Newsletter #190

Well, probably the most imporant game since MCIVTA game into being… I’m sure I’ve heard that one somewhere before! The club have certainly been thinking how to raise the atmosphere at the game and it looks like it might just turn out to be a memorable event. The main news of this issue is the death of Peter Swales; he fought long and hard to hold on to power and whether or not we wished him gone during that acrimonious battle it probably has cost him his life in the final analysis. Anyone fancy writing an obituary, no frills, just as it was?

The first article is an appeal for help with a new host for the MCIVTA mail program: if you think you can help please mail Paul. Running a newsletter from home (manual mailing) for 750 subscribers is not something I care to contemplate!

Here’s to Sunday.

Next game, Liverpool at home, Sunday 5th May 1996


The distribution of MCIVTA is currently handled in a semi-automatic way using a machine that I have access to at work. However, I will moving to a new job in mid-July so we are once again looking for somebody to help us out. If you have access to a machine with a permanent (i.e. not dial-up) Internet connection, preferably running some flavour of Unix and you are willing to help out, drop me a line and I can discuss it with you.

Paul Howarth (


Following Gerry Creaney’s neatly-taken goal against Stoke on Tuesday night that assured Oldham of their place in the fisrt division, manager Graeme Sharp hinted that he may bid to make Creaney’s loan move permanent at the end of the season. Such a move would depend on City’s asking price though; Oldham would be unlikely to be willing to pay anywhere near what City paid Portsmouth for the Scot’s services earlier this season.

Paul Howarth (


Former City chairman Peter Swales died earlier today. He had a major heart attack last week and had been in the intensive care unit at Wythenshawe Hospital.

The Mole
Martin Ford (


Franz Beckenbauer, back in (caretaker) charge of Bayern Munich following his sacking of coach Otto Rehhagel, has confirmed that Uwe Rösler is one of several foreign-based players that he is interested in signing. With clear personality clashes between Rösler and Ball at City and Jürgen Klinsmann and Lothar Mattheus at Bayern, a move for Rösler looks a distinct possibility.

City’s summer clear-out is due to begin immediately after Sunday’s game, regardless of the result. Twelve players are expected to leave. The usual restrictions on flags, banners etc. have been lifted for this game in an effort to get the atmosphere going and lift the players.

The Mole


The Star reports that City want to sign French sweeper Laurent Blanc from Saint Etienne on a free.

Col Surrey (


************ Sunday 5th is Flag Day ************

Get ready for something special on Sunday. As part of a build-up to a superb atmosphere the club is to place pieces of blue card on every seat in the ground. These are to be held aloft in unison to give the impression of a totally blue stadium; the effect we are looking at here is similar to that shown during the introduction to Match of the Day some years ago. In addition to this, the club are to allow flags (with poles) and small banners into the ground. Please, the club want this news spreading far and wide so tell everyone you know and get your sewing machines into blue turbo mode. If it all comes to fruition, we should be treated to a somewhat “Italian spectacle”.

************ Sunday 5th is Flag Day ************


What’s the score?

What has happened to the long promised scoreboard? What plans are there to fill the gaps between the Kippax and the North & Umbro (Platt Lane!!) stands?

Jeff Smith (

Scoreboard… the answer to this is not clear but the general impression is that if we stay up scoreboards will be installed sooner rather than later. Otherwise; well, not so soon. Our contact could make no comment on plans for extra seating other than there is nothing certain yet.

************ Sunday 5th is Flag Day ************

More pie without Sky?

Just a quickie: if City do (God forbid) go down, is it true that they would be on TV quite often as they would be the main attraction in Division 1, or do the television company have to show all the sides an equal number of times? Secondly, what channel on Sky are City going to be on against Liverpool?

Barry Foster (

Again, there is nothing cast in brass with regard to TV coverage but the feeling is that City would indeed be the major attraction in the 1st. As for Sky coverage, the Sky Sports Web page says that it has not yet been decided when, or on which channel a City match will be broadcast.

************ Sunday 5th is Flag Day ************

I know that I’m pushing the ‘fetch your flags’ bit but our contact put a lot of emphasis on it. I’m sure that you’ll agree the atmosphere on Sunday will be better for it.

Steve Bolton (


I’ve only got a minute so here goes.

