Andy Muirhead

Why Blue?

I hail from the Heald Green area of Manchester, moving to London when I was 10. My father is an avid Blue and, so it seemed, was the whole street and his circle of friends. I was always pestering him to take me to Maine Road but he kept coming up with excuses like “it’s too rough” or “there’s a lot of bad language which I don’t want you picking up” etc. Anyway, he finally relented just before we were due to move and took me to see City play Wolves. A 1st division game that they somehow won 3-2. I was hooked and it wasn’t until years later that I made the pilgrimage back. This is where the fun ended because they lost to a solitary Cyril Regis goal (1986?) and I haven’t seen them win since. I reckon I’m a bad omen, but then again, I’m not alone in thinking this way. The 1981 Cup final aside, it wasn’t until going to Palace (good side – City buy Dyer) this season that I saw them score a goal. They did manage one against Arsenal in a League Cup match at Highbury, but it was an own goal and I missed it (pie tasting). Never mind. I was born with a GSOH which undoubtedly helps when following City and I’ve been through the mill backwards and upside down just like everyone else.


My father’s cousin used to be a very good footballer in his prime (mid-late 60’s), so good in fact that he attracted the attention of some Rag scouts. They offered him a professional contract and he turned them down. Why? Because he was a Blue! I rest my case.

I can’t see City getting promoted this year, it’s been left much too late, even with this astonishing run of late. Sod United being in Europe, this feels even better. Unbeaten in the League all year? FC managed a huge unbeaten run with Forest not so long ago and I see no reason why this one should end for a while.

Guess what the 3rd most popular strip is in Scotland? No need to say. Other than it is blue coloured. Surprised? I was.

Well, that’s it. I’ve been caught. Must do some work now.

Keep up the excellent work. Bye.

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #280 on


Andy Muirhead