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The biographical data are collected from various sources, one of which is the Rothmans Football Yearbook. Updated at start of season 1995/96.

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Born:	14/8 1972
Height: ?`?" (1??cm)
Weight: ??st. ?lb (??kg)
Pos:	Midfield 
Record:	Year  Club           Games Goals 
        92-96 FC Zurich          ?   ?
        95-96 Manchester City    0   0
        96-97 Manchester City

Giuseppe Mazzarelli is a swiss international, to be more exactly he has only been capped once against United Arab Emirates on 6th September 1994 in Sion as a substitute (he replaced Newcastle defender Marc Hottinger in the 78th minute). He played for FC Zurich, the last four seasons anyway. He's born on 14 august 1972. (source European Football Yearbook 1995/96).

Mazzarelli is believed to have left the club at the start of the 1996/97 season.

Stefaan Degryse