Matthew McCurrie

Why Blue?

Well this is a ‘Why Blue’ with a difference because I was converted from another team from Manchester… yes, you have guessed it, it was from United!

When I was about 14 I was an armchair fan of the Reds and used to have arguments with City fans (i.e. my brother) until the day he asked if I fancied going to Maine Road. I was a bit dubious about going, being a Red and all but I’d never been to a football match so I thought why not. It was against Coventry in the 91/92 season. I was stood in the old Kippax (God bless her) with my elder brother. I still remember not knowing the words to Blue Moon, nor all the other songs sang there. We got beaten 1-0 but I’ve been a City fan ever since. I believe it was the atmosphere and the feeling that everyone adores when you’re at a game that swung it.

I did it to a friend of mine as well, this game was away at Loftus Road in the Cup when we won 2-1, and he did it to his friend and his friend’s girfriend, and I’ve converted both my younger sisters (still working on my girlfriend; she hates football but I’m getting there).

Can anyone beat that for a great love story?

Macca (True Blue).

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #89 on


Matthew McCurrie