Newsletter #124

So, another defeat and a confusing one at that. Some people thought City played well, in particular Colin Bailey who posted to the WWW and whose opinion drew some fire (and ire)! Generally though, it appears to have been a better performance than of late with the defence in particular looking strong, something it hasn’t done for some considerable time. Tactics again come in for some criticism and I have to agree with some people who wondered how Ball thought we would ever score with a lone striker up against one of the most solid centre half pairings in the country. Curle is back and appears to be fit (for how long? 8-(. ) and so was Beagrie who looked to need more games to attain match fitness. We also have some strong opinions on the Maine Road set up both for and against.

Svenn will be taking over MCIVTA after the next issue (MCIVTA 125) which will go out mid-afternoon Thursday and will be my last from Zürich. I’ll include his email address in that issue. He will run the newsletter for a week after which, I’ll hopefully be set up in Derbyshire and ready to take over again.

Next game, Newcastle United away, Saturday September 16th.


Manchester City vs. Arsenal, Sunday 10th September 1995

Attendance: 23,994 Referee: D Gallagher (Banbury)

Manchester City

       Edghill Symons Curle Phelan
Summerbee I.Brightwell Flitcroft Beagrie
      Kinkladze (Quinn 77) Rösler
[ UNUSED: Lomas, Margetson ]


       Dixon Adams Bould Winterburn
Parlour (McGoldrick 77) Jenson Keown Merson
             Bergkamp Wright
[ UNUSED: Helder, Bartram ]

I had a good feeling for this match. I had read the Sunday Times in the morning and which concluded “Placing so much emphasis on one playmaker [Kinkladze] has its pros and cons. Until City have all their injured players back and come to understand Kinkladze’s needs they will go on suffering the cons. It may be a while yet before City reach their maximum potential.” A view which was repeated by the now departed Paul Walsh in the match programme. Also, Gerry Creaney was introduced to the crowd before the game. The Arsenal fans had brought their rubber sex doll with them – I thought there’s an opportunity for a match report title like ‘Inflated Dreams’ or something; anyway, on with the match:

  • 01min: Beagrie announces his return with a foul on Parlour.
  • 02min: Edghill heads back into the path of Bergkamp who shoots wide from just outside the box.
  • 04min: More danger. Wright lobs the defence to allow Jenson a shot but Phelan gets there first and concedes a corner.
  • 05min: Foul on Wright outside right hand side of City box. Uwe is headed in the face when the free kick is taken, Edghill heads away.
  • 09min: Wright sees Yellow for a foul on Curle.
  • 10min: Beagrie’s first run then passes to Phelan who accelerates. Tries to play the ball through for Kinkladze but there is a hand ball. Referee denies this. Kinkladze gets a cross in – easy for Seaman. Actually it’s amazing that City get the second chance at the attack as so far they have been second to the loose ball of which there have been many.
  • 12min: Kinkladze shot from outside the box – easily wide.
  • 13min: Flitcroft follows Winterburn towards the Arsenal corner flag before dropping him. Curle claps Flitcroft.
  • 14min: Seaman kicks out, Symons heads back, Rösler shoots, easy for Seaman.
  • 16min: Kinkladze completely jinxes Keown before Parlour blatantly brings him down.
  • 19min: Immel throws out to Summerbee, who tries to take on Winterburn, ball out for Arsenal throw. At least he tried to take a man on for once!
  • 20min: Merson through ball for Bergkamp to run onto and shoot from just outside box – Immel collects at second attempt.
  • 23min: Dangerous free kick just outside box (Symons on Bergkamp I think); Wright’s shot going in, ball palmed over by Immel.
  • 30min: After a period of lots of headers and not exactly installing a lot of confidence in me, Phelan sprints up sideline and crosses, Rösler volley is not clean and ball is easy collected by Seaman.
  • 33min: Curle gets ball caught between his legs, loses it to Merson whose shot is blocked by Edghill for a corner.
  • 34min: Another Phelan run; turning inside, his shot from outside the box is blocked.
  • 35min: Back pass from Symons to Curle intercepted by Wright who is then blocked by Phelan. Phelan loses ball to Parlour who shoots. Saved by Immel. Immel throws ball out to Phelan who loses it to Parlour although the City defence rectifies the situation.
  • 38min: Yet another Phelan sprint; passes to Kinkladze, pass to Summerbee who turns and shoots over from outside the box. Arsenal clear before a foul on Adams by Rösler.
  • 40min: Man on my left asks me if I am a Newcastle scout having watched me notetaking for 40 minutes (man on my right is an Arsenal supporter!). Thus I miss the action as City give away a free kick outside the box. Bergkamp (or was it Merson) takes and it is just little wide of the post. Good effort.
  • 42min: Bergkamp push on Symons and a free kick. Man on my left shouts “Get Back To Your Porn, Bergkamp!”.
  • 45min: Summerbee fails to control a (high) ball, which falls between Winterburn and Edghill. Winterburn shows his studs and sees Yellow.

