Newsletter #1824

I wonder how MCIVTA Issue 1825 will read?

How will I feel cutting and pasting the final results and the League table into the document? Tears in my eyes? … But what kind of tears?!

It is simply unfathomable what has happened to the club these glorious past few years. Not just on the pitch but to see the wider developments at the club as well.

This edition of MCIVTA is one of my favourites, with some lovely personal views of today and memories of a bygone era. I’ve found taking over the editorship of McVittee a real privilege, especially when you get articles out of the Blue from folk that really show their emotions of fear, excitement and, worst of all(!), hope.

Thank you to you all.

Roll on Sunday: no matter what it brings, I simply cannot wait and am expecting a battle to the very last kick.

Next Game: Queens Park Rangers, 13 May 2012, 3.00pm


I’ve been waiting for the championship for 16072 days and I don’t want to wait any longer. My name is Magnus Ingvason and I’m the president of the Icelandic Manchester City supporters’ club. I’ve seen four games with City in the past and City has won all of them. Then you guys should be very happy to know that I will be at the Etihad stadium next Sunday.

For the first time, a group of 25 devoted Icelandic City fans are coming to Manchester this weekend and, hopefully, we can cheer with the thousands who support the great team of Manchester City.

We’ll go to the game and hopefully have a great time! We’ll stay at Manchester Thistle Hotel and if you guys know about the best places and pubs to visit over the weekend, please let me know.

Come on City!

Magnus Ingvason <min(at)>


Another stellar performance like our triumphs over the Rags and the Barcodes and the Premier League title will be ours (dare we to dream?).

One big thing in our favour is that, based on QPR’s win over Stoke and Bolton’s two dropped points against West Bromwich, QPR don’t have to win on Sunday to stay up… assuming Bolton do the likely and lose at Stoke.

You also figure that QPR will try to attack us, which should leave us with the chances to score a net full. Having said that, Mancini should go with the same lineup… except Micah Richards should play in place of Zabaleta! With Hodgson picking the England squad, Micah needs the game if he’s going to replace Kyle Walker and Glen Johnson who play regularly for their clubs.

Otherwise, same tactics with Yaya moving forward in the second half and de Jong solidifying the back. If we can settle in during the first 10 or 15 minutes and then apply the pressure, can’t possibly see how QPR can beat us… but this is Man City we are talking about! Nah! No way will we blow this.

Hope for a stylish finale with at least a 3-0 win. Congrats by the way for Joe Hart winning his golden gloves award – totally deserved.

A rousing celebration is about to erupt!

Keith Sharp, Toronto, Canada <>


Newcastle game was great to watch and what more can be said of Yaya Touré and the whole team!

I did not go to the 1968 match against Newcastle but then, as now, their fans are a credit to their team. I can remember getting on a London tube for the 1976 League Cup final to Wembley with my friend. Once on the train and finding it full of Newcastle fans, at first very fearful but they just welcomed us and chatted – can you see that happen with United fans!

Watching Mike Summerbee with a tear at the game on TV, I was almost in tears of joy as well. After the United great win and the seeing Yaya shoot just wide and then getting on target against Newcastle, I can see it being Agüero’s turn against QPR, say 2 or 3 goals to finish his great 1st season.

Guess I was a little sorry to see Mark Hughes leave, but after the way he treated Fulham and leaving them, what respect I had for him has gone – I guess once a Red always a Red.

So not over yet, but I can see a 3 or 4 goal win this coming Sunday – another early morning wake up for me as it will be 30 years (Manchester born) since moving to New Zealand next week… what a way to celebrate with Manchester City winning the Premier League title for 2012.

Many thanks for MCIVTA.

CTID, John Lim – Hamilton, New Zealand <johncity(at)>


How are you bearing up?

The last time I felt remotely like this was in 2000 before that memorable and lucky day where we somehow sealed promotion at Blackburn. That was a huge game but this game is something else.

Yes, believe or not, I am trying not to think about Sunday too much because, when I do, QPR become more and more like Barcelona at their best by the day. So I try my hardest not to think about it too much.

Other footy fans are there to remind us, if the media haven’t already. I’ve had people from both sides of the Sheffield divide and fans of other clubs wishing us well, and even a non-football fan (he’s into motorbike racing) came up to me and say “Hope you do it. I hate Man U.” So it’s impossible for thoughts not to turn back to Sunday.

