Newsletter #30

This is my first MCIVTA as a substitute for Ashley, and therefore I’ve renamed the mailinglist (it was Paul’s idea :-). I’ve also decided to put the name of the contributers before the message-body, as Martin suggested in the previous issue.

Today’s main headline is the rumour about a new German player coming to Maine Road. This has yet to be confirmed. At the end Martin gives us some depressing news about injuries.

We also have a match report from the Arsenal game.

Neil Foskett sent us all an email regarding a supposed email-virus. As Paul pointed out this is a hoax. This means someone posted an email to his/her friends, asking them to pass this email on to their friends, and by that increasing the internet-traffic. So nothing is wrong if you get an email regarding good times. Hopefully it only means a row of victories for City…


From: Steve Maddox

I watched City vs Arsenal on Sky Sports (satellite) the other night and they were pretty dismal in the first half. At half time they 2-0 down (goals by Smith and Schwarz) and to be honest it could have easily been 4 or 5 (with Kevin Campbell missing several easy chances and Schwarz hitting the bar with a thunderous drive). City basically sat back and let Arsenal come at them, giving them too much space and time on the ball. The thing that disappointed me was the lack of competitive instinct displayed by most of the City team. No one seemed willing to chase, close opponents down and put in tackles. Virtually every 50:50 ball was won by a red shirt and Parlour, Campbell, Smith and Dixon gave City all sorts of problems. Dixon, in particular had a very good game (and to think he used to be a season ticket holder at Maine Road – his dad still supports the Blues). City’s inability to keep possession didn’t help and Arsenal looked dangerous every time they attacked, with City looking disorganised and panicky in midfield and defence. Beagrie limped off early on and the City squad had been hit by flu but there should be no excuses for such a poor first half showing. A neutral could easily have mistaken Arsenal for the home side, such was their domination.

In the second half City started to fight and Kernaghan and Fitzroy Simpson (on for Kerr and Beagrie) made a difference. Kernaghan had an excellent half, making several important full-blooded tackles (when Arsenal looked like breaking through the City back four) and Simpson added some hustle and bustle in midfield which had previously been absent. Indeed it was Simpson who pulled a goal back for City, leading to a tense finale, with City threatening to equalise, but Arsenal always looking dangerous on the break.

Walsh looked bright and full of ideas up front (and was the only City player with the confidence and invention to take players on), but Quinn had a quiet game and Rösler was man-for-man marked by Keown (who was lucky to stay on the field after several awful fouls). Lomas looked uneasy as a full-back and the City defence and midfield have a makeshift look and feel to it. A full strength City may have made more of a game of it, but one has to remember that Arsenal were also heavily depleted and the stark truth remains that City need to strengthen at the back and in midfield if they are serious about challenging for honours in the next few years.

Steve Maddox


From: Phil Knight

Brian Horton’s most famous playing days were as a defender for Luton Town. In fact he was in the Luton team on the day they put City down in the 80’s (if you watch the famous clip of David Pleat skipping across the pitch after the game, I believe Horton is one of the players he hugs).

He was manager of Hull City for several years in the late eighties, and guided them to some of their greatest successes (mid-table in the old 2nd division is great success for Hull!) but he didn’t survive their fall back down the leagues.

Phil Knight


From: Adam Joinson

All I can remember about Horton’s playing days is that he played for the Pleat-managed Luton team that sent us down at Maine Rd. When the whistle blew, Pleat ran jumping onto the pitch and hugged BH. I don’t know what he did between then and managing Oxford. Hopefully hung his head in shame 🙁

Throwing in my 2p worth, I think Horton has the promise of a good manager. At Oxford he produced decent teams on limited funds, which is basically the job he’s got now at City. To be honest, I expected this season to be pretty much like last season, so sixth place is fine. As for the TV-game tactical problems, he’s got to learn somehow. Pity it’s not at the training ground…

Adam Joinson


From: Stephen Rushe

I heard this from my dad at the weekend and thought you might be interested.