So to half time. The game had been poor. Again City had about (just less than) half the possession but Arsenal had all the chances really. You may have noticed the lack of mention of some City players. Say no more!

Half-time score: Manchester City 0 Arsenal 0

  • 48min: City camped in their own half. Summerbee sees Yellow for foul on Winterburn. Stretcher comes half on but Winterburn hobbles to the side of the pitch. Bergkamp takes the free kick – just wide of the post but Immel had it covered.
  • 52min: Flitcroft sees Yellow for showing his studs to Keown.
  • 53min: Phelan sees Yellow for a foul on Parlour (mind you Parlour wasn’t holding back). The game has become more physical and passionate since half time. City still camped in.
  • 55min: City get ball in Arsenal third and indeed the box but Flitcroft is offside before Summerbee crosses. Amazing, Summerbee actually can take people on and beat them!
  • 56min: Phelan run and loses ball to Dixon who he tracks back to the Arsenal touch line and then Dixon makes an elaborate dive right in front of me. The referee of course has stern words for Terry who has already been booked.
  • 58min: Beagrie beats Dixon and Parlour only to provide an easy cross for Seaman.
  • 59min: City have their tails up. Through ball too long for Summerbee who runs on to pressurise Seaman. Seaman punts the ball out for a throw. Play commences. Bould leaves his arm out to slow Rösler’s chase through for a ball he probably wouldn’t have got to. Well I reckoned it was a foul!
  • 60min: Rösler 1-2 with Kinkladze which he collects but cannot control; it was a tight move. Ball suddenly at other end. Bergkamp seemingly clear then shoved off the ball by a City defender.
  • 61min: Brightwell (now there’s a name you haven’t heard all day) crosses, Winterburn heads out. Then Arsenal break. Bergkamp finds Wright in full flight but he is escorted out of play by Symons and then Phelan.
  • 63min: Rösler fouled by Adams or so he claimed. Referee says no foul!
  • 64min: Merson turns Symons outside box (about 25 yards) and unleashes a shot which curls away from Immel’s post. Ball immediately returned to Bergkamp via the Arsenal defence from City’s goal kick. Foul on Symons by Bergkamp given.
  • 65min: Beagrie intercepts throw-in, dribbles and shoots but it’s easy for Seaman.
  • 68min: Rösler throws ball away after tussle with Bould, referee says no free kick.
  • 69min: Wright holds up ball with back to goal. Kinkladze uproots him. Kinkladze sees Yellow.
  • 71min: Beagrie run, plays ball for Rösler who cuts inside at edge of area and is tackled by Adams just before the shot.
  • 72min: Symons heads ball back to Immel just as Wright shaping up to shoot.
  • 75min: Rösler has no answer for Bould and Adams who have reigned supreme to any delivery by air.
  • 76min: Beagrie obstructed in my book anyway but not given. Wright run and shot from Bergkamp lay-off. Beagrie has the ball again, turns Parlour and Dixon the wrong way before supplying the cross, easy for Seaman.
  • 77min: Substitutions made by both sides. Quinn immediately heads to Rösler who has his back to goal and lays it off for Beagrie shot – blocked! City regain possession and float cross in. Quinn goes through Dixon and a free kick is awarded.
  • 83min: Bergkamp fouled by Curle but free kick comes to nothing. City break and Quinn’s jump is penalised in the box as he did what (would someone please tell me) to Winterburn.
  • 84min: Bergkamp shot easy for Immel. Game appears to be heading for a draw.
  • 85min: Summerbee again plays like a winger but cross is too long for Rösler. Adams concedes the corner. Corner comes in and goes out to Brightwell who lobs it back in. Just under Seaman’s bar but lightening doesn’t strike twice does it?
  • 86min: City play the ball out of defence. Quinn finds Beagrie who plays a lovely ball through to that greyhound Rösler who is blocked inside the box by Bould. Rösler off the pitch momentarily for attention. Both Seaman and Adams congratulate Bould, that shows you what a vital tackle it was.
  • 88min: Curle’s through ball too long and easy for Seaman.
  • 89min: Beagrie knocks the ball away from the danger area to Quinn who is penalised for what? Free kick taken quickly before City have got themselves arranged. Dixon, Bergkamp, Dixon, Bergkamp provides a low cross from the right for Wright about 6 yards out who scores! Nil-One!
  • 90min: Last ditch effort by City. Free kick outside box, Beagrie shoots and Seaman gets down well to save before an onrushing Rösler.

