Steve Gordon

Why Blue?

Before I start let me say I live in Perth, Western Australia and know more Brits now than when I lived in the UK and most of these are Northerners; anyway, I have been trying to get a mate of mine to write a “Why I am Blue” story for months but he keeps telling me he doesn’t have time. Last week he suggested my story was worth sending in so here goes.

My interest in City started sometime last year when I was impressing one of the Oldham lads (the above mentioned) from the local club with the wonders of the net, and the amount of info that is available at the press of a button. He asked me if I could get something on City; what I came up with was MCIVTA.

To say the least this guy was blown away, The Blue Humour page was the talk of the club (about 90% are poms, many of these are from Manchester) for a few boozy nights. Anyway, I began to fax this guy (Steve Potter for the record) Latest News of the Blues on a regular basis from work in the morning, and depending on what time I got to work he would have a match report from a game that had barely finished, on his breakfast table before he could get the results from a dial-a-soccer result service.

It wasn’t long before I subscribed to MCIVTA to forward to this City fan, but not before I had a browse myself and started following the goings on between the MCIVTA pages. I never followed football while I lived in the UK but I can now say I have more than a passing interest in City and can contribute to a professional Manchester City conversation over a few beers between the Aussie bashing and sex talk.

If anyone in Perth who may be reading this and wants to come down to our little country club full of Northerners (and a few Rags fans) please E-mail me.

Keep up the good work MCIVTA.

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Steve Gordon