Newsletter #118

We have several match reports, in fact probably the most we’ve ever had for an away match! Curiously, the last time we got a bucketful was also at QPR! Just what is it about Loftus Road; Blues just seem to love travelling there? Unfortunately, the subject matter of the reports is less than inspiring and there is certainly a striking consensus… we were absolutely shit! It’s clear some players are in need of a kick up the arse or a kick right out of the club. If Ball, universally asknowledged as a skilful motivator is unable to light a fire under them then it’s time they were replaced. We’ve also a nice Why Blue from an older reader who can remember pre-war glory days!

I’ve included 5 letters which say that I should make an appeal for donations to MCIVTA to get us over the blip of needing a modem and email account etc. I’ve received quite a lot more than just these five which are solely intended as a representative sample. As yet, there is no sign of sponsorship but I’ll hold on ’til next issue before making any decisions. I need to think through exactly how we do this and exactly what I would make an appeal for. For instance, doing MCIVTA in the evening would necessitate a more rigid schedule, there would be no Friday issue, more probably a Thursday night issue! This would be inevitable assuming that I wouldn’t get home ’til 6.00pm and most subscribers would be needing to receive MCIVTA in work time! Please send in your thoughts on making an appeal; if I do go for this then it will be for what people want to give rather than asking everyone for £4.00 or whatever. I’ll most likely write a piece for the next issue detailing what’s going to happen and the reasoning behind it. Until then, good reading…

I will wait and see how much news and opinion comes in before I decide whether I’ll send out the next issue before the Everton game. The bank holiday in the UK has thrown everything a little off balance unfortunately.

Next game, Everton at home, Wednesday 30th September 1995


Q.P.R. vs. Manchester City, Saturday, 26th August 1995

Things are going from bad to worse. There is very little in the way of positive comment I can make about this ‘performance’ I’m afraid. The day started well enough, arriving in London at about 1:00pm in bright, sunny weather which meant T-shirts were the order of the day. After a drink or two we made our way into the ground and found that our seats were right behind the goals at about crossbar level. The view was OK but I prefer being a bit higher up to get a better perspective of the game.

City lined up as follows:

 Foster   Kernaghan   Symons   Phelan
Summerbee  Lomas  Flitcroft  Kinkladze
          Walsh  Rösler

Nice to see Foster back in place of the out-of-form Edghill, even if it was only because Edghill had come down with a virus. I wondered later whether the rest of them had the virus too.

The first half was very nondescript with hardly any goalmouth action. Q.P.R. had slightly more of the possession in the first half hour and took the lead in the 32nd minute when Holloway put a neat pass into Barker’s path; he got to the ball just as three defenders closed in on him and hit a low, hard shot from 20 yards right into the bottom corner. City dominated the rest of the first half but never looked like scoring.

The second half was even worse. Quinn replaced Walsh on 66 minutes but this time it didn’t make any difference. Ten minutes later Michael Brown came on for Steve Lomas to make his début. He showed the right attitude, getting stuck in with some crunching tackles and went on to provide the main talking point of the match. With just a few minutes to go, Impey ran through from midfield, chased by Brown who pulled his shirt, stopping him. The crowd shouted ‘off, off, off’ (as we all do in such circumstances) and much to everyone’s amazement Brown was sent off. This was despite the fact that he hadn’t previously been booked and there was at least one more defender between Impey and the City goal. I later learned that referee Danson was also the man who controversially sent off Alvin Martin for West Ham against Sheffield Wednesday last season, a decision that was later reduced to a booking. So, Brown joins a long list of City players sent off at Loftus Road in recent years: Gary Megson (with Paul Parker), Neil Pointon, Andy Dibble & Richard Edghill to name but four.

Q.P.R. (particularly Gallen) had missed several chances in the second half whilst City failed to create a single presentable opening. At the final whistle the City fans showed what they thought of it by shouting ‘what a load of rubbish’ and ‘we’re shit and we know we are’. Alan Ball was furious with the players, locked them in the dressing room for 40 minutes while he told them what he thought of them and then offered an apology to chairman and fans alike. Brought in as a motivator, he doesn’t seem to have had much impact yet.

As for the players, only a few come out with any credit. Immel looked more confident with high balls, coming for and collecting several crosses and dealing comfortably with everything else thrown at him except the goal, which he had little chance with. He also seems cool and confident when presented with back-passes. Foster was an improvement on Edghill and had a busy day against the impressive Trevor Sinclair. Phelan defended reasonably but still tended to back off players too much, allowing them to get crosses in. Symons and Kernaghan looked solid enough individually but you have to wonder how so many chances seem to come the opposition’s way as a result of balls played through or around them.