Full-time score: Manchester City 0 Arsenal 0
Goal: Wright 89

Gutted! The second half definitely showed more commitment but the match lacked really good chances. It must be said that City are looking sterile in the goal scoring department; there is a lack of imagination and flair in the opportunities and Rösler was easily overshadowed by Bould and Adams until the introduction of Quinn. A draw would have been a fair result but that’s football!

You may feel from the report that Arsenal had it all their own way – I think a neutral would definitely agree. Perhaps Mr. Gallagher’s Banbury is a small hamlet in Highbury?

Points of promise were that I thought Phelan had a great game as well as Symons and Flitcroft (occasionally). Edghill had his best game of the year IMHO but that’s not saying he was good, just not as bad as previous games. Brightwell, Beagrie and Curle were all much better in the second half as was the game itself.

Robert Watson (

P.S. Thanks to all who gave me some feedback from my last report (Ashley, Mike, Paul, Paul and A.N. Other – sorry I have deleted the email!)

P.P.S. Also please remember that I sit in the North Stand and thus got a great view of Rösler’s goal against Spurs and Ablett’s thigh off the line in the Everton game. I did not get such a good view of the cock-ups at the other end of the pitch which might be described in other reports.


Manchester City vs. Arsenal, Sunday 10th September 1995

Team: Immel, Edghill, Phelan, Symons, Curle, Flitcroft, Brightwell (I), Kinkladze (Quinn 75), Summerbee, Rösler, Beagrie.

Just a brief report as most City fans will have seen this one via “Rupert’s great rip off in the sky.” I’ll try to fill in on anything the cameras missed. Before the match Stan Gibson, City’s groundsman, was presented with an award to mark his 70th birthday. Nice one Stan, the pitch is like a carpet. Creaney came onto the pitch for a token wave to the fans and to prove he had actually signed after all the ‘off & ons’.

I haven’t seen the gate figure yet but it looked around 25,000. Most of first half was spent moaning at dubious refereeing decisions. I fancied us for at least a point with Curle and Symons developing an instant understanding and solid as rocks.

In the programme it said that Kinky couldn’t speak a word of English and so obviously couldn’t communicate whatsoever with the other players. This was somewhat prophetic of his first half performance. When he had the ball he was struggling to find someone to give it to and obviously couldn’t verbally express his instructions and seemed to get frustrated as a result. This familiarity is going to develop gradually until one day we are going to absolutely thump someone. Summerbee was getting a hell of a lot of stick from the fans around us and looks a bit short of confidence (and speed?).

