Ernie Barrow

Why Blue?

Well it started the day I was born; my mother dressed me in blue and white. The next day I think I muttered City, City!

Then in the 50’s I started to watch City, the great Trautmann in goal, Roy Clarke on the left wing, and his pal Roy Paul, wing half and captain. We had Don Revie with the Revie plan, playing deep with 2 strikers up front (that was new to the game in those days). City started a lot of trends in football over the years.

Then came the 60’s. I started a Supporters’ Branch in Holyhead at the South Stack pub (we later moved to the Edinburgh Castle pub). We had regular football games against the social club, home and away, and I intoduced “The Roy Clarke Cup” for the winner. I did find some guest players to play for us on occasions against the bigger team social club; they were great fun, and good get-togethers.

City had a great attacking team in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Our chant would be “Attack! Attack! Attack!” In 1976 I came to live in Virginia USA. I sadly missed City, but I kept in touch back in those days with newspaper cuttings sent to me, and my faithful short-wave radio and BBC overseas. My wife is from Virginia – she is a Washington Redskin fan, and she tried to convert me, knowing I was missing my real football. I told her there was no chance with a team with the name Red in it.

I have made several trips back to see City play. Today I have the Internet and MCIVTA – what a blessing, and it’s great to know we have so many wonderful fans all around the world.

Blue the day I was born – Blue till the day I die.

P.S. Any girls forced to wear pink at birth, I know got wise and changed to Blue.

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #604 on


Ernie Barrow