Chris Northen

Why Blue?

Why oh why? I keep asking myself, and it seems the worse we get the more I get into it. My dearly beloved can’t understand what all the fuss is about and thinks I’m becoming obsessed; as if?

Anyway, as I had a sheltered upbringing in leafy Wilmslow (home of the Lee and loads of Rags), I never actually took much interest in football as a child. My old man tried in vain to interest me in cricket and rugby when all I wanted to do was look at trains (How many people admit to that in these pages?).

The stirrings must have begun when I realised all my school friends were Utd. fans and I really disliked that. How I laughed when they were relegated to Div 2. My brother supported Leeds then Chelsea then Everton so that was no help at all. Soon a healthy interest in cider and girls ensured that most other things were swept under the carpet (for the time being).

It wasn’t until I left the North West in search of pastures new that it finally dawned. People would say (in London this is) “where do you come from then?” Answer: “near Manchester.” Response: “Oh you support Man Utd. then” “NO!”

It had to be City.

I wallowed in some glories:- 10 one against Huddersfield, promotion to Division One and then I lost it again! True, I still proclaimed to be a City fan but shamefully neglected final score and Maine Road. But really all I cared about was sitting under a huge cloud of intoxicating smoke and chilling out (Blue mooner perhaps?).

However, that’s all over now and I am now again a committed Blue. It’s very painful, all my mates take the p**s, final score is a nailbiting nightmare, but I love it. I love City.

Now as a refugee on the South coast, I yearn for Maine Road and am a gallant member of the Blue army at fixtures in the South, the best this year being Portsmouth.

Tomorrow it’s off to Manchester and of course Maine Road. See you there, in spirit if not in person.

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #383 on


Chris Northen