Glyn Owen

Why Blue?

I think it was 1980 when I was captivated by the boys in blue. My Uncle used to go with his diving club friends and ended up taking me along to Maine Road. The only recollections of that game that I have are Trevor Francis chipping the ‘keeper (I think it was against Stoke?), the wooden benches in the Platt Lane Stand and being poisoned on Bombay mix by one of his friends.

The link with the Blues was strengthened with the purchase of a season ticket the following season for the North Stand. It was quite a good season with the cup run and watching some good players such as Francis, Dennis Tueart and Tommy Hutchison. I still cannot believe that he scored at both ends in the Cup Final. At this time the scum’s following in my area were beginning to put pressure on why I was not a Red; fortunately I was able to withstand the dark side of the force and remained proud and Blue.

Watching the Blues go down in ’83 didn’t help my stand, I was behind the goal at which Luton scored and it seemed to take ages for the ball to reach the bottom corner.

I remember the Charlton promotion game. 47,000 in Maine Road, it was a great game to attend for the atmosphere rather than the game itself. After a short break from watching the Blues live, I returned in the 10-1 season but I was taken shopping and missed the Huddersfield game – I was not happy.

Now with a season ticket for the Main Stand I watched the promotion season, the tension at the end was incredible. I was coming back from Holland on the ferry listening to City throw a three goal lead away against Bournemouth and then leave it until the 86th minute to score against Bradford.

I finally made it on to the Kippax in the stand’s last season, it was a relief to be out of the Main Stand after three years. While attending university for 3 years, I watched from afar as City – under the guidance of the great ginger one – went down once again. Now with my season ticket in the lower tier of the Kippax I am once again watching City trying to get promoted and I think that Frank Clark is the man for the job – look at what he has done so far, Summerbee playing well, Rösler scoring goals, a goalscoring midfielder in Horlock and a team with a bit of backbone.

I think that City’s unpredictability is probably the main reason that I am a Blue. Not many teams can be leading 2-0 with 5 minutes left and their fans fearing that they will lose. It is also that we have been able to watch some great players, Kinkladze obviously springing to mind of the current bunch.

The other main influence is the City fans themselves. It shocks me to see 30,000 fans watching City vs. Port Vale, not many clubs could do this in Division 1. One thing’s for sure – I’m City till I Die.

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Glyn Owen