The seven dwarves are down in the mines when there is a cave-in. Snow White runs to the entrance and yells down to them. In the distance a voice shouts out “Man.Utd are good enough to win the European Cup”. Snow White says “Well at least Dopey’s alive!”.

And another…

Q: Why is Peter Schmeichel like a jigsaw?
A: They both go to pieces in the box.

Happy Christmas!!!

Stephen Rushe


From: Martin Ford

According to the Manchester Evening News (Thurs 15th Dec), Horton has started negotiations to buy a midfield player. All that the paper will reveal is that he’s an ex West German U21 International currently playing in the Bundesliga and he’s 26. BH is reluctant to name him as it may alert other teams to his availability (sounds ominous). The only other hint is that Rösler reckons he is well known back in Germany.

So obviously he’s not a current international but would anybody like to throw in any names. Stefen Effenberg??

If BH manages to sign him he would like him to play in a reserve game and if he’s good enough he could play against West Ham on Saturday, to replace Flipper who’s gone down with flu!!

Martin Ford


From: The Mole

City have acquired the services of a 26-year old German midfielder (on loan I think). The player’s name hasn’t yet been announced but he is expected to play for the reserves tonight (against Huddersfield) and, if he impresses, will be in the first team at Upton Park on Saturday. The mystery player has been playing in the German Bundesliga.

Garry Flitcroft has ‘flu and isn’t expected to play on Saturday.

The Mole


From: Neil Pugh

With regard to your request on where are they now?, I can tell you that Mick Channon is now a successful race horse trainer. His son, also named Mick, plays in the same football team as me here at the University Of The West Of England and regards City as his “second” faviourite team. He tells me that both him and his dad are saints fans.

Neil Pugh


From: Mark Higgins

Thursday night’s Manchester Evening News reports that Brian Horton was hoping to sign a German midfielder. Apparently the player and his agent flew into Manchester on Thursday morning. The player’s identity hasn’t yet been revealed but Brian Horton was hoping to close the deal and include him in the first team squad for this weekend’s game. I understand that this wasn’t possible but Brian Horton still hopes to finalise the deal in the new future.

Mark Higgins


From: Mark Higgins

Any exiled Blues who’ll be returning to the Manchester area over Christmas and New Year may like to know of a relatively decent Un*t*d free pub. It will probably be familiar to many Blues since I think they used to advertise in the matchday programme. It’s called the Royal Scot and it can be found in Town Street, Marple Bridge, Stockport. It’s run by City director Ian Niven and visitors to the pub can sample (in addition to Robinson’s bitter) the unique delight of a visit to the “Malcolm Allison Room” where there is an interesting collection of paintings and pictures and other memorabilia (including Mike Summerbee’s playing contract) on display.

Mark Higgins


From: Martin Ford

Here’s the latest news (from an early edition of the Manchester Evening News) about the current team available for Horton to select. It looks like the injury problems are seriously going to affect the team available with the following all injured:

Coton       Shoulder
Curle       Hamstring
Beagrie     Bruised hip
Edghill     Knee Ligament
Phelan      Hamstring
Hill        Ankle ligament
Mike        Hamstring
Griffiths   Calf strain
Ingram      Broken nose

Also suffering injuries and only 50-50 to play are:

Walsh       Groin strain
Flitcroft   Flu
Simpson     Hamstring strain

So that leaves Horton to select from:

Dibble, Kerr, Foster, Brightwell (I), Kernaghan, Brightwell (D), Summerbee, Lomas, Walsh, Quinn, Rösler, Vonk, Simpson, Quigley, Margetson.

Doesn’t build much hope for the game, but let’s hope that the inexperienced players can pull the team through if called upon.

As an aside it just goes to show that Horton and Lee need to get on and sign some experienced players to avoid situations like this!!

There’s no news on the alleged German player that’s been interesting Horton, so we’ll have to wait and see if there’s any further news.

Martin Ford

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Svenn Hanssen,

Newsletter #30