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Born:   13/4 1970
Height: 5`10" (178cm)
Weight: 10st. 7b (66kg)
Pos:    Striker
Record:	Year  Club                Games Goals 
        89-94 Celtic               113    36
        93-96 Portsmouth            57    29
        95-96 Manchester City       15     3
        95-96 Oldham (loan)          9     2
        96-97 Manchester City        5     1
        96-97 Ipswich (loan)         6     1
        97-98 Manchester City        1     0
        97-98 Burnley (loan)        10     8
        97-98 Chesterfield (loan)    4     0
        98-99 Manchester City        0     0
        98-99 St. Mirren             0     0
        99-00 Notts County          16     3
        00-01 Raith Rovers           4     0
        00-01 Clydebank

        Total                      240    83

One of the players Alan Ball brought in during his time in charge, Gerry was never given a fair try up front for the blues, and after Ball left Maine Road, he spent most of his time either in the reserves, or on loan to other clubs. One of his most successful periods was on loan to Burnley in fall 1997, when he cored 8 goals in as many games, only to be withdrawn and later put on another loan spell, this time with Chesterfield.

Despite scoring his share of goals for all clubs he's represented, Gerry never seemed to impress either the management, nor the fans. Often he was decribed as less than skilfull, and making no impact on the spectators. However much of the critics must be overseen as he was brought in at a difficult time, never given a decent run in the team, earning most of his caps as a substitute, but still managed to score goals on a regular basis when given the chance.

Creaneys career ended more or less after City. He had a brief spell with Notts County, before going back to Scotland. After the 2001-season he was earning his living as a taxi driver in his old hometown Coatbridge.

Svenn Hanssen