Daniel James Burgess

Why Blue?

Dad came from the Broomwood from a family of a mix of Blues and Rags. My mam came from Moss Side from a family who were all Blues but one of her brothers was a Rag (bizarrely).

Dad bought a Sky Blue and a Red football shirt and said “which one do you like best?” I immediately took hold of the lovely Sky Blue shirt with a Phillips sponsor and the old retro crest from circa 1988 and said “this one” I was about 6!

How glad am I that I chose that one, and how angry am I at my Dad that I could have had a silly moment that children have and chose the wrong colour? Since then that sky blue colour has completely filled my circulatory system and I am actually pumping blue blood around my body!

First game was City vs. Leicester, old Division 2 1989, we won 4-2 at Maine Road. I’ve been to hundreds of games since, my most memorable being the first away game at Blackburn 15 Apr ’89 though we lost 4-1, the 5-1, beating Liverpool 2-1 when, I think, David White scored the winner, beating Spurs 5-2, beating Spurs 4-3 away in FA Cup, and just because it was the best p!ss up I had in 2004, going to Bolton away winning one-nil! Plus many more!

I absolutely love City to death more than anything in life, anything! Good, bad and ugly!

“You’re my pigeon, you’re my dove.
You’re my City, you’re the one I love”

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Daniel James Burgess