Midfield was our major weakness, offering scant protection to the defence and creating nothing for the forwards. Kinkladze must be wondering what sort of team he’s joined. He gets the ball in central areas, looks around for people making runs, sees none, so he has to evade a few challenges, look again and still there’s nothing on. I don’t know what Summerbee is supposed to be doing. He’s not a winger (never beats a defender to get a cross in) but stays out wide and contributes virtually nothing. Flitcroft and Lomas made themselves busy without achieving anything. Flitcroft had one half-chance but skied his shot.

Up front, Walsh looks tired and Rösler cannot play as a lone striker. We have no width with Beagrie injured and Summerbee ineffective; Kinkladze needs to be operating further up the field where his ability to beat players will create more openings for himself, Walsh and Rösler.

This result leaves us third from bottom with some very tricky matches coming up. Bolton’s result against Blackburn shows they won’t be going down without a fight, which is more than can be said for Manchester City. Come on Bally, sort it out!

Final Score: 0-1

Paul Howarth (


Q.P.R. vs. Manchester City, Saturday, 26th August 1995

This report (my first one) is not intended to be a technical match analysis but more of a qualitative ‘this is what I saw’ commentary. This was my first match of the season (abroad for the first 2) and we drove across London to see ‘a new City’ – with Bally in charge and the new signings of Immel and Kinky; will anything change since the last numerous seasons? – the answer is, not surprisingly, no.

We parked the car and headed for the Springbok Pub on South Africa Road for a good sing song in the sun. The pub was full of Blues (most were waiting 20 minutes to be served downstairs – why didn’t you go upstairs where there was no queue?). A very good humoured crowd had gathered and a few jars were downed by all. I couldn’t explicitly see any MCIVTA chaps or City fanzine sellers – but I suppose that’s my problem.

£1.50 for a programme that is probably one of the worst I have bought and we entered the stadium. QPR has to be one of the nicest stadiums around – it is compact and you can even get a good atmosphere with 15,000 in.

Even the toilets are getting better (hot water taps!) and my girlfiend says that the ladies toilets were relatively pleasant (if you think I am dwelling too long on toilets then you should have seen the game).

So with a good atmospere and a good record at QPR (2 wins last year). We waited with baited breath. Quite frankly it was a poor game – I won’t say the worst because I’ve been a Blue a long time. QPR are a very ordinary side especially without Ferdie and Wilson but 70% of the time they outplayed us in all areas.

I was impressed with Kinky – his ball control is something to be seen – however Bally has to make a decision as to whether he wants to build the team around Kinky and really harness his skills because even when Kinky was showing off his skills the rest of the City players were merely admiring rather than attempting to use these skills.

Immel didn’t have much to do – he looks a little nervous at times and could do with more support from the fans. Phelan had a decent game and hopefully he should be back to pre-world cup standard.

I try not to write players off but I am starting to follow the criticisms of Summerbee – I am sure the lad has talent but it would be great if he could use it (is it too harsh to believe that he wouldn’t be in the team were it not for his name?).

One thing that was obvious was the absence of Beagrie – this had two consequences:-

  1. Kinky played on the left but kept drifting into midfield to get into thegame (which was quite correct). This meant that not only did we have no-oneon the right wing but we were prone to quick breaks down the left from QPR.
  2. There was very little service to Walsh and Rösler (and then Quinn) -this is not helped when Summerbee is not perfoming well.

We deserved to lose and we need to hope that the players (and manager) are taking time to come to grips with each other because if we play even twice as good as this we will get stuffed by the Liverpools and Newcastles.

I didn’t have a great view of the sending off but on viewing it on Match of The Day I can say that it only just about deserved a yellow card. Apart from this incident I did think the referee had a good game (but I learnt on the radio later that this ref – P.S. Danson – was the same ref who sent off Martin Allen last year (and others) causing an outrage).

Not a great day out – here’s looking forward to Wycombe Wanderers!

Martin Reynolds (


Q.P.R. vs. Manchester City, Saturday, 26th August 1995

First viewing of the Blues this season. Got there early enough to see Tony Book and Asa put the lads through their paces as they warmed up. Watching Walsh, Quinn and Uwe “kicking-in” against Immel hardly bode well. Half hearted or what? Two out of three shots missed the target – the others dribbled to the keeper.

