Nigel Gibson

Why Blue?

Why Blue? It’s easy really. A long, long time ago in a street in Moss Side my father was born. After he married he moved to Longsight. His first (of five) children was me. As the other four were born in quick succession it was deemed a good idea if we both disappeared at the weekend so we would go to my gran’s house in Caythorpe Street. She, like all good gentle ladies, wanted to watch Mick McManus on a Saturday afternoon so my dad and I used to walk round the corner to the hallowed place.

After wandering round the ‘back to backs’ of Moss Side the site of that patch of green was amazing. We always stood (remember that?) on the corner between what became the North Stand and the Kippax. No roof so if it was raining we got wet. We saw the greats in their prime, Bell – Majestic, Book – in control, Lee – On his face in the box.

We watched reserve games as well and my love of the Blues was cemented. I remember some great games and some strange ones – Trevor Francis being sent off and Kevin Bond earning his wages by scoring and both in the same game!

Finally I moved away from Manchester. One day, while I was managing a restaurant in Sussex a bloke came in and apologised for not booking but asked if we could squeeze him and his party in. Without asking his name I replied ‘No problem Mr. Corrigan, and please have a drink with me!’

Being a Blue is full of ups and downs but one of the happier moments recently was when my daughter, nearly 7, said it was time she went to see her first game and it had to be at Maine Road. Not bad as we live in Kent and everyone else round here supports The Scum.

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Nigel Gibson