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The biographical data are collected from various sources, one of which is the Rothmans Football Yearbook.

[Player Picture]

Born:	21/3 1968
Height: 6`0" (178cm)
Weight: 13st. 10b (87kg)
Pos:	Striker
Record:	Year  Club            Games Goals 
        85-89 Ipswich           60    18
        89-90 Sheffield Wed.    38    10
        90-91 Real Sociedad     26    12
        91-95 Aston Villa       87    23
        95-97 Fenerbache         ?    10
        96-97 Manchester City    

        Total                  211    71

Big, strong, lethal but rather relaxed centre forward, with good scoring abilities. Dalian Atkinson has moved round a lot in his time, but enjoyed his best moments, so far, with Aston Villa, winning the league cup in 1994 and runners up in the league 1992/93. Still winning the 1995/96 turkish Championship with Fenerbache, scoring 10 goals in the campaign, must rate highly. However, the next season at Fenerbache saw him in contractual dispute with his club. The turkish side also owed Villa £250.000 of the transfer money, to add to the confusion. After the buyings of Kostadinov (B. Munich) and Okacha (E. Frankfurt), Atkinson grabbed a welcoming oppertunity offered by Frank Clark to stay on loan at Maine Road until the end of the season.

Atkinson is described as a sometimes lazy forward, but with a good eye for goals. In turkey he was named "the black bull". In all clubs he's played for he's been number two goalscorer. In Villa behind Saunders, and in Fenerbache behind Bolic. Perhaps a combination of not playing in all games, and the fact that his presence demands attention, and thereby makes opportunities for the other striker. Most likely, he will not return to Turkey, and hopefully he'll keep on knocking in goals, as he did in his debut for City.

Atkinson has played at U21 level for England.

Svenn Hanssen