David Goldich

Why Blue?

Need you ask after that? By the way, what planet was Graham Lord on? Edgy (who has his faults) was head and shoulders Man of the Match and was run a close second by Jeff Whitley – a player transformed. I suppose anyone who bothers to write in but admits they were seeing Morrison for the first time ought to expect some criticism though shouldn’t they? After all he’s chosen our proudest moment in recent history to criticise our lads! Well done lads (all of you) from those of us who go to most of the games!

Why Blue?

My name is David Goldich, an Englishman living in Brazil. For many years now I had forgotten how much Manchester City had really meant to me.

I have been a Man City supporter since I can remember. From the day I was born, my destiny as a Blue was written. As soon as I could sit up straight my father bought me a season ticket in the Main Stand. For the first few years, I took Manchester City for granted. We were doing so well. Those were the days of Colin Bell, Francis Lee and my all time hero Joe Corrigan. My thrill was the meat pie and bovril at half time.

Then, one day a fanatical Arsenal fan, my father’s friend, came down from London and we gained access into the executive lounge. There I was stood in front of my new found heroes Dennis Tueart, Peter Barnes, Dave Watson and yes, Big Joe. From that day on my life as a true Blue changed.

When I was 15, I left England to live abroad. First Israel and now Brazil. I tried to keep a tag on all the updates. Whenever I could get back to England, my father who had kept my season ticket open, took me to the games.

In 1987. I was married in Brazil and unfortunately a few days later my father passed away. Many things died that day, including Manchester City. In 1999, about 4 months ago I was in England. Man City were starting their move up the table.

Suddenly I felt the need to get back in. I rode into London my with my 2 daughters and after a number of frustrating attempts in finding Manchester City shirts, I hit upon a shop in the centre of London which had everything I needed. Video, shirt, caps etc… I bought the lot. I have followed over the Internet every move of the way since then. I don’t know all the players, in fact I only know Joe Royle, the Manager. But I am back. I would like to dedicate this first step to Division 1 to my father. I am sure from up above, he has a great seat in the Main Stand.

Congratulations to all those Blue fans who stand out in the cold every Saturday, cheering on the Boys in Blue. How I would love to be there.

Best of luck next season.

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David Goldich