The second half looked to be heading for stalemate with Adams and Bould holding firm and Kinky unable to find the killer pass. Rösler was having a frustrating afternoon and seemed to spend most of it remonstrating with the appalling referee. Kinky off (why?), Quinn on, for a last ditch attempt at route one success. I was just about to clap us off when the ref. gave them a free kick for absolutely zilcho as far as I could see. They scored, we were robbed. Soon we are going to be a very good team.

Marks out of 10:
Immell (8), Phelan (8), Edgehill (6), Curle (9), Symons (8), Flitcroft (10), Brightwell (6), Kinkladze (7), Beagrie (8), Rösler (7), Summerbee (6)

Referee: Mr. Dermott Gallagher (0)

Ken Foster (


Having paid my first visit to Maine Road for nearly 2 years yesterday, I thought I may as well share my impressions, for what they’re worth. Firstly, the ground – the new Kippax is certainly imposing, and I’ve seen much worse. The corners look a bit bare now, and I sincerely hope they’re planning to get rid of the old turnstile wall at the back of it – still looks like a prison perimeter.

The team – couldn’t fault the effort, but they didn’t look like scoring before Xmas. Rösler looked lonely up front (and much better after Niall came on), Kinky looked comfortable on the ball, but not much more. Symons impressed me, Immel OK though apparently rooted to his line, Flitcroft good, but the rest struggled. What worried me most was Alan Ball on Radio 5 afterwards saying City had played well second half! It’s going to be a long season!

Peter Gibson (


David Brightwell has returned from his loan spell at Lincoln City and has now gone out on loan to Stoke City for a month, again with a view to a permanent transfer. The sacking of Lincoln manager Sam Ellis probably had something to do with his return.

City’s failure to sign Trevor Sinclair was mentioned in MCIVTA 122; I understand that the reason City didn’t sign him a few years ago was that Sinclair didn’t want to rejoin Sam Ellis, who had been his manager previously at Blackpool. Sam was our ever-popular assistant manager at the time of course.

Paul Howarth (


According to some die hard Pompey fans, Creaney was their best player (since we already nabbed Symons) but is certainly not and will never be a Premiership striker. Perhaps we’re planning ahead, only time will tell.

Andy Davey (


I just read some 3 or 4 day-old email from the Southampton list saying that AB was looking at a young central defender from Exeter named Jon Richardson. The bloke who posted the message lives in the area and said he’s definitely a wasted talent at Exeter. Has anybody heard anything more about this?

Andrew Inman (


TIME: Sunday 2:45PM.

Just called my Dad back in Manchester to get some last minute positive vibes before he left for Maine Road. Confirming that the programme will be on its way mid-week, I read him The Times “The TV Game” Sky panel about Kinky. Quotes from players, such as: ” … he has been playing on a different plane.”, ” … we are expected to give it to him at every opportunity.” There’s also the view that like at Soton, AB will be using Creaney as an old fashioned centre forward “operated as a wall for Le Tissier (now read Kinky) to bounce his creativity off.”

Both state that they like the sound of that, and having briefly discussed other family business he is sent on his way with promises of both real and TV comparisons on the match.

All is quiet now as I try to measure my breathing for the events to come – a Sky Game! Then I suddenly remember – my wife. She stands there in front of me, radiant, but almost imperceptibly she begins to metamorphose into … No I can’t believe it! No! No! Why, why me? I knew when I married her but it didn’t seem important then. She… she is a Gooner! Aaaagh!

I’m brought round by splashes of water, then I see 4 faces leaning over me, all adorned by red scarves dribbling chants of ‘C’mon you Red Machine’ and ‘C’mon you rip roaring Gunners.’ Wife, brother-in-law, and his two friends. So confident that they are talking about who is going to score. London does have its drawbacks.

Little do they know the City phenomenon. Just when you think they’ve blown it, lost it, they do the incredible.