We didn’t like him in his latter years, but he was a Blue and so deserves a 2 minute silence on Sunday. I can however, forsee a silence which is nothing but booing which will create a sour atmosphere for the big game. Obey the silence, think of the good times and then make the noise.

You gotta believe we can do it.

Here’s to a pint of Carling on Sunday night.

Nick Cavanagh (


Issue 9

This issue came to Singapore subscribers early (good job since the cover says “It’s going to the wire! End-of-season special issue”) Still, not too late for the end-of-season nail-biter. This is also the second time Uwe has been featured on the cover.

Although the cover claims this to be the end-of-season special, the contents do not have any coverage on the aforementioned. Nonetheless there are some good reads.

The Maine Events, a usual feature, contains a small but interesting article where the ‘Boro fans voted on the best opposition player to visit the Riverside. No prizes for guessing. Our Gio won by a long way gaining 47% of the votes followed by Ruud (Whoopie) at 15.9%.

There is also a segment on the Gallagher brothers (three of them including Paul). It mentioned in passing that the Oasis sponsor talks are definitely not just rumours. Noel said “It may still do (go through), but we will have to wait and see.” Their brother Paul added that if it does go through, he would like to see some of the money going back to the youth policy.

John Foster is one of the players interviewed in this issue. He tells readers about his injury and the position he is most comfortable in, i.e. centre-half.

The Away Day Blues go to Bolton and were told not to come back unless City get all three points. They haven’t been seen since 🙂

The most interesting feature in this issue (IMHO) is a interview with Ian Brightwell, the longest serving City player at the age of 28. He seemed to have “plenty of City stories to tell”. He also tried to defend his brother David for the stick he received after Kanchelskis ran rings around our defence. To be fair, Kanchelskis is fast even for any class full-back. There is also an interview with Flipper covering quite a bit about his Blackburn début. He seemed quite sad to have left City and expressed his confidence that Bally and FL will get things right sooner rather than later at City.

The other segments are the mag’s version of Why Blues? and an interesting segment on the “long-suffering women” whose “awfully” wedded husbands are Blues. There is also a pictorial of the ill-fated derby.

A segment covering the more memorable players wearing the number 7 for City is also worth mentioning. This, I think, is inspired by the the wizardry of Gio, our current number 7.

Finally the editors of the mag tried to create the perfect City superhuman by using the strength of the best former players, including the haircut of Maurizio Gaudino 🙂 and the goalscoring ability of Francis Lee. Readers are invited to make their choices with the result of the poll to be published in the next issue.

Good read all round, right to the last page where a reader sent a clipping from the M(U)EN showing Lomie, Eike and Gio surrounded by adoring fans, pointing to a Flipper look-alike at the bottom corner. He is a lad, not more than 6 years old, wearing a City top. However, if you are expecting some kind of a “psyching” issue for the close season like what the cover loudly claims, you will be disappointed.

(Going up or down) Remain Blue, Nizam Idris (


Maine Road, Sunday 28th April 1996.

Just like any true Blue I regard Maine Road as my second home, so I must admit it felt a bit weird entering through the Kippax turnstiles to discover all these people I didn’t recognise as City fans- a bit like having your own party at home over run with gatecrashers.

Still here we were at the most talked about gig of the year welcomed by skies reminiscent of the recently dumped Rags away kit.

Most of the seats were already taken – including mine! – so we settled for a couple of beers and a tour around the ground as it was general admission to all the stands, except the Platt Lane, thankfully hidden from view by the stage. I took the chance to visit the upper tier of the Kippax – an impressive view – but it’s a long long way up.

Gig Ticket

Finally, as the time for Oasis approached we grabbed some seats in the Main Stand, too old to join the swaying masses on the pitch.

Come 8.30 and the sound of helicopter blades filled the stadium heralding the arrival of Oasis on stage – deafening cheers filled Maine Road as the boys took their places – the image of Oasis logo swirled around the stage as Liam came stage centre dressed in Umbro sweatshirt.

Liam asked if we were ‘mad for it’ and we certainly were – the crowd ebbed and flowed across the pitch whilst everyone else jumped around the stands.

Perhaps it was the sound system or just the acoustics in the Main Stand but all the songs sounded slightly muffled for the first half hour. Everything seemed to change with a corking rendition of Champagne Supernova and a semi acoustic version of Wonderwall.

