Mark Redgrave

Why Blue?

Well, it all began on 21 January 1976, MCFC vs. Middlesbrough in the League Cup semi-final, 2nd leg.

Midweek night game and I was squashed into the Kippax stand with some of the other members of the Openshaw branch of the City Supporters’ Club. The atmosphere that night was incredible and if I’m honest I didn’t actually see much of the game but the result? 4-0!

We all know the consequences of that excellent evening. A night that changed my life forever!

Then the League Cup final at Wembley, Newcastle United and Dennis Tueart’s unforgettable overhead kick goal! Result 2-1 (24 years later he signed the Wembley ’76 programme I kept, where his photograph has slightly more hair, his words)!

Thanks for that memory and autograph Dennis, or should I say Mr Tueart nowadays? City has been in my blood, Blue blood, ever since! I can’t explain why but I love Manchester City, I do. I’m sure you all understand how I feel. It’s the supporters and the atmosphere; I need that buzz, the fix! I am hoping that excitement is recreated at the COMS but it seems lacking these days. It will come I’m sure.

I will support Manchester City for the rest of my life because I am a proper Manc!

30 years of MCFC, the highs, the lows! I will also remember the play off final Wembley ’99, Gillingham, Blackburn (2000) 4-1, Charlton (,85) 5-1, MUFC (,89) 5-1 and many more to come.

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Mark Redgrave