People ask me if we are going to do it on Sunday. One thing I don’t do, out of superstition, is to predict a City result so I just say “I hope so”. There is no evidence to support superstitions having a bearing on anything, but I’ve found that I have become even more superstitious as the weeks have gone by.

On the day before the derby win, we were in a well known toy retailer and after we chose our three year old’s first bike, both our kids spotted these amazing plastic cars that you can sit in. There were Minis, BMWs, Mercedes and they tried every one that they could. I say ‘could’ because I wouldn’t let them sit in any of the red cars.

I haven’t got anything against the colour red. I don’t hate Nottingham Forest, Liverpool, Charlton or Bristol City etc. I just wanted to beat United (whom I detest more with each passing day) so that we could take one more step towards what hopefully will be our first title in 44 years. I know you can take these things too far, but there were no red and black striped cars! Before you think I’m completely bonkers, of course the crucial 1-0 win was down to Roberto’s tactical brilliance, Vinny’s thumping header, and our players’ overall superiority. Not any daft superstitions.

Too many years of being superstitious is a habit that is hard to break. I have lost count of the number of times I saw a single magpie, and even worse, it was before the visit to Newcastle of all teams. My way of countering that was to say under my breath “Come on City” three times. The players, of course did the business, completely unaware of any Obsessive Compulsive Disorders that any City fan has!

Superstitions may be a load of old cobblers, but I probably won’t be alone wearing my lucky blue pants on Sunday!

No one (except for the daft Herbert with the premature celebratory T-shirts) is getting carried away or taking Sunday for granted. We have to beat QPR, and we will be right behind those City players all of the way, roaring them on. We may have to be patient with them, but wouldn’t it be nice to race into a three goal lead?! We’d take any result that means we win the League. The players just have to keep doing their jobs that they have done so professionally this season, and win the match.

Come on City.

Phil Banerjee <phil.banerjee(at)>

ARTICLE: 2011-12

In the excitement of the last few games, and the nervousness of what’s to come, I thought a couple of very simple stats were on order.

With one game to play, City are…

  • 19 points clear of Arsenal.
  • 25 points clear of Chelsea.
  • Unbeaten at home.

People can say what they want about money, and I will forever be eternally grateful to Sheikh Mansour and his management team but, before the pandemonium starts on the weekend, I’d like to take a moment to say thank you to The Manager.

He’s kept his composure throughout a challenging couple of years, and under huge pressure, both from expectation within the club, but also a universal desire from outside to see him fail. He’s stuck to his guns when he was criticised for being too defensive last season and maintained his stance that no-one is bigger than the club, even when he was abandoned by some of the world’s highest rated footballers (right at the point that he needed them to show some solidarity, I might add).

He has taught the world’s most manipulative agents a lesson in how to conduct transfer dealings. We have the best squad in the league, and he has won us the FA Cup. And he’s done it in the right way, with class, and considerable style. He may yet give us the League title… and next year?

He’s the manager of the season, and I hope he stays for a long, long time, through thick and, the inevitable, thin. He can rightfully be compared to the greatest managers that the club has ever had.

In Mancini we trust.

CTID, Jon Marshall <jon_g_marshall(at)>


I am one of the older MCIVTA readers who was actually at St James’ Park in ’68.

I had been transferred by ICI to Welwyn Garden City and drove back to Wythenshawe on the Friday night in my blue mini. My memory tells me that this was pre “joined up” M1 and M6. If I remember, there was the usual queuing on the A5 ( for younger readers, this is a non-motorway road in the midlands which even in those days was a traffic nightmare).

I arrived home quite late and went off to bed, only to be woken by my dad at some unearthly hour suggesting that we had better get on our way soon because of probable traffic congestion!

Anyway, we made it and the rest is history. I remember driving back down the A1 and seeing so many happy faces and blue scarves hanging out of car windows. The fact is, I was able to share this with my dad and what a great feeling that was. I did not think that we would have to wait all this time to have another crack at it!

Dad passed away many years ago but this time, I am the old **** who will be with my 31-year-old son and can’t think of anything better than for us to win and replicate that father and son day in 1968.

