Bob Baker

Why Blue?

I am struck when I write down my details for Why Blue of the similarities with other recent contributors to MCIVTA. It was 30 years ago that I first started supporting Manchester City. I was sort of a Tottenham supporter – I’d seen them a few times – but Manchester City were much more exciting and interesting and – although I lived in the South – a friend of mine at school, John Haselden (I think that’s the right spelling) went to see them regularly. If you’re out there John send me a message and I’ll thank you for my years of misery after you convinced me to support City!

So I started going and one of my first games was at Maine Road – City 4 Utd 0. What made it sweeter was that we travelled up as guests with a Rags’ supporter with their London Supporters’ Branch. So I was hooked – Wembley in 1970, the European Cup Winners’ Cup semi-final at Chelsea the following year and regular visits to London and Midlands grounds.

I went to college in Manchester in 1974/75 and saw a very good City side many times. It was even better because Old Trafford was hosting Second Division football.

I have been around at some important moments as well – the Cup Final in 1981 and the relegation game vs. Luton in 1983 spring immediately to mind.

Since the mid 1970s I have played football every Saturday and now manage a local club which has limited my opportunities. Nevertheless, I get to see them at least a couple of times a year – in recent years I’ve seen some dreadful games – a 3-0 defeat at Wimbledon under Alan Ball and a 0-0 at Norwich last year being the pits in terms of the games I’ve seen.

So in view of the above I guess that I get to do more supporting via teletext, web sites and MCIVTA than live. I still love them though and have managed to convince my 15-year-old son that supporting City is a much better bet than going for an overhyped Premiership club.

Love to hear from any City supporters in Hastings (where I live) or Tunbridge Wells (where I work).

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Bob Baker