The sometimes tetchy onstage relationship between the Gallagher brothers bore fruit once again when the beginning of Whatever (with string section on stage) was apparently cocked up by someone. Liam stared at Noel, Noel stared back! The string section started again, Liam went to sit down and it was left ot the crowd to sing the first verse. Noel completed the rest of the number with Liam swigging his Red Stripe, captured on the giant screens next to the stage. By the end of the song Noel had turned into Octopus’s Garden.

All the songs you’d expect were sung, Cigarettes & Alcohol, Don’t Look Back in Anger, and superb Live Forever complete with John Lennon’s picture as backdrop. Liam and Noel turned in tribute to the image of Lennon with Liam bowing to their inspiration.

The show closed with a song Oasis have made their own: I am the Walrus. For an encore, Slade’s Cum on Feel the Noize.

A great gig – Man City and Rock ‘n ‘Roll.

The programme or ‘Matchday Magazine’ as it was called, described Oasis as returning to their ‘field of dreams’ at Maine Road and the many City fans in the crowd, like me had a great day – a chance to walk on the pitch, drink beer in the stands and see the greatest band of the moment.

Let’s just hope the pitch is okay.

Julian Cooke (


The lads came out on Saturday screaming “Never goin’ down, never goin’ down.”

Apart from that there was scant reference to City – they dedicated the latest single to the relegation battle and sang it to the team.

I must say I was slightly disapointed that they didn’t refer any more to the team. I was hoping for walk on parts etc.

There wer some nice T-shirts on sale which I hope to see worn at the Liverpool game.

The crowd in the main stand started up a CITY CITY chant at one stage, and after reading MCVITA 189 I suppose it was the team that started that.

I didn’t see anyone famous except two from Brookside.

Was Sunday any more City biased? Anyone that was there, what was the rumour about trouble on the Sunday? Did anyone see the Manic Street Preachers because I was trying to buy a drink and missed them!

Anon (


OK, we win on Sunday because we have to. So which of the other three teams is going to crack?

Not Coventry. Unable to go to Villa, I went to see them at Wimbledon and what a weird experience it was, facing a sea of sky-blue clad supporters singing their hearts out for “City” and me sitting there desperately wanting them to lose. Not that it ever looked likely to happen – in a game where the only player booked was Whelan (for time-wasting) and Vinnie won far more free kicks than he conceded it was clear that the famed Crazy Gang spirit was not at home today. The Coventry fans were, I have to say, brilliant throughout, urging their team on at top volume despite some horrendous early misplaced passes and lack of control. It visibly lifted the team and they won comfortably in the end. I can’t see them failing to beat Leeds, much as I’d like to see the humiliation of Big Ron.

Possibly Southampton. In view of the above, it would seem unlikely that Wimbledon would pose much of a problem but I’m not so sure. Wimbledon can still finish anywhere between twelfth and seventeenth (eighteenth if we happen to beat Liverpool 10-0); and I believe there’s a considerable difference in the Sky sponsorship money clubs get according to where they finish in the table. Peanuts to most Premier teams, but for Wimbledon it would be quite significant. Kinnear would also hate to survive by the skin of his teeth, and will, I hope, give them an almighty kick up the arse. I think they might draw.

Sheffield Wednesday – the best bet. Everybody thought 36 or 37 points would be enough to stay up and Wednesday have for weeks been under the impression that they were safe (they certainly played that way against us). It’s notoriously hard for teams that have been out of the relegation zone to suddenly have to scrap for their lives (like us in the infamous Luton match) and I doubt if they can raise their game that suddenly. Dodgy ‘keeper as well, based on the Match of the Day goals against Everton. West Ham were crap against QPR and will also have had an earbashing from the manager. I think Dowie will be back as well. West Ham to win, please, please, please.

And we couldn’t go down with the worst goal-difference of five clubs with 40 points, could we? Life just couldn’t be that cruel to nice people like us.