A few years ago, I read a quote that sums up what supporting City is all about:

“Following City takes concentration. Each kick, throw-in and match just in case you miss the moment that makes it all worthwhile, all better again.”

Sad I know but I just had to share all that with you. Right, pizza, beer, friends (?) here we go!

Mark Kennedy (


What do people think of the recent acquisition of Creaney and the departure of Walsh? I think it is not too smart a move. What we need now is a spirited performance from the lads not a new striker, and in this department very few can match Walshie. A local newspaper London correspondent, Mr Chris Mathysczyk, wrote of City in the QPR match, “Rarely have I seen a bunch of players less inclined to make an effort.”

We don’t need a new striker if we cannot create chances for him. Besides, a new lad cannot be blamed for having less passion for the team and get discouraged/demoralised as soon as the team loses a couple of games. What we also need is a ball winner in the middle of the park (why oh why did we sell Fitzroy), and of course a winger to replace Buzzer. Simpson was one of the better players we had during the close season matches and Buzzer was about the worst. (?)

Sell Dibs, D Brightwell, Buzzer and Vonk, not Kernaghan. He was the other player who showed commitment to the team. How many players can say that they have been treated harshly by the fans and made a comeback worthy of a warrior (OK I may be exaggerating here), but at least his commitment is worth thinking over. If the QPR game is anything to go by, commitment is indeed lacking in the current team. We need players like him.

Next what we need now is a win (i.e. scoring more than we concede. I hope the team has not already forgotten that). A win against Arsenal will do a world of good to the players’ confidence. Perhaps even a draw would do some good. And to achieve this the players need the full support from the fans.

This brings me to the last thing City needs so badly now… the unconditional support from the fans. Like what David ‘the Evertonian’ observed, I think it is very disheartening to see a third of the fans leaving the stadium 10 minutes before the final whistle is blown. If we were to emulate what Everton did last season, this is vital. Remember, David said that this is the main difference between City now and Everton then. We need to stick by the team (for better or for worse).

A shining light is Kinky. The Georgian has singular control of the ball unlike any other City players we have seen for years. Yet Kinky is lost amidst the whirling pace of English football and the complete lack of inspiration from his team-mates. And to think that we already have a manager known for his ability to fire-up his charges makes it even more depressing.

Truely Blue,

Nizam B Mohd Idris (


What can I say?

I have just seen the most appalling performance on Sky sports and it has prompted me to put together my first ever submission to MCIVTA…

No, I’m not just thinking of City vs. Arsenal. Rather, Bally’s comments afterwards. I mean, call a spade a spade man! I saw the most boring, bland game I can remember. Bally saw lots of good things, best performance of the season etc! (oh please, please someone tell me this wasn’t the best performance of the season…).

Yes the guy is clearly deluded, possibly completely nuts. Do I hear the first cry of ‘Bring Back Bugeyes’?

Nigel Timperley (


I’ve just looked at the Latest news of the Blues on the Webpage and a certain Colin Bailey is praising City’s performance against the Arsenal. City played Great? Are you taking the pi*s or what, Colin? Granted, living in Colchester I didn’t see the game but listening to it on Radio 5 it seemed obvious to me that the Blues were abysmal. The commentators, one of whom was Ronnie Whelan I think, were continually bemoaning the quality of the football. They were in hysterics at one stage when Edghill, under no pressure, chipped the ball into touch. At the end of the game they both considered City relegation certs.

In the Daily Express today Steve Curry writes ‘if you want a no-risk bet this morning pop into your local Ladbrokes and put a fiver on City being relegated this season. This was no-hope football.’

Here are my ratings based on the radio commentary!! I will be interested to see how they compare with people who actually saw the game!

