Steve Potter

Why Blue?

Earlier this month I sent in a “Why Blue” after trying to get someone else, who does not have access to email, to draft one of their own that I would send. They were the subject of my “Why Blue” and last night they popped around with their “Why Blue” story. Read on.

It would have been all too easy to follow the crowd and jump onto the ‘Post Munich bandwagon.’ A tragic accident I know, but this one incident, more than any in history involving a sporting team was the catalyst to world wide sympathy which somehow led to blind, misguided support for this team from Stretford.

Why not me? Dared to be different I suppose.

I just could not bring myself to jump on that bandwagon; rather I preferred to chance my arm on that crazy rollercoaster ride called Manchester City.

It all started in 1968 (I think). I was 8 years old, Jonny Crossan was our captain (I think) and City had a pre-season friendly versus Bolton with a certain F.H. Lee playing up front. A lady who worked with my mum offered to take me along to Maine Road as a reward for washing her car. I suppose I was a bit of a rebel and even at that age I didn’t want to lend my support to the Rags or Oldham (my local town team) who between them shared most support in my classroom.

So off to Moss Side I went, City lost (I think) and Franny scored a couple… the rest is history. Would I change anything given that same chance again? Not on your Nelly! Sure it’s a real hard slog supporting the boys in blue, even on the other side of the world in Perth, Western Australia but I’ll tell you what, it helps develop mental toughness, builds character and gives you a bloody good laugh (and cry).

Anyway I’m back in the UK for three weeks as of August 21st this year. I haven’t caught up with any fixtures yet but if anybody out there knows a good pub to grab a beer before the game and would like to get together for a laugh (or cry) please get in touch. I’m certainly looking forward to watching Gio in the flesh.

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Steve Potter