Stephen Wilks

Why Blue?

As a young boy living in Leics, I was looking for a football team to support. I was about 5 years old, none of my family supported or followed any football, everyone seemed to be Liverpool or United. Then I met one teenager wearing a Manchester City shirt, light blue and white – wow, what a colour! It seemed to be the only one in the area, all other shirts and colours were dark blue or red. I think I was hooked at that moment, but I got talking to this MCFC fan known as Wardell.

Wardell told me that you have to be sure that MCFC is the club you want to follow because once you have, it’s like starting a love affair. The only difference is there’s no way you can cheat on MCFC the love is too strong. I went away, I had to see this MCFC play. One of the first games I remember was MCFC vs. MUFC. My cousin was a Reds fan, and they had a nice new colour TV. Went to see it; my cousin and I don’t speak very much, on that day we were beaten – knock back! You would have thought someone had died, yet my cousin was singing and shouting come on you Reds, that’s enough of that. I never felt so sad, and this was watching a game, but not just a game, this was MCFC. And I was hooked.

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #806 on


Stephen Wilks