Jack Buckley

Why Blue?

Simply put:

  1. During the mid 70s an awful lot of awful “kids” went about school with awful scarves comprised of awful colors – black and red (ugh). The “kids” were loud, boorish and ignorant; say no more (“no more”).
  2. Non-“kiddish” children, showing not only aesthetic sense, but, as it turned out, wisdom beyond their years, sported rather attractive neckwear of the sky blue and white variety: on this point my horror at City’s uncity color schemes (“you don’t come from Ipswich” or “who the f**k are you?” are going to be sung at us somewhere) is complete, but I digress.
  3. Thus, not only did City’s colors appeal for their own sake, but displaying said colors had the added benefit of annoying the poop out of the poopsters.
  4. And so it begins…

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #521 on


Jack Buckley