Scott Turton

Why Blue?

Congratulations to Chris Wiseman on his epic (both in size and quality) Why Blue. Despite the historical backdrop to his memories and the recollections of seeing CIty win trophies, I can assure him that the over-riding experience of being a City fan remains completely unchanged. In any case, they gave us a cup for finishing third in Division 2, and trips to Luton and Wycombe were a bit like time travel, so I kind of understand…

By the way Chris: “I’ve been back to MR several times in the past 8 years, but have always missed City or not been able to get a ticket when I’ve been there.” Next time, leave a message here and between us I’m sure we’ll be able to secure you a seat. Maybe you could try the Gene Kelly stand – that might represent a new City experience to add to your extensive collection. All the best!

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #757 on


Scott Turton