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Why Blue?

Some might say (an apt start to a piece) that it is impossible to say why you support a particular football team, and on most occasions I would agree. However, during the period 3.00pm – 4.45pm (5.00, if we are playing a team like Liverpool or the red scum, and are winning) a magnetic force draws you towards the wonderful delights of Maine Road, Moss Side, Manchester (where it is usually raining if you are playing a team like Wimbledon or, for those who went, Leicester City). I believe this sadistic force is somthing you are either born with or have accidently run into.

Having been to many games, I have experienced many low spots and few highs, with City winning their last trophy the year I was born. Yet for some reason, I along with many other Blues continue to go and be put through the pain of seeing City throw away the lead with a minute to go. Just out of interest can anybody tell me how many goals have been scored against City with the last kick of the game? or how many have been scored in time added on? I’ll tell you – a bloody lot e.g. Forest last season – that one had me in tears and swearing that I would never go and see City again.

In conclusion I can only say that I support City because I was born to be a City fan and I too have that force inside me.

If you have bothered to read this piece you will most probably think that I am talking complete and utter bollocks, and you are probably right. But in my opinion you have to be mad to be a City fan!

Keep supporting the Blues and slagging off the Reds as I know you all will. Alan Ball? Well he can’t do much worse than the last 20yrs, can he? Francis Lee? The fans choice, let’s get behind them all (not an innuendo) and hope we can make somthing out of the season (not a relegation battle).

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The Kinked Wonder