Stuart Catterson a.k.a. Big Stu on Blueview

Why Blue?

Well, as with most people, it wasn’t my decision, dad was Blue, 2 uncles were Blue and my older brother was Blue so my membership to the blue and white army was signed and sealed before I came out.

Living the majority of my life in Higher Broughton, Salford (a Rag stronghold), my early years were peppered with various playground fights defending the Blue faith, 98% of my school followed the other lot and even though they weren’t exactly rolling in silverware then, I still used to get a right load of stick everyday – ah well, nothing’s changed there then!

Me and my brother used to sit on the Piccadilly Wall in the Kippax, I remember a night match once when the roar of the crowd in there made me drop the wall, a considerable height for a 7 year old, and just run for dear life… resulting in an unfortunate accident in the bladder area; it was freezing cold and I had to walk home from Queens Road bus depot with City scarves wrapped around my leg as they were “chaffed” somewhat… happy days!

I have some fine memories of following the Blues but the ones that stick out (in no particular order) are as follows:

  1. Dennis Tueart scoring 4 against Notts County – and asking the Main Stand the time when running down the wing – honest!
  2. 5-1 against Rags, walking out of the Main Stand and some wag behind me shouted “Swales Out” – classic!
  3. Running on the pitch (I was in my teens!) against Charlton when we won 5-1 again (sorry MR!) to get promoted… and when the horses came on, I scaled that fence like an Olympic high-jumper… one bound and I was over!
  4. Leaving for a night match against Sunderland away at about 1hr 30 mins before kick off – my brother was convinced we’d make it (new car!) – think we got about 30 mins in and decided to can it… and we won!
  5. Wembley against the Gills – when they went up for the trophy, we were right next to the directors’ box and I shouted “Paul” to Dickov (like he was my best mate!) and he looked straight at us and give the clenched fist, big beamer smile with a “get in there” – made my day!

The list is endless but would love to know if anyone else can remember the above events and how they saw them.

Oh and number 6:

At Wembley in warm up time, Edghill whacked the ball into our area and everyone saw it coming – except Geoff Durbin’s wife/partner (commercial manager at the time?) – sorry, but it went straight between the eyes. Not funny for them but around 3,000 people got the giggles. I missed the kick off as I was rolling around so much.

Cheers from a rainy Sydney.

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Stuart Catterson a.k.a. Big Stu on Blueview