Dave Kilroy

Why Blue?

The day I became a Blue was when Stockport County sold Ken Mulhearn to City and took Alan Ogley in exchange. It’s not that I disliked Alan Ogley, he had many a brilliant game for County. Not least the night he lost his contact lens and I bumped into him whilst being chased across the pich at Edgeley Park by rampant Grimsby Town fans, who were set to win the then Fourth Division (bear in mind it was the days before crowd segregation,and the Stockport police strategy seemed to be let them kill each other and we’ll pick up what’s left). But I decided that if I was going to get killed I might as well be watching a big club (oh how my dear old granddad must be looking down now and saying “You should have stuck with County.”)

Despite becoming interested in City then, the first game I actually went to was an away match at “The Mighty Bolton Wanderers” in a League Cup match and true to City style we got hammered 3-0. But, despite that, I had been hooked.

I spent the rest of the Seventies watching City at home (every game), and away (most games). I have many great memories, not least of all being at Wembley when we beat Newcastle 2-1, although I came home to the news that my granddad, who introuced me to watching professional football at Stockport, had died (why do City, even in triumph, win on the wrong day). But I was still there in St Peter’s square (not Rome) to cheer them home. I was also at Wembley for my most scary experience, when we beat Scotland 5-1. I managed to keep myself contained until, I think it was the third goal, when the the greatest midfielder England has ever produced, and I will willingly go head to head with anybody who disagrees, scored. Colin Bell… I jumped in the air and only came back down when I realised I was in the car and heading back home.

I am now exiled in the Portsmouth area and the only saving grace is that they are so bad at football down here it’s easier to watch City away from down here than it is from home.

Everybody keep the faith. And being Blues I know you will.

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #441 on


Dave Kilroy