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A collection of autographs from around 1971-72. The ones I recognize are Joe Corrigan, George Heslop, Frank Carrodus, Glyn Pardoe, Tony Book, Colin Bell, Tommy Booth, Mike Summerbee and Wyn Davies. The ones that are obviously missing is Francis Lee, Neil Young, Alan Oakes, Willie Donachie, Mike Doyle among others.

Paul spotted Joe Mercer, Ron Healey and Ian Mellor, which leaves us with three undefined. Well I think Francis Lee is the upper leftmost?

A newly added collection of autographs from City's tour to China is not as readable as the older one from the seventies. I'm able to spot Kavelashvili and Quinn. Below Quinn we have Ian Brightwell and Nigel Clough, and the one above Quinn may be Nicky Summerbee. I'm afraid the rest are to hard to find...

Provided by: Svenn A. Hanssen, svenn@hanssen.priv.no