Douglas Youngson

Why Blue?

I live in Motherwell, Scotland, and as well as being an avid Motherwell fan I also love City. This streches way back to the late seventies and early eighties. My uncle lives in Mossley and we visit him regularly. So when I was a young and impressionable child I was taken along to Maine Road to watch City. Now my memory is bad at the best of times but I can remember playing both Coventry (3-1 win I think) and Spurs (the only thing I can remember is Joe Corrigan dribbling the ball past Steve Archibald). The rest I’m afraid is lost in the gloomy hole which is my memory.

Since then I’ve been a City fan through thick and thin. This is especially hard in Scotland where people wonder why I don’t support a fashionable club, but I dont care; at least I’m not a Red. It is hard to get down though, especially as a penniless postgrad student. I only made the one game last season (versus Crystal Palace 1-1), but I’m planning to get to the Chelsea game on the 23rd December. That’s all I have to say, except that no matter how bad they get I’ll always love City.

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Douglas Youngson