Paul Jones

Why Blue?

An interesting question to say the least!

In any other field, we would have walked away years ago – probably to the “funny farm”.

A family moved from Wythenshawe to Littleborough, which I and numerous other children at the time befriended and they were/are massive Blues. The Harts came into our live circa 1976/77; I supported City already, through my cousin, but my first match wasn’t until 77/78 I think. At home to Everton, the score 1-0 (Brian Kidd). What sticks in the mind though was sat on the benches in the Platt Lane, watching George Wood (Everton goalkeeper), perform heroics with a dirty great gobstopper in his mouth (later found out it was an abcess). From that moment on I was hooked.

Standouts from that time were driving to Sheff Wed and flying in a Mini Clubman over a humpback bridge (believe me it’s true), eating tomato ketchup butties before a game and puking violently! I could go on and on!

I have to admit I hate the Rags, because when I started supporting City they were no better or worse than us but over the past decade you have to admire them even though the Nevilles are the biggest wan*ers ever to walk this earth!

I cannot think of another football team who have given me so much heartache and happiness. Luton ’84 in tears on the Kippax, and Wembley ’99 tears of joy with my wife and daugthter seeing a then 32-year-old man acting like a complete lunatic, nothing will ever surpass that moment of unbridled joy, not even Blackburn 2000.

The burning question for me though is – will I ever see my team win a meaningful trophy? I blo*dy well hope so.

This is my first time submitting an article and hopefully my last.

One last thing on the great Reg debate, just get off the guy’s back, and to Joe Royle buy a blo*dy decent right-sided midfielder (Kanchelskis is available). Ask yourself this question: how would you like to run up and down the right hand side, being a right back-cum-midfielder-cum-winger and then covering for a lazy-ar*ed Aussie!

Ask yourself…

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Paul Jones