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The season drew to a close with a win at The Reebok for the Blues and a final position of third in the Premier League (or joint second depending on how you look at it). Manchester city centre turned blue on Monday night as we held the de rigeur open top bus parade, and the players seemed to enjoy it as much as the fans – recording the moment for posterity and never has the manager smiled so much.

With mission accomplished by Mancini it’s time for us to look back and reflect on just how far we have come, enjoy the moment and then start to ponder the close season transfer moves. Whilst the immediate question is over Tévez’s future (his body language last night was not terribly positive), let the fantasy football commence.

Tonight we have another look at Wembley, the detractors and something to get those voices tuned up for.

To Blues everywhere, what a hell of a season 2010/11 has been. Enjoy the moment – we deserve it.

Next Game: TBA


I remember, as if yesterday, coming from the US for the 1981 final so there was no way I was going to miss this one. It is a long and interesting story but thanks to those who know who they are I did get a ticket for the Final. Arrived in London on Friday morning, met friends at Euston on Saturday morning and then on to Wembley. The next few hours passed in a blur but the result managed to do away with 35 years of frustration, failure and despair (ok with a few highlights thrown in). Only twice in all these years have I really wanted to give up on City. The first time was 3-0 down at half time in the cup against Spurs and look what happened. The last time was a few weeks ago against Liverpool where I genuinely felt that we hadn’t a clue and were nowhere near a team. And look what happens. I have no idea if the Final was a one off or the start of something big or whether I will feel the same release of emotion when we win the League or the Champions’ League but as Wordsworth said “Bliss it was to be alive, but to be young was very heaven”. I dedicate the last part of of this quote to a young lad sat next to me. What a journey he is on. I spent the evening in London and kept seeing City fans: all it took was a thumbs up sign, a broad smile and a sense that something quite magical had happened.

Paul Mooney had a couple of very interesting comments. I am really not sure what goes on with Tévez. Not so much the flag (as odd as that was) but the fact that twice he was given City scarves and twice he took them off. As to the noise at the end, yes it would have been nice to kept the background noise down but having spent many years in the US I am afraid this is what passes for crowd encouragement these days. Very sad. And yes, the choice was odd. I hate that fast version of Blue Moon, but like the Oasis songs… but We are the Champions and Rockin’ All Over the World? Might as well have had “My old Man’s a Dustman”. But even this will not detract from what happened in the 75th minute.

So one game to go and if results go right we end up third. Am I perhaps too demanding to say that it could have been even better but for some disappointing performances along the way? Like others, I have had concerns about Mancini but he has delivered what he said he would and clearly he seems to have won any battles over player power. Even Tévez. I hope we do not have to endure weeks, or more, of should he stay or should he go. He is very important to us but not to the extent that the broader picture is missed. That is the 2-3 players who will be brought in, the assessment of the Academy (I still have hopes that in the next few years we will see results from this), which players leave and planning for next season. If Tévez wants to go, put a £50 million price on him and see what happens. Listening to the Chairman’s interview I feel a lot more confident about things that I have for many many years (though I can’t help but continue to wonder why we have almost as many coaches as players and more middle management that most multinationals).

So it promises to be an interesting summer. I suppose, like a number on this wonderful site, I hope we do not forget where we have been the last few decades; that the club remembers its fans and its community and that, whatever we win, we remain good natured and slightly humble. It is a very special club and long may it remain so.

Best wishes to all.

John Pearson <john.pearson(at)>


In my last article I thanked many people who make things happen at MCFC. The person who needs a lot of thanks of course is the 100% owner who has invested so much to develop City in what it is today, and he has not finished!

Thank you to His Highness Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan for being an owner with so many ambitions for MCFC; he has no fear that City aupporters and fans will be loyal to the club, and with gratitude. At the weekend I saw a photo of the owner and his two children all proudly wearing City colours, true City Fans behind the players!

The club is now in good hands to go forward and overtake our neighbours the Rags. Off the field we must not forget the Chairman Khaldoun Al Mubarak who is a brilliant businessman, nor Chief Executive Garry Cook who works tirelessly behind the scenes with efforts to make MCFC a great global club.

We have a great manager who knows how to win trophies, he has won City our first silverware in 35 years with only 18 months’ experience in the Premier League, and taking us into Champions’ League football. Now all we need is just a couple of quality players to strengthen the squad.

Our next important game is the Community Shield versus the Rags, a pre-season game that the world will be watching!

Come on you Blues!

Ernie Barrow <britcityblue(at)>


Everyone is entitled to their opinion Sam (MCIVTA 1729), but you have no idea mate.

I think between the article being written and the time it went to print, your comments have proven to be ill-founded and incorrect. The truth is Mancini had a plan, and he delivered. Let’s now throw our full support behind a man who knows more than any of us about how to be successful in football, and show some trust.

Just for the record, I expect that Dzeko will surprise everyone next year. He is undoubtedly a talented boy, and I think he is going to take time to adjust, but he will be a success. Besides, if that is what Mancini believes then that is good enough for me to give a chance and time.

For now let’s just enjoy the moment and look forward to many more such moments in the future. Think of where we have been and then think about where we are. What a ride… and there is so much more to come.

Adrian Kenny <lookwest(at)>


Sam Duxbury’s timing (MCIVTA 1729) was impeccable as ever. First trophy in 35 years and in the first MCIVTA after the Cup Final we have Sam moaning again about the man who delivered it. Hilarious. I’m actually starting to think that Sam is a fictional character created by Heidi to amuse/infuriate the readers of MCIVTA.