Edghill and Ian Brightwell were out so Foster and Kernaghan came into the back four. Otherwise unchanged from the Spurs and Coventry games:

Foster     Symons    Kernaghan    Phelan
Summerbee  Lomas   Flitcroft  Kinkladze
              Walsh     Rösler

(Subs: Margetson, Quinn, Brown)

What hurt was not that we played bad football, but that once QPR scored, there was no sign of any urgency to get back into the game. The first twenty minutes were mostly midfield stalemate with Kernaghan and Symons comfortably mopping up all the diagonal balls played forward for Dichio and Gallen, and Flitcroft and Kinkladze playing some elegant keep-ball without ever threatening to give Uwe and Walsh any real service. Phelan did a decent job dealing with Sinclair on the flank while Summerbee posed no real threat at all. We need Beagrie back to put some punch into the attack.

Then Immel sent a free kick up to the halfway line where Barker won it. Flitcroft committed himself to the tackle when he should have stood his ground, and when the ball came back to Barker who had continued his run, the defence was nowhere to be seen. Immel had no chance with the cross-shot.

At half time I still thought the game was there to be won. QPR looked a competent but uninspired outfit and in Kinkladze and Rösler we had the two class players on show.

But City just never got going. Our midfield pushed forward a bit more but never looked like creating any real chances and it just meant QPR had more room when they counter-attacked. Uwe nearly got in at the far post after a short corner, Kinkladze and Flitcroft failed miserably with long range efforts (the latter with Phelan screaming for the ball totally unmarked on the flank), and that was just about it. On the break, QPR had quite a few more chances with Sinclair and Dichio in particular enjoying the extra room they got. But overall anything more than 1-0 would have flattered them. Just before the end Impey set off down the middle and Michael Brown (who had just come on for Lomas) did very well to catch him. But Impey went down under the challenge, red card, and City were down to ten men. We won there last season with nine men at the end, but were never going to get back into this one if we`d had twenty men on the pitch! So that was that.

I get the horrible feeling that this City team are good (or bad) enough to finish a close second to just about anyone.

Pints (oops I mean Points – this typing is thirsty work though) out of Ten:

Immel (5)
Looked competent enough, but had no chance with the goal andmost of the rest of his work was routine stuff.
Foster (6)
Impressively calm and reliable. Did OK against Impey but hisdistribution is so predictable. Is he just lacking a little confidenceor is he a journeyman already playing to the limit of modest ability?
Symons (7)
Good positional sense and always ready to takeresponsibility. A couple of last-ditch tackles and clearances proved hisworth. Looks a good buy.
Kernaghan (6)
He seems to have got his confidence back and is now doingwhat he does best. A no nonsense good-in-the-air, first-to-the-ballstopper (the poor man`s Colin Hendry?).
Phelan (6)
Has obviously been firmly reminded of his defensive duties.Result: A good job (mostly) against Sinclair, but lacking convictionwhen he did venture forward. You can`t have it both ways.
Kinkladze (8)
This guy is a star. Rides tackles for fun, makes space andpasses well. But we won`t see the benefit while he is doing all his workaround the halfway line. It’s going to be a lot of fun watching him thisseason, but I hope he gets to play closer to the front men so his skillscan have more effect.
Lomas (4)
Is he fit? A shadow of the midfield tiger of last season. Notelling contributions going forward – and very suspect defending theback four. Not impressed.
Flitcroft (6)
Neat and tidy as always. A good understanding with Kinkyin midfield. But if he`s not careful he`s going to become another “crab”(why pass forwards when you can pass sideways or back). Perhaps theproblem is he doesn`t know what his rôle is. Is he an attackingmidfielder or a “holding” one?
Summerbee (4)
Sorry, I`d love to see him succeed but he`s not goodenough as an out and out winger and not involved enough as a midfielder.
Rösler (7)
You can`t fault Uwe ’cause even if he gets no service he findsways to get involved and help his team. Ran and ran to try to makethings happen. A couple of half chances went begging but at least he wasin the right place to try for them.
Walsh (5)
Substituted after getting booked for what looked an excellenttackle (or am I biased?). Walsh got no decent service but even when hedid get the chance to take on defenders, nothing he did seemed to comeoff. Maybe it was just one of those days, but I`ve a nasty feeling thegood days will get fewer and fewer from here on. Prove me wrong Walshy!
Quinn (6)
Came on late in the game. Didn`t really look sharp or matchfit, but at least he made things happen and gave QPR some of their fewscares of the afternoon.
Brown (?)
A fleeting appearance of a player I`ve not seen before. Madeone stunning tackle, and looked quick and pretty useful.