Piers Pennington (


I am writing in response to Mark Edwards’ plea for crowd support on Sunday’s match against Liverpool (MCIVTA 189). I expect all the Blues to give 1005 support to our team and hope that we can make a difference – it’s the least we can do! True, we may not agree with all the decisions made by the manager or rate all the players but this Sunday we should put all this aside and concentrate on the task in hand, i.e. beating Liverpool and praying like mad that Coventry/Soton/Sheff. Weds. lose (If we manage to do that, that’s when we start worrying about the other end of the table and hope the Red scum miss out on everything again this year!!). So whatever happens, let’s go out with a bang and show that we’ve got the best fans whatever division we’re in (sob!), not a bunch of mardy soft-arses like some other clubs I could mention…

P.S. I will be the mad woman in the North Stand and, incidentally, I have never seen us lose from there… surely this is a good omen?!! (OK, so I’m desperate here!)

Christine Haynes (


Liam vs. Prissey Rumour

Allegedly, the night before the Oasis gig, Liam met the Welsh one in a club and they nearly came to blows. Apparently, Liam told Giggsy what he thought of his footballing prowess, naturally using plenty of Anglo Saxon! Top one Liam!!!

Team News

Apparently Richard Edghill is well back on the recovery road and may well play in the post-season game against Wrexham.

Plans for the Paul Lake testimonial may well take place this summer against either Aston Villa (dunno why?) or Newcastle (depending on whether they win the league). There has also been some suggestion of playing a Dutch team over here, apparently it’s not Ajax though.

Gareth Foster (


I follow Newcastle United and find that the prices of food & beer inside the ground to be fairly expensive. I am trying to find various prices from other Premier league clubs to make a comparison, so if you could help in providing me with some prices from inside your ground it would be useful, especially as you will (hopefully) still be a Premiership club.

Many thanks and good luck on Sunday.

Lee (

Please mail Lee directly if you can help him.



The time has come: it is now or never for the Blue half of Manchester! Only being 21 years old I don’t know of anything else other than relegation battles and promotion campaigns; these are the things being a City fan are made of. I ask the question…

How long can it last? – United on the rise, City falling again!

As well as the league there is the cup! Where is Wembley? What is it like there? If it were not for the fact I support St. Helens RLFC I wouldn’t know; and this year brought a whole brand spanking new experience to my life, a team I support winning at the twin towers with me there watching.

I hope that the rugby dominance of Wigan in the league and cup has come to an end and it signals an end to my luck of supporting teams in the shade of bigger and better rivals like United. They are in a similar position to Wigan who during the past years have walked away with everything. In sport, dominance cannot last for ever as rugby league has proved (at last) to me this year, but it takes time, a lot of time and effort! (and a big cheque book Mr Lee?)

Whilst travelling back from Wembley, stopped at a service station north of Birmingham, I ran in to a group of fellow Blues, obviously on cloud nine like myself at Villa’s generosity, singing happily away to Wonderwall! Oh why did Southampton and Coventry spoil my day; it would have been a perfect day otherwise… but as those happy guys proved, City fans will remain loyal to the end despite anything that is thrown at us, so all you guys at the game give an extra loud cheer from me. I will be glued to Radio 5 live up here in Scotland; thank God for the internet or I would have no City information!

Prediction / wishful thinking?

  • City 3-0 Liverpool (Quinn, Kinky and Curle)
  • Southampton 0-2 Wimbledon
  • Coventry 0-2 Leeds
  • West Ham 5-0 Sheff Wednesday

Then the final table position looks respectable!

Richard Frost (


Whatever happened to Kåre Ingebrigtsen? I remember him scoring a hat-trick for City against Leicester some years ago and I never heard anything to say he was leaving?

Gareth Foster (

As far as I know he is still a City player but is virtually on permanent loan to a Norwegian club.



Is anyone going to the Wrexham game next Tuesday (from Leicester area) that wants to give me a lift (share petrol etc.)? I will be very grateful and I know where I’m going. My brother is a Wrexham fan and this is the first time (to my knowledge) that they have played each other.

Phone Gareth (0116) 2238371

Or e-mail: Gareth Rogers (


I have read many of the recent MCIVTA opinion articles concerning the status of Alan Ball, and have decided to contribute my two cents worth opinion on the matter.

Apparently, City has a long history of excellent support but minimum success on the field, and a recent development of a high turnover rate in managers. Given that the one constant during these managerial changes has been upper management/ownership, is the real issue an assessment of who is managing the enterprise and whether they are providing the leadership, structure and processes for success? Forgive me if I have my facts wrong and ownership has changed hands during these years also, although that would lead to the same questions re upper management.

Since I am far removed from the situation in Manchester, please provide feedback as to whether the above issue has any validity. I would be very happy to receive positive reassurances about the club’s ownership and executive management.

