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Why Blue?

My name’s Geoff Collins and I live in the sunny island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. I first started supporting City in the saeson before they last won the League Championship. I have to admit that for the previous three years I had supported Burnley, on the strength of them being the underdogs in the F.A Cup against Spurs. I eventually came to my senses and changed my allegiance to City. There was no particular reason on choosing them to be my team, only that I decided that I would try to support a team that was not one of the popular teams of the moment, and a team that seemed to be different. Well, as you all know for better or worse City are definitely different.

Over the years they have given me, and I imagine you as well, many glorious memories and many Saturdays of heartache. Obviously I feel the best team we’ve ever had was the one from the Lee, Bell, Summerbee era. But all through the years, City seem to have produced teams that play attractive football, apart from one or two seasons when poor old Quinny was flogged to death with the long ball played to him at every possible occassion.

Anyway, next season promises to be a season to remember, and with Gio signing on for a further period it certainly seems to have given everybody a lift.

I hope next season will be a winning one for City because in Guernsey there are only about ten City supporters that I know of and we are totally surrounded by Rags. They infest the Island in their hundreds, and being a City supporter over the last few seasons has been pretty hard to bear. Still if we wern’t strong of character I don’t suppose we would follow City.

Anyway I have just started to subscribe to Mcivta and hope to be able to contribute to more editions as time goes by, not that Guernsey will ever be a hot-bed of City gossip. Still we all do our bit.

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Bye for now