Immel 6
Seemed to do most what was expected of him. Made a fine save from Wright in the first half. Was he at fault for the goal?
Phelan 5
Distribution seemed poor, didn’t seem to be getting forward much, probably a good thing as he usually gets caught out in defence when he does these.
Curle – 6
A steady game it appears.
Symons 7
City’s best player according to the commentators. Positional sense seemed good.
Kinkladze 6
Some nice touches apparently, but faded in the second half, needs more support?
Flitcroft 5
Well he wasn’t mentioned much on the radio.
Beagrie 4
Was he really playing? Did he ever get a good cross in?
Brightwell 5
Erm, one good long ball I seem to remember.
Summerbee 3
Get rid of him now! One good cross in 90 minutes!
Rösler 5
Needs more support, sounded as if he dallied on the ball too much when in good positions.
Quinn(sub) 6
Not on long enough to make a significant impression.

Can anyone give me directions to Grimsby for next season?

John Robinson (


Is it me? Is it me?

Or are the current goings-on strangely less panic-inducing than they otherwise would normally be?

Let me explain. I feel quite relaxed about our position, change in personnel and general bad luck (and we have had some terrible bad luck). But think about it, players not training and/or having operations over the summer break, players going and eventually coming, work visas, non-English speaking goalie stepping blinking off a plane and into the an opening PL fixture. Correct me if I’m wrong but these may just be a little unsettling. I was so nervous on Eike’s behalf – weren’t you?

Take all the above and more into account and as far as I’m concerned the season starts after the forthcoming Newcastle fixture (ahem) with everybody fit, at Maine Road, and at least with a passing familiarity with their colleagues’ names and knowledge that the ones in Blue are the good guys!

Anyway, everybody just relax and we will be alright. I would rather hit bottom straight away than pretend everything will be alright. Be good and be Blue!

P.S. Radio 5 said the team were boooed off the pitch at the end; can someone confirm this or were they directing it at the ref?

Also, if you read my earlier rambling on my pre-match domestic scene, the end result was slipping out to drown my sorrows, leaving behind 3 Gooners (inc. wife) barely managing to control themselves until I stepped out the door. Finally (!), what did Curle say in interview on Sky – the sound was down at the pub.

Am I rambling?

Mark Kennedy (


So, City have made an absolutely awful start to the season. It comes as no great surprise to most people. I for one felt that we did nothing pre-season to avoid yet another relegation battle, and almost every opinion expressed by non-City sources pre-season had us going down. We left it so late to appoint AB as manager, and while everybody else was busy buying quality players to strengthen their teams, City sat back and watched.

Charles Pollit says the AB needs more time to get the team playing as a unit. Unfortunately the time to do this is pre-season, and City were totally unprepared. No team can afford the luxury of 5 games – or more even – getting the team together as a unit.

The harsh reality is that the team does not have the strength to ensure survival in the Premiership. It will be another long struggle, and although at this stage nothing is certain, a mere 1 point from 15 has given the rest of the Premiership a nice head start.

So, who is going to take us away from the bottom of the table? Creaney? Surely not. Two goals in five games against mediocre opposition – and buying a mediocre player like Creaney is hardly likely to change things much. If City are serious about staying up then they need to spend real money – and they just don’t have it. They need to buy a top class player – or two – and they simply aren’t able to. The awful reality, then, is that relegation is highly likely.

Lee has even suggested (if reported correctly) that he will stick with Ball if City go down, suggesting that a spell in the Endsleigh League is not out of the question.

Personally I don’t care how good the friendship is between Franny and AB, if AB can’t produce the results he shouldn’t hold the job. Managers have gone for far less. I’m not suggesting that the time has come already for AB to go, but the question has to be asked, how much longer? One point from 21, 5 from 30?

If AB can’t keep City up, then sack him. If Franny can’t keep City up, then let’s call for him to go too. Why do we have to face another relegation battle? Why should we accept another season of misery? And why should we even contemplate a season (likely to be more than one season) in the Endsleigh League?

Whoever it takes, in whatever capacity at the club, relegation is something to be feared and avoided. If the right people are not already at the club to achieve that (I for one say that they are not) then let’s see some action.

Lifelong True Blue.