Simon Clarke (


Well this was going to be a match report, but, in the event things were too awful to describe in detail and it never was a match anyway. I arrived in time to get a drink at the ‘Springbok’ but couldn’t spot any MCIVTA T-shirts (I wasn’t wearing mine). If anyone else was there, I was the tall, thin chap with glasses and a beard wandering round looking at people in the vain hope that you can identify an ‘Internet Blue’ by some mysterious 6th sense.

Something about the game: anyone who thinks that a score of 0-1 isn’t too bad wasn’t there. This was a truly gruesome performance. It’s impossible to report on individual performances because the whole team looked poor to bad. And this was against a QPR side who look ordinary in the extreme. Having seen two City games in a week I can only see Division One ahead, because it’s difficult to see where any transformation is coming from. In general the whole side looked short of skill, aggression and ideas. Over the week’s games the opposition were weak enough to allow City a fair bit of play but this only highlighted their inadequacies. As you can probably tell I am very depressed by my weeks’s ‘entertainment’.

After the game it is reported that Ball used some strong language to his players about lack of passion, but to my eye it wasn’t that they didn’t try – more that they didn’t have the ability or confidence. Listening to David Mellor on ‘5 Live’ on Saturday evening, he expressed the view that Ball has no pedigree; well I know it’s early days but I am beginning to accept all the doubts about him expressed here earlier. Some other info from the Mellor programme was that Frannie Lee says the club was in terrible shape and that it will take ‘time’. Well, I think that time could be running out…

Peter Kewley (


I’ve just got home from the Q.P.R. game and I’m too distraught to write a match report. It was the worst performance by a City team that I have ever seen. It’s not the fact that they played badly, it’s the fact that they didn’t seem to care. They ran round like headless chickens for an hour and a half, and they didn’t make the Q.P.R ‘keeper make a single save. Anyway, apparently Alan Ball gave them a talking to!!!! after the match and then promptly apologized to Franny, and then to the supporters, who payed £14.00 for a ticket and had to travel for three and a half hours to get there.

So we look forward to the Everton game and hope for our first win of the season. I think the main problem is that they’ve got no width in the midfield without Beagrie. Summerbee should be sold but I don’t think anyone would be stupid enough to buy him. We should buy Trevor Sinclair; he looked like a class player. Also the defence is in disarray without Curley; Kernaghan just doesn’t have the commanding presence that Curley does.

Still, such is the life of a true Blue!!!!!!!!

James Fleming (


Despite living in Manchester, my first game of the season was against QPR on Saturday last. Set off from Ealing midday to get to the Springbok for a pre match drink and horse burger. Good old sing song about the delights of living in Manchester and of course, beer. In the ground at 2.50pm ready for our first win of the season. OK so I was p****d, but who cares, I got a free bag of crisps! Summary of the game itself was as follows:

Probably the worst performance I’ve ever had to endure. Only one shot on goal from Kinky, so slow that even Dibble wouldn’t have been troubled. It was dire, sad and embarrassing. Never had I seen the boys in blue look so bad. Players that need to be dropped (sold) are Summerbee, Flitcroft and Phelan. Summerbee for being completely useless, Flitcroft for thinking he’s Paul Ince and Phelan ‘the lost’ for not knowing which side of the pitch is which.

As Ball stated afterwards, Mike Brown was the only player on the pitch that wanted to be wearing blue that day. The sad truth is they were shit beyond belief and it’s hard to think of three teams that are worse than us.

I hear Bally gave them some stick after the match for 40 minutes and apologised to FHL, the fans etc. for the performance. I just wish I was there to add my two penny worth.

Summary: sad

In blue, tarnished but still Blue

Tony Shaw (


I was at Coventry last week (Edinburgh at 5.00pm and Highfield Road by 7:15) and very impressed by the ticket facilities for visiting supporters without tickets, where there was a separate window (without a queue, unlike the poor old home supporters).

You’ve had match reports which were pretty accurate, but I’ll add my views on the team.

Edghill had a stinker – his distribution was appalling. Summerbee was ineffective and not supplying the forwards, the right side as a result was a disaster.

Lomas looked out of sorts on the left, and with Phelan AWOL for the first goal we were easy game down either side and Dublin & Ndlovu had a field day. Worse really, we just didn’t seem to want it.