Note, the above concerns are driven from many years of supporting the local American football team (Atlanta Falcons). They have many years of marginal success and have gone through an extensive amount of coaches. The local community has finally come to the conclusion that the owner of the franchise and his two sons who have been put in executive positions are out of their league, so to speak. Compare and contrast to the ownership/management of the San Francisco Forty Niners who win year in and year out regardless of who is the coach.

Atlanta has diminished its support of the franchise in an attempt to force management changes. Given that the majority of money comes from the TV deals and that many other cities are hungry for a franchise and will cut sweetheart deals worth lots of money for an owner, we effectively have no leverage.

Background information about who owns City (wealthy individuals, big business, etc?) and what legal and regulatory environment they are operating under (corporation? privately held? publicly traded shares? FA rules?) would be helpful. Is City’s financial situation (cf to the Rags, liverpool) a result of poor management or just being unlucky in not having as wealthy owners? Would a very well organized group of City supporters be able to exercise any input into the strategic direction of the club?

Finally, I want to thank each individual who works on providing us with MCIVTA, and each author who contributes their writings. The Live Match Reports are excellent. Not only am I able to keep up with what actually happened during the match, I have access to a wealth of information about the culture and atmosphere of the matches that I would never receive as an American relying upon TV broadcasts and the traditional press. I almost feel as though I have actually attended a Premier League match. Hats off to all of you!

May the football gods smile upon us on Sunday, GO BLUES!!!

Hunter Sheridan (

Would anyone like to do an article giving a rundown of our recent boardroom battles and the current state of play, bearing in mind that although Lee is chairman he does not have a majority holding? I think this would be very useful (for non-Brits) and especially in view of Swales’ death and the potential ramifications this may have in the boardroom.



An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman were exploring deepest, darkest Africa when they came across a huge river. They were just wondering how they would get across when a leprechaun appeared on the riverbank (It’s a long way to Tipperary – he’d got lost). “If you can get across this river without being eaten by the crocodiles” he said, “I’ll give you my pot of gold…”

“No problem” says the Englishman. He gets halfway across before being swallowed by an enormous crocodile. The Scotsman goes next but almost as soon as he touches the water, a croc. gets him. Finally it’s the Irishman’s turn. Before diving in, he gets out a permanent marker and writes “Man City for the league and cup double 1996-97!” on his shirt. He then dives in and swims all the way across, no problem.

“Thats amazing” says the leprechaun, “How on earth did writing “Man City for the league and cup double 1996-97!” stop the crocodiles from eating you?”

“Well”, says the Irishman, “Man City for the league and cup double 1996-97? Not even a crocodile can swallow that…”

Here’s wishing for a time when it’ll be able to…

Dan Nunn (


An antique collector walks into a store in a place called Hamelyn. He sees a small brass rat on the shelf. After looking for any other bargains in the store, he decides he wants to buy the rat. He asks the storekeeper “How much for the brass rat?” The storekeeper says “Ten pounds for the rat. One hundred and twenty pounds for the story.” The guy says “What’s the story?” The storekeeper says “I won’t tell you unless you give me a hundred and twenty pounds.” The collector says “Skip the story”, pays for the rat, and walks out of the store. He puts the rat in his backpack and starts riding his bike across the nearest bridge.

A short time later, the guy looks behind him and sees a rat following him. This strikes him as odd but not unheard of, so he pedals on. A moment later he hears cars honking behind him and turns around to see a pack of about a dozen rats following him. He turns and pedals faster. Finally, as he nears the other side of the bridge he looks behind him and sees hundreds of rats chasing him. He concludes that the rats must be chasing the brass rat and decides this is too much. He stops his bike, pulls the rat from his pack and throws it off the bridge into the river. He watches as the huge pack of rats jump off the bridge and drown. Relieved but curious, the guy pedals back to the antique store. The storekeeper sees him come in, shakes his head, and says “You should have bought the story. You can still have it for one hundred and twenty pounds.” The guy shakes his head and says “Forget the story. How much for the brass Manchester United supporter?”

Col Surrey (


How many Rags does it take to change a light bulb?
Two, one to buy the bulb, the other to drive up from London to help.

