Gary Spruce Esparza

Why Blue?

I was born over a thousand miles away from Maine Road, and the reason for being Blue is my father. Ever since I can remember he was always telling me about MCFC, so it was only natural I should become a City fan. I am sixteen now and have been to Maine Road on various occasions, being fortunate to see the 5-2 against Spurs. I am lucky to have seen Kinkladze and Rösler play for the Blues. It is not easy being a City fan here in Spain, as for the past two years, at least the Spanish press describes MUFC as El Manchester, as if no other team exists in this famous city; unfortunately with regards to the Champions League, success, and international recognition they are right!

City are in oblivion. The kids at school ask me if I saw El Manchester on the television last night and I just have to nod and sigh. How can you explain to them that there is another team in Manchester and that although it is in the third division of the league it is a big club? They don