Surely nothing can go wrong?

The problem is that being a City fan, I would probably be worried to death if we had to beat Southport reserves to win the title.

Roll on Sunday – I will probably take my sofa with me just in case I have to hide behind it! I hope that all fellow suffering, long term Blues fanatics have a great day.

Chris Ryder <chrisryder62(at)>



Northern Wartime League. Maine Road. City vs. the ‘Orrible people.

Like any uncommitted ten year old, I was going to support the winners.

Five minutes from the end, City one up.

Two dodgy refereeing decisions (nothing changes), lost 1-2.

So sorry for City, I started supporting ’em.

Supported ’em ever since and felt sorry for them a lot of that time.

Incidentally, we played them again the next week (that was how fixtures were arranged in war-time) and beat ’em 4-1.

Robert Ellis <bobellis842(at)>


The minutes for the latest meeting are available online for you to see, at:

Any queries please drop me a line.

Steve Parish <bloovee(at)>


From the start of the 2013/2014 season City’s shirts will be manufactured by Nike who, as you are probably aware, own Umbro who have made our shirts for the last three seasons and for much of our history prior to 1997.

This six year deal represents City doubling kit deal income to £12 million a year, which is important with Platini’s so-called fair play rules kicking in. As the article says, it is not even half the deal that Liverpool struck and is still some £8 million short of Chelsea’s. I suppose that with more success we will be in a better position to negotiate for a better deal, but at least this is a step in the right direction.

Using Nike’s well-established supply chain, City will be able to sell more shirts through Nike outlets around the world, so that can only be good for City in terms of raising revenue, assuming that City get a cut of the profits for each shirt sold.

Umbro have made some excellent shirt designs over the last three years, particularly the home shirt with the retro “vicar’s collar” from two years ago. The Umbro shirts have been of better quality than past shirts that we have had and the designs have been iconic. They have been unique to City, not just in the badge and sponsor, but also in the designs: this year’s Blue Moon sound wave may not be the plain shirt that many of us want to see, but it is a grower and looks smart. The away shirts have all been really smart too.

One concern with Nike is that the quality of the shirts may not be as good and another is that we might end up with some mass produced template that is used elsewhere. Nike swoosh or no Nike swoosh, just give us a nice sky plain blue home shirt and good traditional away designs that are smart, affordable, comfortable to wear, and of the same quality or better than what Umbro have supplied.

Phil Banerjee <phil.banerjee(at)>


Following on from the request for a bar / fellow Blues in Boston, if anyone else is in the Boston / Massachusetts / New England area, the Boston-based Blues will be meeting as usual in the Banshee Bar, Dorchester, Boston.

It’s very easy to find – a five minute walk from JFK / UMass T station on the red line heading for either Mattapan or Braintree. $2 each way!

Anyone needing further info, drop my an email.

Phill Gatenby <gatenbyp(at)>


Just a note for any Blues in Queensland or Northern New South Wales, the Brisbane Branch of the official supporters’ club meet for games at The Pig N Whistle English pub, Riverside, Eagle Street, Brisbane.

All Blues are welcome to come along and watch the games. We are expecting a massive turnout for the QPR game on Sunday night, kick off is midnight our time, we will be there from 10pm onwards. So wear your colours, bring your scarves and banners and be ready to sing and, hopefully, celebrate long.

Anybody wanting more info or wishing to become a member of the official supporters’ club email me.

Here’s to a dream coming true on Sunday.

CTWD and beyond, Eric Fitton <eric(at)>


I know this is a long shot but if anyone has a spare for the QPR game please let me know. City supporter for 35 years. Was there at Wembley vs. Gills and Stoke last year but also at Notts County, Luton, and Colchester in 98/99. Living now down South so have been unable to get one for this game.

Thanks, Russ Jenkins <russell.jenkins(at)>


Just a last minute appeal for transport to Sunday’s game from Oxfordshire. 1 seat required in a car for a nervy journey to and from Manchester.

I can get a lift to meet anywhere required.

Thanks, Alan Frost <alan.x.frost(at)>


Now being based down Newbury and having watched the Newcastle game in a boozer with three Reds and a Geordie (much to my amusement), I am looking for somewhere with a more Blue tint to watch QPR game.