We only troubled them when Quinn came on and Kernaghan put himself about a bit in the second half to at least make it more difficult. Why do poeple berate them so?

I’ll chuck in my best team (from the players we’ve got) as follows;

        Goalie (pick your own)
Brightwell   Kernaghan Symonds   Foster
Lomas          Flitcroft      Kinkladze
          Rösler         Quinn

Sorry to be so defensive but if we don’t keep out some goals we’ll be on our way to Endsleigh.

All the teams we come up against have defences of substance whereas we are lightweight. Even Tottenham looked solid against us, and weren’t embarrassed to come for a draw. Maybe Curle could move in front of the back four if things started going well.

Anyway that’s my turn at being manager; it’s off to Alton Towers with the kids Tuesday, Waterworld in Stoke on Wednesday followed by Maine Road and the Everton match, and then Camelot on Thursday. This leads me to think that Franny might change his objective of turning the academy into the biggest restaurant in the Endsleigh League to a theme park of some type.

It’s going to be a long, hard slog.

Malcolm Plaiter (


German international midfielder Maurizio Gaudino is set to move to Mexican side America on loan from Eintracht Frankfurt, club officials said on Monday. The 28-year-old Gaudino, who played for England’s Manchester City last season after problems with Eintracht’s former coach Jupp Heynckes, held talks with the Mexican club at the weekend.

Brian Scott (


The Independent on Monday, in its round up of all the rumours from the Sunday papers suggested that City were interested in signing Newcastle’s Ruel Fox, but were not prepared to pay 2million pounds!

If this is true then it says a lot for the ambition of the club. Fox is a good, quick player who might just provide the service the forwards need. With Beagrie injured and Summerbee not exactly producing the goods, this is a signing we could do with.

Steve Tobias (


It turns out that Thomas is a big mate of Adie Mike’s and went with him to watch him play for Stockport reserves. Somebody must have seen the two of them, put two and two together, and got five!

Paul Howarth (


It occurred to me that with over 300 current subscribers, it may be possible to ask for contributions from us all towards the purchase of the equipment needed. I agree that it would be a shame for the list to cease to be free, but if the alternative is automail then I for one would be more than happy to contribute! £800 divided by 370 current subscribers is only a couple of quid each; allowing for some who can’t / don’t chip in, we could perhaps ask for £4? Or maybe for as much as people are willing and able to afford?

Of course, this entails us trusting you not to disappear off to a Mediterranean tax haven with your ill-gotten gains! Its a risk worth taking to preserve this excellent list though, and anyway you sound like a responsible individual!

Matt Varley (


I have to say I’ve been privately amazed at your ability to compile MCIVTA and hold down a job for a number of months now, so your appeal doesn’t come as a surprise.

Anyway I’d love to be able to sponsor MCIVTA but I can’t afford the 500 quid. However if you fail to find anyone willing to underwrite the whole lot and need multiple sponsors, I’ll chip in. No strings attached – well except maybe the removal of the awful stanza from Fish (only joking).

Actually I’m sure you will be inundated with offers from expat subscribers like myself for whom MCIVTA (to be renamed MCIVT Peaks?) is a lifeline to Maine Road.

Chris Williams (


A suggestion for option number 3 (which seems to be the preferred) … I see nothing wrong with soliciting contributions from the subscribers to this mailing list. Voluntary, so there’s no pressure. 50 people donate a tenner each and you’re up and running in Derbyshire.

Count me in.



Surely we can pay 5 quid per person. That should cover the costs of the account, a nice new Mac, and not have any problems. On the other side of a real footballing wasteland, (and a long way west of East Anglia), I need MCIVTA.

Blue on the Pacific

Dave Bates (


I am not in a position to be a sponsor myself nor to find one for MCIVTA but I am ready to donate out of my pocket if it would be of help for the survival of MCIVTA.


Jun Honda (


Can anyone get me the address/phone number of the City superstore?

David Zech (

Arndale Centre Souvenir Shop (120 Marsden Way): 0161 834 4609 (from the FAQ)



I’m sure other people have pointed out but there’s going to be 3 teams relegated, not 2 (cf. your league table). Frightening isn’t it?

Paul Newton (
Russell Jenkins (

I copied it from Riku’s WWW page and didn’t spot it!