Bob Jacobs (BEJ@ITL.CO.UK)


There were three reasons why I became a City fan:

  1. My two elder brothers and my Dad were City supporters: if I hadn’tgone for City, I’d have either been sent to Coventry (but I didn’t liketheir brown away kit) or beaten up.
  2. Despite the above, I wavered between City and United until I was seven(most of the other kids at school were United fans). Then one fateful 1976night, whilst in the bath listening to a City vs. United commentary on theradio, I heard that donkey Martin Buchan had broken thoroughbred ColinBell’s leg. Even my mum (a closet Red) was upset. I’ve supported City eversince.
  3. (1) and (2) would never really have mattered if I’d known that becauseI’m actually from Manchester (and not Cornwall or London, or… well, anywhereexcept Manchester), it was pathologically impossible for me to become a Unitedsupporter.

(1) and (3) are slight exaggerations; (2) is certainly responsible for finally convincing me that City were the team to support. However, until I started to subscribe to MCITVA, I’d never really thought about the reasons why I support City: I just do. Anyway, with a team as great as City (tears and laughter in pretty much equal quantities), you don’t need a reason.

Graham Mooney (


Here’s a song I’ve heard about my current ‘favourite’ player: (To the tune of Robin Hood: you know, Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen…)

Summerbee, Summerbee, walking down the wing
Summerbee, Summerbee, doesn’t do a thing
Falls to the left, falls to the right
Bag ‘o shite, Bag ‘o shite, Summerbee.

(repeat until he gets the message?)

Does this just about sum him up? Anyway I think it’s quite funny :-)))))

Martin Ford (


Sep  9, 1995   Blackburn       - Aston_Villa      1 - 1
               Bolton          - Middlesbrough    1 - 1
               Coventry        - Nottingham       1 - 1
               Everton         - Manchester_U     2 - 3
               Queen's_PR      - Sheffield_W      0 - 3
               Southampton     - Newcastle        1 - 0
               Tottenham       - Leeds            2 - 1
               Wimbledon       - Liverpool        1 - 0
Sep 10, 1995   Manchester_C    - Arsenal          0 - 1
Sep 11, 1995   West Ham-U      - Chelsea          1 - 3

Total Sep 10, 1995

 1. Newcastle        5     4   0   1     9  -   2    12
 2. Manchester_U     5     4   0   1    11  -   8    12
 3. Wimbledon        5     3   1   1    10  -   7    10
 4. Leeds            5     3   1   1     7  -   4    10
 5. Aston_Villa      5     3   1   1     6  -   4    10
 6. Arsenal          5     2   3   0     5  -   2     9
 7. Liverpool        5     3   0   2     5  -   3     9
 8. Sheffield_W      5     2   1   2     7  -   6     7
 8. Nottingham       5     1   4   0     7  -   6     7
10. Everton          5     2   1   2     6  -   5     7
11. Chelsea          5     1   3   1     4  -   4     6
12. Coventry         5     1   3   1     5  -   7     6
13. Middlesbrough    4     1   2   1     4  -   3     5
14. Tottenham        5     1   2   2     5  -   7     5
15. Blackburn        5     1   1   3     5  -   7     4
16. Southampton      4     1   1   2     5  -   7     4
17. Bolton           5     1   1   3     6  -   9     4
18. Queen's_PR       5     1   0   4     1  -   8     3
19. West_Ham         5     0   2   3     4  -   8     2
20. Manchester_C     5     0   1   4     2  -   7     1

With thanks to Riku Soininen


Thanks to Graham, Nizam, Nigel, Andrew (x2), Mark, John, Martin, Ken, Peter, Rob, Paul & Bob.

The views expressed in MCIVTA are entirely those of the subscribersand there is no intention to represent these opinions as being thoseof Manchester City Football Club, nor of any of the companies anduniversities by whom the subscribers are employed. It is not inany way whatsoever connected to the club or any other relatedorganisation and is simply a group of supporters using this mediumas a means of disseminating news and exchanging opinions.

Ashley Birch,

Newsletter #124