If they are any Blues congregating in my vicinity, can they please get in touch so I can enjoy/despair with some like-minded folk. Happy to travel to Reading and the surrounding areas.

Cheers, and come on our blue boys!

Andy Burns <burnsey03(at)>


Wow. How the hell has this happened?

I hate to say, I thought it was all over too after The Emirates… but it turns out that, after we threw away our lead, the umpteen leaders in the squad have stepped up and stolen the league back with what has been an incredible run-in. One more win would make it a run worthy of Champions.

I for one am really pleased that Hughes, SWeeP and Nedum will be at Eastlands on Sunday. I hope we win, they stay up, and they can join in the celebrations, because in truth, they were bricks in the wall.

I’d give my right arm for a ticket, but let’s face it, that’s not going to happen.

I love my wife very much, and she really tries, honestly she does, but… I don’t think she really gets it.

So, if there are any Blues meeting up to watch the game in London (God, I guess there might even be some in Ealing :-)), it would be really good to meet up, and maybe reminisce about stormy second division, home losses on November Wednesdays, or the relegation game at Stoke… and how it’s all changed.

I don’t think I could stand sitting in the in-laws’ front room again (Spurs fans), or in my local Sky pub with a load of Chelskis… so please help!

CTID, Jon Marshall <jon_g_marshall(at)>


This recent article on the Telegraph website is possibly worth a mention in a future issue:

And if this one is to be taken at 100% face value – then this is a nice one as well:

… though I have to be a tad suspect of the very rosy picture it paints of the nearly-saintliness of our heroes 🙂

Gareth Hardman <gareth.hardman(at)>


8 May 2012

Liverpool             4 - 1  Chelsea               40,721

7 May 2012

Blackburn Rovers      0 - 1  Wigan Athletic        26,144

League table to 09 May 2012 inclusive

                             HOME          AWAY        OVERALL
                    P  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F   A   GD Pts
 1 Manchester City 37 17  1  0 52 10 10  4  5 38 17 27  5  5  90  27  63  86
 2 Manchester Utd  37 15  2  2 52 19 12  3  3 36 14 27  5  5  88  33  55  86
 3 Arsenal         37 12  4  3 39 17  8  3  7 32 30 20  7 10  71  47  24  67
 4 Tottenham H.    37 12  3  3 37 17  7  6  6 27 24 19  9  9  64  41  23  66
 5 Newcastle Utd   37 11  5  3 29 17  8  3  7 26 31 19  8 10  55  48   7  65
 6 Chelsea         37 11  3  4 39 23  6  7  6 24 22 17 10 10  63  45  18  61
 7 Everton         37  9  3  6 25 14  5  8  6 22 25 14 11 12  47  39   8  53
 8 Liverpool       37  6  9  4 24 16  8  1  9 23 23 14 10 13  47  39   8  52
 9 Fulham          37 10  5  4 36 26  4  5  9 12 23 14 10 13  48  49  -1  52
10 West Brom A.    37  6  3  9 19 19  7  5  7 24 30 13  8 16  43  49  -6  47
11 Sunderland      37  7  7  4 26 16  4  5 10 19 29 11 12 14  45  45   0  45
12 Swansea City    37  7  7  4 26 18  4  4 11 17 33 11 11 15  43  51  -8  44
13 Norwich City    37  6  6  6 26 30  5  5  9 24 36 11 11 15  50  66 -16  44
14 Stoke City      37  7  7  4 23 18  4  4 11 11 33 11 11 15  34  51 -17  44
15 Wigan Athletic  37  4  7  7 19 25  6  3 10 20 35 10 10 17  39  60 -21  40
16 Aston Villa     37  4  7  8 20 25  3 10  5 17 26  7 17 13  37  51 -14  38
17 QPR             37  7  5  7 24 25  3  2 13 17 38 10  7 20  41  63 -22  37
18 Bolton Wndrs    37  4  4 11 23 39  6  1 11 21 36 10  5 22  44  75 -31  35
19 Blackburn R.    37  6  1 12 26 33  2  6 10 21 43  8  7 22  47  76 -29  31
20 Wolves          37  3  3 13 19 43  2  7  9 19 36  5 10 22  38  79 -41  25

With thanks to Football 365

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