Scott Wallis

Why Blue?

I hail from Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada. I live and breathe City and was put onto MCIVTA by my best mate Rob Simnor and his dad Bob Simnor who hails from Manchester and needless to say is a lifelong Blue.

My first encounters with City are two fold and go something like this:

Growing up in Canada, I played footy since I could remember. My cousin, who was not a bad footballer in his own right, had grown out of a couple of jerseys and handed ’em down to me. I wore my new Rag jersey over to the Simnor household one day when I was about 10 years old and was in for a rude awakening. Bob told me if he ever saw me wear that jersey in his house again he would burn it off my back. Needless to say I was a little intimidated, turned Blue and never looked back. Thank God for Bobby Simnor.

I really started to get into City a few years later as my dad left us and I became a staple at the Simnor household where Bobby (wether he knows it or not) assumed my father figure rôle. We would often watch Soccer Saturday in the early mornings when I got my first taste of City and a little glimpse of what it meant to be a Blue and I was hooked. I love reading about City and especially talking City with my mates and especially our godfather of City, Bobby Simnor. I love to hear and read about City as whenever I’m around the lads we always start talking City as it is what we love. Getting up at 4 am to watch City when they’re on the telly over here is a ritual and I wouldn’t dare miss one. All my other friends think I’m crazy for doing it (the non-footy supporters and non-Blues) but I get a rush and a thrill when the Boys in Blue are shown waiting in the tunnel. If you’re in the apartments around me I’m sure my neighbours are often woken up by me belting out Blue Moon! by myself.

[Welcome aboard Scott, that Mr Simnor has a lot to answer for!! Ed]

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Scott Wallis