Why Blue?

I’m a Perth lad and became hooked on City in the late 60’s at around 6 years old, thanks to my grandad. He would give me the football coins he got free with Esso petrol and as fate would have it the first ones were City. Then around the pre-season of ’70/’71 City played my home team St. Johnstone at Muirton Park, Perth. City won 1-0, Rodney scoring with a diving header, I think. This was followed by my first ever team strip from a small shop in Perth: the red and black away kit for my birthday for the princely sum of £3.50. Over the years I would watch for results and when I was old enough would travel to any games they had in Scotland pre-season. Until about 10 years ago I didn’t know of any other Blues in my area, it was all Liverpool and Rags fans. Now I know of dozens along with a few of my mates who never had “an English team” but have been to Maine Road with me and are well and truly hooked. I travel down as often as I can and have a few good friends in Manchester. It’s true what they say about City: if you see them once, you’re addicted and forever Blue.

Addiction eh? Maybe there was something in the water at Maine Road: Ed.

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #1016 on