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In addition to the Player of the Year vote on the WWW, we now have a City Manager vote where you can tell the world who you think should be the next manager at the Academy. We’ve even been incredibly un-partisan and put BH’s name down as well 8-). Other than that we have a ‘Why Blue’ from the States and a few bits and bobs. We’ll probably set up a vote on the T-shirt page after Easter so if you have any ideas please get them to Svenn ( before then.

Next game Tottenham Hotspur away, Tuesday 11th April 1995


Just heard on the radio that the Spurs match has been rearranged for Tuesday April 11th, at 7.45. Two days after their semi, but as they owe us one for the 5-2 I don’t hold out a lot of hope.

Cantona, btw, will be doing his community service coaching kids at United’s training ground. Some punishment eh?

Jeremy Poynton ( or


Due to heavy demand, OK then, a couple of people asked, Svenn has put together a poll on the WWW so that we can see whether people want Brian Horton replaced and if so, by whom.

The vote assumes that Horton will keep his job to the end of the season at which point his position would be reviewed; it is not a vote for ‘fire Horton now’. The following managers have been suggested but feel free to vote for anyone!

Brian Horton    Bruce Rioch     Mick McCarthy   Martin O'Neill
Francis Lee     Mike Walker     George Graham   Brian Kidd
Howard Kendall  Colin Barlow    Alex Ferguson   Joe Kinnear
Peter Reid      Sam Ellis       Joe Royle       Graeme Souness

Many of the above are currently without a position, some are unlikely to want to come to Maine Road and others are already in the employ of clubs they would be difficult to entice away from.

To vote for the new (or current) manager at Maine Road, send an email to Svenn Hanssen (

This should contain the name of the managers you vote for. You should put “Vote for City-manager” in the Subject-field. You have the possibility to vote for up to three different names, but you’ll have to make a priority-list. No. 1 gets 3 points, No. 2 gets 2 points and No. 3 gets 1 point. So if you like Horton, Lee and Royle, in that order this should be in the body of your email:

No 1: Brian Horton
No 2: Francis Lee
No 3: Joe Royle

So, now is your chance to alter the course of history 8-))

Thanks to John Pearson and Jeremy Poynton for the idea [Ashley]


Ashley, nearly fell off my seat laughing when I saw that the System Manager was a mister Jimmy Quinell – at first look I thought I saw Jimmy Frizzell! Maybe he had been promoted from team manager to coaching manager to something or other manager to stadium manager to system manager!

On the relegation front, Ipswich and Leicester are obviously Swindon Town (down), but I reckon you can pick any two from West Ham to Arsenal; the points difference is so narrow that even the team in 9th place is under threat. I won’t be surprised if either Chelsea or Arse win the ECWC and go down. The way it’s looking, the last day of the season will have to decide, with maybe 2 teams staying up on goal difference only, with another 3 or 4 teams staying up by a single point.

Ian Thompson (


Re: Gillespie only worth a quarter of a million pounds.

Remember that you have to pay VAT on transfer fees (17.5%).

Paul Howarth (


I am a USA based red, white and blue! –never even been to Great Britain let alone to the City ground for a match (yet!) I’ve become a City fan through a personal contact. We here in the colonies have something called “Soccer Camps” where coaches hold week-long training sessions at a variety of skill levels. One such organisation called “Great Britain Buckeye Soccer Clinics” holds such a clinic in my home town. I have two sons who are fully taken by the game and in July of ’93 they attended. Taking full advantage of the cultural exchange possibilities, we agreed to serve as a “host family”. This meant we opened our home to one of the coaches from England who lived with us for the week. As it turned out he happened to be Tony Coton’s brother-in-law, a delightful young man called John Dunning!! Needless to say, having someone that close to a “real” soccer player in our midst was a treat beyond the norm!! We all got on famously and we were pleased when John was chosen to make the 1994 trip as well. We encouraged John to stay on with us after the coaching season and he stayed ’til mid November of ’94. This was also the time I subscribed to this newsletter (I think number 48 or so)! We became avid followers and hung on John’s every bit of gossip which he returned to us from phone calls home. It was also during this time that Tony and Helen (John’s sister) had their daughter Beth. We felt compelled to celebrate in the time-honored fashion! John left in November and we have kept in touch. The jury is still out whether he will return this year. I am able to claim local bragging rights with the receipt of John’s recent gift. I am now the proud owner of a ’94-’95 team autographed football– a pair of TC’s autographed game gloves and many match programmes!!! Truly Big Stuff here in the Colonies!!

Bill Might (


Anyone going to the Spurs game Tuesday fancy meeting up in the Railway (WHL BR station) before the game. I’m travelling from Reading.

Dave Zech (



All those rip-off prices and the struggle to get tickets?

Overcome the problem simply by supporting MANCHESTER CITY.

We’ve won f*** all in 19 years.

No cup finals!
No trophies!
No worries!

Paul Monaghan (


Apr  4, 1995   Crystal_Palace  - Aston_Villa      0 - 0
               Queen's_PR      - Blackburn        0 - 1
Apr  5, 1995   Leeds           - Ipswich          4 - 0
               Leicester       - Norwich          1 - 0
               Liverpool       - Southampton      3 - 1

Total Apr 5, 1995

Blackburn       36    25   7   4    73  -  30    82
Manchester_U    36    22   8   6    66  -  24    74
Newcastle       35    18  10   7    57  -  37    64
Nottingham      36    18   9   9    63  -  39    63
Liverpool       33    17  10   6    57  -  27    61
Leeds           35    15  11   9    48  -  33    56
Tottenham       34    14  10  10    55  -  46    52
Wimbledon       35    15   6  14    45  -  57    51
Queen's_PR      34    13   8  13    51  -  51    47
Arsenal         35    11  10  14    41  -  41    43
Aston_Villa     36    10  13  13    47  -  48    43
Sheffield_W     36    11  10  15    44  -  53    43
Coventry        36    10  13  13    37  -  54    43
Norwich         36    10  12  14    34  -  44    42
Chelsea         34    10  11  13    41  -  47    41
Manchester_C    35    10  11  14    44  -  54    41
Southampton     34     8  15  11    49  -  57    39
Everton         35     9  12  14    38  -  48    39
Crystal_Palace  34     9  11  14    25  -  35    38
West_Ham        34    10   7  17    33  -  44    37
Leicester       36     5   9  22    40  -  70    24
Ipswich         35     6   5  24    31  -  80    23

With thanks to Riku Soininen


Thanks to Bill, Paul, Ian, Jeremy & Dave.

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Ashley Birch,

Newsletter #72