Roger Pehar

Why Blue?

I live in Sweden and the soccer here isn’t any good. So where do you turn, to the UK of course… and Italy. But now on to it.

When I was 5, my brother gave me a City flag (don’t ask me why, he’s a Chelsea supporter). City I thought to myself, why City and not United? They are (were) so much better, why City!? The years passed on and City still had their grip around me. Though I didn’t watch the games on TV and I never followed the points table they were there, until 3 years ago. City were struggling so I felt that they needed every support they could get. I started to take interest in City. Turning to sites, newspapers and TV. Taking every word written and said about them to my heart. When Swedish TV showed them, no one could take me away from the screen. I was never impressed by the game but Kinkladze really, really impressed me (still hoping for his return). Even though City didn’t play well I was a proud supporter. My friends still don’t get it, but I know why I’m still Blue. The history, the supporters, the club… everything about City.

From Sweden with HNK Hajduk Split and City in my heart

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #583 on


Roger Pehar