Martin Ford

Why Blue?

I’ve just read Ian Thompson’s article (why blue) in MCIVTA and I couldn’t agree more with his sentiments. I think I started the ball rolling on ‘why a blue’ in MCIVTA but it looks like us fans actually from Manchester (no offence intended to those farther afield Blues) have the same opinion of our club. They always seem to have been impressed with the club and above all the fans and that’s what’s got under the skin and made them a Blue. Like you say (Ian), how many other clubs could still rely on a hardcore of around 20k after 19 years of mediocrity? There have been many occasions were I’ve said enough’s enough and no more so that the previous two seasons. I had promised that I wouldn’t get another season ticket (in my tenth year now) because the lack of success had gotten to me. However, come renewal time I was there pledging myself and my cash to the cause of City. In my case it might have been the fact that those rags from down the road had won nearly everything. Strange that even in the depths of such despair it would have been easy to refuse to hand over my money and not renew my allegience, but I thought that this was not the time to desert the club. I suppose we all live in the hope that City will come good. My concern is for the future; will the Junior Blues continue to be a strong supporters base if the lack of success continues? How many kids will still come to Maine Road when the Bandwagon that is Old Trafford can so easily lure them away with the promises of trophies and success?

Just some of my thoughts.

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Martin Ford