Newsletter #3

Last time we got two match reports and a third one which was lifted from the same paper as one of the other two. Unfortunately the poster of the latter had already written it by the time I got back to him. As it ain’t a trivial matter to write a report then what I would suggest is the following: ‘live’ reports should be just submitted come what may as they are a totally subjective view of a game. However, a particular newspaper report is needed only once so, if you intend to write one then mail me first and I can then give you the OK and preserve any additional submitters from wasted effort.

There are now 25 of of us!


Does anyone subscribe to the Manchester Evening News “Pink Final”? For those who have never heard of it, it’s a sport supplement published by the Manchester Evening News late on Saturdays and contains loads of information on local clubs (including some teams we don’t want to read anything about, and I am not talking about Rochdale!) as well as extensive match reports of the day’s games.

It costs 21 pounds for the next 36 issues (in the UK)! The ‘phone number is +44 61 832 7200 – ask for the Subscriptions Dept.. Not known if they do overseas but I would imagine so.

This info was provided by a Kent exile,..

Matthew Dye



I was interested to read the views on the subject of transfers to and from the blues. I have to say I agree with the decision to get rid of Rocastle. He was brilliant when he first came to City, but there is no doubt he put on weight and grew more lazy as the season went on. There is no way City could afford to play with 2 wingers and a luxury like Rocastle. Although 1.25 million does not seem like a lot, it is better than nothing. I do however agree that getting rid of Sheron was a mistake. He was a good prospect and a natural goal-scorer. It doesn’t seem very far-sighted to let him go so easily. He probably wanted to go and have first team football at Norwich, but more of an effort could have been made to keep him.

So far I have not read any views on the player who has come to City – Nicky Summerbee. I saw him at the Arsenal game and was quite impressed. He seems to have an abundance of skill, but needs to get involved in the game a bit more. Given time and space he can play killer balls (namely the goals he set up for Walsh against Everton and Palace) and it will be interesting to see if the all-out attacking policy will continue!

Does anyone have any news on Paul Lake? The last time I heard, he had a one in ten chance of playing for the first team again (probably at centre-half!). Does anyone know the current odds?

Steve Tobias


In today’s Manchester Evening News (15.09), the following info was given:

Curle is apparently out for the Sheffield Wednesday game with a hamstring injury. Phelan’s injury has apparently cleared up and should start. Edghill is likely to return whilst Andy Hill is also likely to start. No news on the Quinn, Walsh, Rösler decision yet although Horton has said that he’s only likely to decide an hour prior to kick off.

Horton has also given good ol’ Al Kernaghan a couple of weeks to give a few decent displays at Bolton. After the way he was treated by the fans at the Ajax pre-season game, it may take a while.

More away fan news. Part of the Kippax is to be allocated to away fans, starting with the Forest and Spurs games. This seems good news as it should improve the atmosphere somewhat. To those who haven’t been or can’t go – the tension and atmosphere has been, to me at least, sort of lacking since the disappearence of the Kippax and the away fan ban.

Finally, tickets are now available up to kick off on match days but you’ll need one of the treasured membership cards. 🙂

Anthony Johnson


Sean Bechhofer gave me some Email addresses of various ‘Blues’ that he was either in contact with or he had picked up from RSS. There were a few problems with users which suggested that either the people had moved or changed their IDs, whilst other addresses had problems with the nodes indicating that they may still be out there but that I can’t reach them. So if anybody knows the correct addresses of the following people, let me know:

1. Espen Heggelund.....was at UMIST but now    'USER UNKNOWN'
2. David Humphreys.....somewhere in the US     'HOST UNKNOWN'
3. James Armstrong.....somewhere in the US     'USER UNKNOWN'
4. Patrik Carlsson.....somewhere in Sweden     'USER UNKNOWN'

Thanks to Matthew Dye, Steve Tobias & Anthony Johnson

Ashley Birch,

Newsletter #3