Tim Hardman

Why Blue?

After reading several Why Blues, just recently I thought you might like to hear mine, nothing exciting realy but here goes.

A so called friend of mine had a birthday, seventh I think. This made it 1968/9. A trip to see the Rags and he could take a friend. So thinking I was a Rag, off we went my so called friend and his Rag of a dad. Don`t remember much about the game, just a feeling that something wasn’t right. The months went by and the feeling got worse; I tried to tell my mates I was not like other boys but I couldn’t come out. Then came the day walking through Stockport I saw a vision in a shop window. Colin Bell (King). As near to a god as you’re likely to get. The picture was on my bedroom wall within the hour but how was I going to get to to see my hero?

Then to the rescue came Bill Boyd and his wife. Bill, a German, offered to take me as he went every week to the Academy. My own parents were not realy interested in footy so off we went every other week. I was privileged to see Colin in action, a joy to behold. Week in, week out, seeing Bell, Lee, Young, Summerbee. Does it get any better?

I was not a Blue trapped in a Rag body any more. I went with Bill and his wife for several more years till I was old enough to go with my real mates. Those were great years going home and away with the Blues. Dennis Tueart’s overhead at wembley and all that. The years went on then came marriage. Unfortunately the Blues took a back seat for a few years ’til we got on our feet, just taking in the odd match. Then after my two sons were born and started growing up they came with me to the Academy. My eldest son, like me, used to think he was a Rag, a Blue trapped in a Red body if you like. After a heart to heart he began to see things in a different light. Amazing what stopping spends will do. Glad to say things turned out fine – kids need that push in the right direction even if you have to shove sometimes, they will thank you in the end. All three of us now 2nd year season ticket holders in the Platt Lane family stand.

So this is more of a life story than just a why blue, sorry if it bored you to death but you have to tell it like it is. I owe a great debt to Bill Boyd who has sadly passed on, and to Colin Bell, the greatest player I have ever seen.

By the way, does anybody remember Colin Bell’s testimonial after the match in the Social Club with poor Bob Carrolgees trying to do his act over the top of we`ll drink a drink to Colin the King? Top stuff. A night I will never forget, getting to shake hands with Colin at the stage door in floods of tears. He said “we all have to go sometime”. So that’s it, I’m a Blue because of Bill and Colin, I salute you.

From Tim the Disley Blue.

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #565 on


Tim Hardman