Keith Norris -Dalheim Germany

Why Blue?

Why should someone from the wilds of Essex be Blue? Its quite easy really; I was beaten into it. I was 8 at the time and was interested in football, but with Colchester being the nearest professional team within a 40-mile radius and my dad not being interested in football my interest was TV based.

Then it happened. A friend at school was a Leeds fan. City had just beaten Leeds so when I saw him I chanted “City! City!” and he gave me a bloody nose. Typical Leeds fan. Well, after that I stayed a City fan just to annoy my friend. That was 1967. I can’t even remember my friend’s name any more but City are still where it’s at in English football.

I’ve been living in Germany now for 11 years and go to watch Borussia Dortmund on a regular basis which is why I decided to write this. Next month Dortmund play the Rags in the Champions’ League Semi-Final. It will be oh so sweet if Dortmund can give them a real stuffing. I’m working on teaching the South Terrace Blue Moon just to let the Rags know where our sympathies lie 😉

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Keith Norris -Dalheim Germany