[Oh James, you watch out! – Ed]

P.S. Mancini has quite comfortably the best winning percentage of any City manager since the 1940s.

James Gregson <jamespgregson(at)>


Must take issue with Paul (MCIVTA 1730) over his moan about the FA Cup. I’ve waited 35 long years for some kind of silverware, and as far as I’m concerned they could have collected the cup stark naked with bells on for all I care!

Gee, we moan when we win, we moan when we lose, just for once let’s celebrate something and hope it’s not another 35 years for another trophy.

Glad you enjoyed the win Ernie. Onwards and upwards.

Kevin Williamson <scribbs(at)>


On Friday 20th May I had the privilege of presenting a cheque to the value of £18,000 to the Cecelia Unit at Wythenshawe Hospital. A few of Neil’s former playing colleagues attended along with Bernard Halford plus Carmen Young and her son Nick. A special guest of honour was the FA Cup, which was much appreciated by staff and patients at the hospital with loads of photographs taken.

May I take this opportunity to thank all City fans worldwide and others who contributed to the Neil Young Appeal. Your donations and suggestions to enhance the Appeal are greatly appreciated by all concerned. Especially appreciated are the many letters of support etc. sent to Nelly prior to his passing and further letters, cards etc. sent to Carmen since Neil left us.

Carmen is writing to all who wrote to her providing she has the address. She got loads of letters etc. so she’s going to be busy for a while yet.

A million thanks to all, diamonds every one of you.

Alex Channon <alexchannon81(at)>


Thought of a song for next season’s derby at the Swamp. Stolen from (for those of us old enough to remember) ‘Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep’ by Middle Of The Road (probably not that many of us left). For those who don’t know the tune you can hear it on YouTube

Last night I heard my mama singing this song
Oooeee City’s off to Wembley
Woke up this morning and your banner was gone
Oooeee City’s been to Wembley
City’s been to Wembley and won
All together now
Where’s your banner gone (where’s your banner gone)
Taken down and torn (taken down and torn)
Where’s your banner gone (where’s your banner gone)
Far far away
Far far away

Dave Kilroy <dave.kilroy(at)>


22 May 2011

Aston Villa           1 - 0  Liverpool             42,785
Bolton Wanderers      0 - 2  Manchester City       26,285
Everton               1 - 0  Chelsea               38,712
Fulham                2 - 2  Arsenal               25,674
Manchester United     4 - 2  Blackpool             75,400
Newcastle United      3 - 3  West Bromwich Albion  51,678
Stoke City            0 - 1  Wigan Athletic        27,566
Tottenham Hotspur     3 - 1  Birmingham City       36,119
West Ham United       0 - 3  Sunderland            32,792
Wolverhampton Wndrs   2 - 3  Blackburn Rovers      29,009

League table to 22 May 2011 inclusive

                            HOME          AWAY        OVERALL
                    P  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L   F   A  GD Pts
 1 Manchester Utd  38 18  1  0 49 12  5 10  4 29 25 23 11  4  78  37  41  80
 2 Chelsea         38 14  3  2 39 13  7  5  7 30 20 21  8  9  69  33  36  71
 3 Manchester City 38 13  4  2 34 12  8  4  7 26 21 21  8  9  60  33  27  71
 4 Arsenal         38 11  4  4 33 15  8  7  4 39 28 19 11  8  72  43  29  68
 5 Tottenham H.    38  9  9  1 31 19  7  5  7 25 27 16 14  8  56  46  10  62
 6 Liverpool       38 12  4  3 37 14  5  3 11 22 30 17  7 14  59  44  15  58
 7 Everton         38  9  7  3 31 23  4  8  7 20 22 13 15 10  51  45   6  54
 8 Fulham          38  8  7  4 30 23  3  9  7 19 20 11 16 11  49  43   6  49
 9 Aston Villa     38  8  7  4 26 19  4  5 10 22 40 12 12 14  48  59 -11  48
10 Sunderland      38  7  5  7 25 27  5  6  8 20 29 12 11 15  45  56 -11  47
11 West Brom A.    38  8  6  5 30 30  4  5 10 26 41 12 11 15  56  71 -15  47
12 Newcastle Utd   38  6  8  5 41 27  5  5  9 15 30 11 13 14  56  57  -1  46
13 Stoke City      38 10  4  5 31 18  3  3 13 15 30 13  7 18  46  48  -2  46
14 Bolton Wndrs    38 10  5  4 34 24  2  5 12 18 32 12 10 16  52  56  -4  46
15 Blackburn R.    38  7  7  5 22 16  4  3 12 24 43 11 10 17  46  59 -13  43
16 Wigan Athletic  38  5  8  6 22 34  4  7  8 18 27  9 15 14  40  61 -21  42
17 Wolves          38  8  4  7 30 30  3  3 13 16 36 11  7 20  46  66 -20  40
18 Birmingham City 38  6  8  5 19 22  2  7 10 18 37  8 15 15  37  59 -22  39
19 Blackpool       38  5  5  9 30 37  5  4 10 25 41 10  9 19  55  78 -23  39
20 West Ham United 38  5  5  9 24 31  2  7 10 19 39  7 12 19  43  70 -27  33

With thanks to Football 365

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