My first vivid memory of MCFC was being taken to the corner of Kippax Street and Claremont Road, in 1934, to see City bring the F.A. Cup home. Even then City used Finglands coaches and Sam Cowan & Co. were all standing on the seats with the F.A. Cup held aloft. Hundreds of supporters, 99% of them wearing cloth caps, thronged the area. I wasn’t allowed to visit the Academy until the war years but going to Heald Place Junior School (just behind the new Kippax Stand) meant we were all Blues – no one had ever even heard of U****d. If there was a match going on mid-week a big cheer meant City had scored, so much to our teachers’ chagrin we all counted the cheers and paid little attention in class.

What thrills to be introduced to 3/4 time. Standing outside the ground, with the pensioners, trying to guess which door would be opened first, then up the steps and into the Kippax (which of course had no roof then).

I lived on Platt Lane. The crowds pre-war were enormous. Trams brought supporters to the game and they were all “stacked” along Platt Lane during the match. I have vivid memories of when I was a boy rushing the front door after the game to ask “what’s the score?”

Those were the days before floodlights so in winter games used to start at 2.00p.m.

Wartime football left many memories with lots of guest players. Team changes were carried around the perimeter of the ground by a young lad with a board, all written in chalk. Was Peter Doherty home on leave and going to play? You had to wait until the board boy reached your position to find out.

The fifties saw the Revie plan and the Marsden plan. Don Revie played deep centre forward and brought us two great years in ’55 and ’56. The Marsden plan was to play twin centre halves. Les McDowell, manager in the fifties, was way ahead of his time but we sank into the early sixties and relegation. The lowest crowd was against Swindon, just 8015 (I wasn’t actually there but it seems 30,000+ claim they were). The thrills of the Mercer – Allison era were exciting. The sheer artistry of the “ballet on ice” win over Spurs – those were great days. Then onto the ’80’s and ’90’s with more managers, coaches, physics, and trainers coming and going with little success.

But that wonderful day in 1934 when I first fell in love with my beloved Blues still evokes rich memories too deep for tears. And with the start of a new season there are great hopes for the future, a cup or two perhaps, but always the certainty of a lump in the throat when the crowd roar CITY, CITY, CITY, CITY.

Brian Wood

Sent in by: Neale Hayward-Shott (


Aug 26, 1995   Bolton          - Blackburn        2 - 1
               Coventry        - Arsenal          0 - 0
               Everton         - Southampton      2 - 0
               Leeds           - Aston_Villa      2 - 0
               Manchester_U    - Wimbledon        3 - 1
               Middlesbrough   - Chelsea          2 - 0
               Nottingham      - West_Ham         1 - 1
               Queen's_PR      - Manchester_C     1 - 0
               Tottenham       - Liverpool        1 - 3
Aug 27, 1995   Sheffield_W     - Newcastle        0 - 2
Aug 28, 1995   Blackburn       - Manchester_U     1 - 2

Total Aug 28, 1995

 1. Newcastle        3     3   0   0     8  -   1     9
 2. Leeds            3     3   0   0     5  -   1     9
 3. Manchester_U     4     3   0   1     8  -   6     9
 4. Wimbledon        3     2   0   1     7  -   5     6
 5. Liverpool        3     2   0   1     4  -   2     6
 6. Aston_Villa      3     2   0   1     4  -   3     6
 7. Arsenal          3     1   2   0     3  -   1     5
 8. Nottingham       3     1   2   0     5  -   4     5
 9. Middlesbrough    2     1   1   0     3  -   1     4
10. Everton          3     1   1   1     2  -   2     4
11. Coventry         3     1   1   1     2  -   4     4
12. Bolton           3     1   0   2     5  -   7     3
13. Blackburn        4     1   0   3     4  -   6     3
14. Sheffield_W      3     1   0   2     2  -   4     3
15. Queen's_PR       3     1   0   2     1  -   4     3
16. Chelsea          3     0   2   1     0  -   2     2
17. West_Ham         3     0   1   2     3  -   5     1
18. Manchester_C     3     0   1   2     2  -   4     1
19. Tottenham        3     0   1   2     2  -   5     1
20. Southampton      2     0   0   2     3  -   6     0

With thanks to Riku Soininen


Thanks to David (x3), Paul, Russell, Neale, Peter, James, Martin, Tony, Simon, Malcolm, Matt, Chris, Jun, Brian & Steve.

The views expressed in MCIVTA are entirely those of the subscribersand there is no intention to represent these opinions as being thoseof Manchester City Football Club, nor of any of the companies anduniversities by whom the subscribers are employed. It is not inany way whatsoever connected to the club or any other relatedorganisation and is simply a group of supporters using this mediumas a means of disseminating news and exchanging opinions.

Ashley Birch,

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