep coming back up. The trick is to stay there and to win something.

My eldest son is 10, born here. While we were living in Norwich, I took him to see City play only once, against Norwich (2-1, Quinn and White, I think) at Carrow Road. Since then he has developed into a walking Blue encyclopaedia and wants us to move back to Manchester so he can attend the School of Excellence. And now he won’t be able to watch his team on the Monday night Premier League highlights (an excellent show, if your team happens to be in the Premier League). Thank you AB.

I’m too depressed to comment at length on our current predicament, except to say that the late Peter Swales’ policy of sacking a manager after he’d lost three games on the trot looks quite attractive in hindsight. If you look back over the season at the games lost by a goal (Rags, Arsenal, Boro, Coventry, QPR) the daft decisions (Frontzeck, Frontzeck again, Asprilla, Asprilla again), the deflections (Quinn, Curle, etc) the odds do seem to have been stacked against us. We’ll be back.

One day I hope that I’ll be able to take my sons to Wembley to see us win the Cup, or better still, to the Swamp to see us crush the Rags in front of 50,000 cockneys. I’ll see you all there.

Why Blue? Must be in the genes.

P.S. Thanks for all the good work you do to produce MCIVTA.

John Durham (


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