Niall Burns

Why Blue?

It was nearly 30 years ago on a European Cup final night, my dad, uncles and some of their friends gathered in our home to watch the final on a black and white TV. They were all United men through and through. My uncle asked me why I wasn’t cheering and I told him I wanted Eusebio’s team to win; you can guess how that went down. The resultant slaggings made me dislike United from that point on in my life and indeed their supporters. I can’t believe that at even such a tender age I was so intuitive. Even then they hung around in large, noisy groups! I subsequently pardoned my dad and uncles though not the rest of the herd.

It soon dawned on me that a young lad must have a football team of his own to support. The following year around F.A. Cup semi-final time, a poll came round the school asking which team we wanted to win the Cup and why. I opted for City because they played in sky blue and it would get up my family’s noses.

Then as now most people (headless chickens) followed United or the other usual suspects. I suppose I have been lucky in that I enjoyed several years of success, watching Franny, Colin, Mike, Dennis etc. My greatest moments were always in derbys when it was the norm for City to wipe the floor with United.

Things do go round and I believe City will be a force again, and indeed that United’s bubble will burst. So just like 30 years ago I will be cheering on whoever to beat United in the Euro. Cup and watching City gradually emerge from the doldrums to greater things.

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #363 on


Niall Burns