Excerpts from Moan Utd’s Dressing Room, 13-4-96 15:47

The scene…

With the sound of the Dell ringing in their ears, the United superstars slowly go up the stairs to their dressing room. Brucey and St. Michael are still arguing, and Cant(play on sats)ona’s collar is at half mast. The players look down at their boots whilst they sit and wait for Taggart to enter.

Taggart: what the **** was that you bunch of poofs?
All: (mumble mumble) guilty stares at each other.
Taggart: I know it’s been a long journey but we’re still in England, it’s not like we are losing to a European team like Galatasary, or that Swedish team who’s shirts we nicked.
Feckem: That’s the problem boss, we can’t see the grey shirts against the background of red & white. Can’t we play in our normal red ones?
Taggart: Don’t be so stupid, Southampton will never allow that. Coton, seeing as you have no chance of ever playing in the first team, go and find the local Tesco and get some bags; we’ll use them like we did last year.
St. Michael: Hey boss! If they are changing kits, then I want to as well (Taggart holds his head in his hands).
St. Michael: I know! If I wear green, I can hide in the grass and jump up and surprise them (Taggart starts to sob slowly).
Sharpe: And how come we are playing on a Saturday? And where is that Andy Gray?
I(R)win (nowt): I thought we only played on Sundays and Mondays boss?
Neville: Yeah we always go out on a Friday; yesterday we made a record, it was dead good boss, you should come to a video shoot after the game.
Brucey: I’ll shoot you after you let that ball run in the first minute of the game.

It goes quiet for a while, Coton returns with the Tesco bags which the players write their name and number on.

Giggs: Andy, you’re being a bit quiet?
Cole: Just like in the first half. But don’t worry, I will try and be better in the second.
Cantona: Oh sir, with these Ferrero Rocher you’re really spoiling us.
Taggart: Where the blazes did they come from?
Coton: I had to buy something at Tesco’s, they didn’t believe me when I said I was ManUre’s goalie.
St Michael: Well you’re certainly s**t.
Brucey: You can talk, why the hell did you come for that cross?

St. Michael slaps Bruce, which explains why he had a bloody chin.

Kidd: Bleat bleat (sorry for the goat joke!). Then he chews up those lovely grey shirts.
Taggart: Oh no, don’t do that, we could have sold them to the England team for when they play away from Wembley, Oh it don’t matter, they never do! Anyway, don’t worry, I’m sure the ref. will add on enough time for us to get the winner, just make sure you score three before 89 minutes, the ref. will do the rest. Right ginger, you’ll come on for Ass, and remember, if you get in the penalty area, make like a submarine.
Scholls: Eh boss, I don’t get it?
Taggart: Dive you idiot! now are we all feeling better?
All: Yeah, let’s go…

They leave the changing room, refreshed in the nice Tesco bags. The United supporters, who have travelled all the way from Gosport, cheer out their team, who stand and wait for the Saints to come out, which they do 10 minutes later.

Gareth Foster (


I’ve had this one in various guises from several people: unfortunately I was sure that it had already been in MCIVTA but now Paul tells me he can find no trace! So here it is:

Why does Eric Cantona wear his collar up?
To hide the marks from carrying Cole!



Thu 02 May

Team                Played   Won Drawn Lost  For  Against   Points
Manchester United     37     24    7    6     70    35        79
Newcastle United      36     24    4    8     64    35        76
Liverpool             37     20   10    7     68    32        70
Aston Villa           37     18    9   10     52    34        63
Arsenal               37     16   12    9     47    31        60
Everton               37     16   10   11     63    44        58
Blackburn Rovers      37     17    7   13     58    45        58
Tottenham Hotspur     36     15   12    9     46    36        57
Nottingham Forest     36     14   12   10     46    53        54
Chelsea               37     12   14   11     44    41        50
West Ham United       37     14    8   15     42    51        50
Middlesbrough         37     11   10   16     35    47        43
Leeds United          36     12    6   18     39    54        42
Wimbledon             37     10   10   17     55    70        40
Sheffield Wednesday   37     10    9   18     47    60        39
Coventry City         37      8   13   16     42    60        37
Southampton           37      9   10   18     34    52        37
Manchester City       37      9   10   18     31    56        37
Queens Park Rangers   37      9    6   22     38    54        33
Bolton Wanderers      37      8    5   24     38    69        29

With thanks to Soccernet


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Ashley Birch,

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