Colin Moore

Why Blue?

I am a southerner born and bred and have no ties with Manchester at all. My family orginate from North London, therefore my grandad was a Spurs fan and my dad an Arsenal fan. Being the first son I was to support a football team but which one? My grandad and dad struck up a deal that they would take me to one game each and from those games I would be left to make a choice. So 1st game I went to Arsenal vs. Manchester City. I don’t remember much about the game. I know Arsenal won and I know it rained. At the end of the game, the Arsenal supporters trooped past us moaning about their team’s inablity to win by more goals and the City fans who were soaking wet standing in the uncovered clock end were singing and having a good time generally.

My dad, convinced he had won, took me to the Arsenal club shop to buy me the kit of my choice. The assistant asked if I wanted the red and white or the yellow and blue… such a choice. I asked for the light blue. I remained down south as a committed Blue for the next 20 years before deciding enough was enough and I left Southend and moved to Manchester to be near my beloved Man City. City till I die!

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Colin Moore