Nick Durham

Why Blue?

You make think 14 years is an awfully short time in to which to write a Why Blue, but I beg to differ. In the time I have supported City they have managed 3 relegations, three promotions and an huge amount of playing staff and managers!

The Blue blood was set by two generations of Mancunian born and bred City supporters, my dad and granddad, who had witnessed most of City’s big occasions. My dad even told of the day he had to get his mum to write him a note after his little escapade in Vienna!

I received my first City kit when I was approx. two years old. To this day it remains in my room, along with three other full home strips! Although City were in my veins, I did not really become a true supporter until the 95’96 relegation season, when my Auntie came over for Christmas. She brought with her some match programmes and City magazines kindly donated by my uncle (who still sends me a stack of programs at the end of the season, which is the most eagerly anticipated mail of the year!). From then onwards I have remained true to the cause, and in April this year I was able to see the last four home games of the season, and after the Birmingham game I bolted onto the pitch knowing that City would make in the end.

This season I will hopefuly be able to rejoice in the Blues’ safety and watch them on satellite (without my mother knowing – she is unaware of the impending installation!) and maybe who knows, a shock could be in store for the boys from Trafford (And Kent!).

So I hope I haven’t bored you, but I hope you all know that just because I can’t be there at 3pm every Saturday, I’m still a die hard Blue. One day I too will be there at The City of Manchester Stadium alongside of you, so until then give an extra yell or two at Miane Road on November the 18th.

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #644 on


Nick Durham