Bob Narindra

Why Blue?

I don’t have a clue.

Is this heaven or is this hell?
Where are the days of Trautmann and Bell?

Through the years of anguish and despair
I conclude that my fixation is beyond repair.

Years of promise have ended in grief
Moments of sheer ecstacy are all too brief.

So again, with Blues Anonymous in session
I ask myself that same old question

Why Blue?
Because I am a Man City fan!

I was first diagnosed with this strange illness at the age of five years old when my parents unwittingly moved to Manchester. Actually, not only did they move to Manchester, they moved to Arnside Street – right behind the croft at Maine Road. The illness was highly contagious and quickly spread throughout my entire body.

There is no known cure. When I started school at Platt Lane Junior I found that I was not alone. There were others similarly infected. I also found that some people had contracted a different, much more sinister widespread illness. They were adorned in the colour of the devil – a disease that reached epidemic proportions in London, but somehow managed to bypass most of Manchester. Once you have contracted one, you were immune to the other.

I had a very narrow escape from the Devil’s disease. Being five years old and ignorant, I went to purchase the Man United kit from the sports shop. Upon being told that they had sold out (having all been shipped to London?), I asked for the City kit instead. From that moment on I have been infected with the Blues.

I can’t shake it. My parents moved to London and I tried to support other clubs but I always came back. The infection was too strong.

Yet through it all I have come to terms with being Blue. In fact, I am now happily Blue.

I know that if it was not for Manchester City, football would cease to exist as a sport for me. I can not even face the thought of supporting any other club.

By the time this is published, I will no longer be a London Blue. I will be flying the flag in San Diego, enduring the games on ICQ and catching the news via Mcvitee.

I have learned many things through this illness – but one things stands above all else. Don’t despair at being a Blue – it probably saved you from a life in the Red.

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #327 on


Bob Narindra