Roy Waddington

Why Blue?

It all started in 1957 when I was 6, my father, a lifelong City fan (he used to tell me tales of standing in the crowd of 84,000 in the 1930’s!) decided to take me and our kid all the way from Crumpsall to Maine Road to watch his beloved Blues.

Taking our place in the Platt Lane Stand, me and our kid spent many a happy match running up and down the aisles listening to the other spectators’ groans. My father persevered with our education and eventually we remained transfixed in our seats, watching the lads, Trautmann, Leivers, Sear etc.

The first of many times that I felt utter dejection was when I heard the news that Johnny Crossan had left the club! What were we going to do now? Fortunately two blokes named Mercer and Allison happened along.

By this time I had started school at William Hulme Grammar School on Princess Parkway and for some reason probably known only to Bill Hulme himself, our timetable included Saturday morning lessons up to 1 pm. This proved to be really handy – finish school at 1 pm, wander over to the Platt Lane Chippy – chicken and mushroom pie and chips and then saunter over to God’s hallowed turf at 1.45 pm.


  1. Queuing up in the snow wondering whether the match with Spurs (Jimmy Greaves et al) would go ahead. It did – and how.
  2. Being allowed to sit on the track round the pitch for a cup tie against Leicester and running on the pitch when we equalised.
  3. Sitting in the same spot week after week hoping that the Evening Chronicle/Football Pink cameraman would take a picture and put a ring round my head in that evening’s paper.

During those school years, I never missed a home match and there were many highs and lows, unfortunately too many lows for my liking but I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. There is a true cameraderie amonst City fans.

I had a season ticket in the early seventies but then discovered rugby and played that for the next 20 years, only going to the occasional Blues games.

I am a Mancunian – I support the only football club in Manchester – I always will. This year me and our kid have bought season tickets and we are going to as many games as possible.

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #329 on


Roy Waddington