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Opinion tonight on Dunne, pessimism and transfers with the rumour mill now focusing on Tevez’s departure from Old Trafford and potential signing for City.

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As a new subscriber reading the Dunne “should I stay or should I go” articles I am sorry if I missed anything previously stating this case but let’s try and think of how many partners Dunnie had to play alongside last season.

To my knowledge there was Richards, Onuoha, Ball (who’s he?), Corluka, and Kompany just to name five. How can you then expect Dunne to be consistent apart from getting sent off when the others especially in Richards case at times don’t know where they are or who they are supposed to be defensively covering? Yes, the previous seasons he has been outstanding but then he played alongside the same partner for most of the time.

Let’s remember how good a defender he is and hope he stays because I’ll bet any money if he gets transferred that when we play his new team he’ll score against us like most of our former heroes do!

Fingers crossed for some more good signings.

Dave Bradburn <dabradburn2003(at)>


In response to Martin Hunt (MCIVTA 1541) and to those who have continued the so called debate about our club, which is really about Mark Hughes and certain players, it has become a running down of the club. This once great newsletter, the message boards, radio phone-ins, and judging by those sat near me at the COMS, an increasing number attending the games are only happy when they have got something to moan about.

I remember when things started to go wrong with King Kev, the knives were out in no time; these moaners had forgotten what he did for the club and the football we had been treated to. They could not wait to tell everyone “I told you so”. We now have it with Richard Dunne, who has been loyal to this club. Yes, the club stood by him in his hour of need, and he has returned the favour ten fold, but god forbid he should have an off season and it’s “get rid of him, he’s useless.” Richard Dunne has been a great servant to this club, and in an era when fans are continually complaining about lack of player loyalty, how about we show Dunne some loyalty, the same goes for Micah. Yes there are players for whom it is time to move on, but let’s not stab players in the back just for one average season, let’s return the loyalty they have shown the club.

As for free speech, no one would oppose free speech, but how about some constructive criticism instead of the continual, mind-numbing drone of whining that seems to go on continually, especially on message boards. I have always said that I am an optimist, because you cannot be a pessimist and be a City fan, because you’d have topped yourself by now with the c**p we have put up with over the years. How wrong I was because we seem to overflowing with pessimists, in fact I get the feeling that some City fans would top themselves if they could not come to the ground and have a good moan. I now believe that they look forward to things going t*ts up so they can have a proper good whinge, they probably have the phone-ins on speed dial and are on their mobiles before the referee blows for full time.

Does this mean we should stop complaining? Well no but how about giving reasons as to why you think things are going wrong? I don’t believe being an ex-Rag is a reasonable argument, as we have taken to other ex-Rags, and it really is a puerile argument and we are better than that. The Eriksson argument also amuses me, as wasn’t it widely reported in this very newsletter that he had been looking for another job since the Christmas and that was the reason he was sacked, not the position we finished in the table, as some seem to use as an excuse to sack Hughes.

By all means complain about the formation, who was picked, the substitutions, etc. – at least these give you a chance to explain what your opinion of what you think should be done, instead of just slagging everything off.

Am I a fan of Mark Hughes? To tell you the truth I am undecided, as I am not a lover of the 4-3-3 formation but the board seem to be happy with him and are backing him. So, as he is still going to be our manager next season, I believe we should call a halt to hostilities and get behind the manager, team and the whole club, and hope Mark Hughes leads us on to glory next season, instead of hoping it all goes wrong so some sad beggar can go on a message board, or the radio and say “I told you so”.

That kind of attitude stinks and does nothing to help the club, and really does not sit well with fans who are respected up and down the country for the way we stuck by this club through a season in the third tier of the league; we are better than that. In fact we are not only much better and prouder than that, we proved at that time we, and not the Geordies, are the best fans in the country.

So, as I have said, let’s call a halt to hostilities, get behind the manager, the players and the club as a whole and believe that after all the years in the trophy desert, we are now finally going to reach the Promised Land, and see trophies paraded at the COMS. I mean would it be so bad for Mark Hughes to prove to be a successful manager for us, and give us something to put in the museum, or do you just want to see him fail no matter what?

I know what I would rather see, but then, as I also have already said, I am an optimist, so come on, next season let’s cheer and sing them on to glory and put the smile back on our faces.

Steve Hunt <steve.hunt803(at)>


The media all say Santa Cruz will be taking a strict medical after Blackburn and City have agreed a fee for the player; if he passes his medical then personal terms should be just a formality.

But who will be the next signing? Now that Tevez has said publicly that he will not be back with United, when will he or his agent announce his new club? Now Chelsea, who have money, join City in wanting Tevez.

We all know that City will be the best team for Tevez to come to, for he only has to ask SWeeP, with so many stars already at Chelsea how can they guarantee first team football every week? I trust Zab to put in a kind word into helping his fellow countryman into joining him at City.

Reports state that the owners have put a ten million pound bonus for the manager and players to get into Champions’ League Football; this should be good for Tevez who likes a challenge.

We hear that MCFC are still trying to sign Eto’o; will this be the signing to give City a first class attacking team?

Rumours still going on about the City defence, will there be any changes? Several names have been mentioned in the central defence position, with Sunderland wanting to make a deal for Dunne, but they’ll have to wait until another player has been signed. Richard Dunne in his last game whilst playing for Ireland had a cracking game but his form for City last season was not his best.

Micah and Nedum both have been playing well in the England under 21 team, with Stuart Pearce doing a great job as the manager. Media also reports that new signing Gareth Barry will be the new captain next season; in my opinion he would be the perfect choice for captain, he has had experience as captain at Villa, and I always think that a captain’s best position is in midfield, where the captain should be the general, and in a position to change a game.

If MCFC do not move soon on their targets in a more positive manner, they could lose to other clubs who are capable of signing players, so come on MCFC, don’t snooze and lose. The sooner the new players come in, the more time to better prepare for next season.

However, as I have said before, we can’t believe in everything that we read. With no games to watch, we wait with hope that some names spoken of will become City players.

Most readers know that I back Sparky as manager, so from now on I shall not keep repeating myself with “In Sparky I trust”.

Come on you Blues!

Ernie Barrow <Britcityblue(at)>


On the Blue Moon website, they have a section on lookalikes.

I always thought that Arthur Mann, who City signed from Hearts for £65,000 in 1968, had a look of Alan Ball in his younger days.

I was looking for a picture of both to compare when I came across Arthur’s Wikipedia entry and was saddened to find out that Arthur, after ending his playing career in the midlands, was sadly killed in an industrial accident in 1999.

Great shame, he was a quality player. Polished full back but when City had some injuries around 1970, Arthur was put into midfield and I remember him running Bobby Moore ragged at Maine Road against West Ham in a 2-0 win.

Has anyone else got any memories of Arthur Mann?

John Nisbet <nisbet1957(at)>

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