Newsletter #1085

Back to the regular task of “concentrating on the league” after our exit to Oldham in the FA Cup on Saturday. The last time we lost to opposition 2 divisions below us was in 1994 when we bowed out to Cardiff in round 4.

So is it still forward with Keegan or has he taken us as far as he can? Plenty of opinion tonight as you can imagine.

Next game: Crystal Palace, home, 3pm Saturday 15th January 2005


I was numb walking away from Boundary Park but when I got into my car and fired the heater up I realised it wasn’t the biting wind over the previous 2 hours, it was the woeful display of our heroes that had chilled me to the core.

‘Just turn up and Oldham will roll over for you as you are Premiership superstars’. That’s my take on KK’s team talk anyway.

Apart from Richard Dunne, who tried hard on his own for most of the game, to stem the tide from a fired up workmanlike ordinary football team, the remainder were not up for it, unlike Oldham who were all well up for the cup!

Only other worth a mention was the ‘invisible man’, and for once I don’t mean our supporters but our number 20 S McManaman. He is the invisible man, get him off the wage bill pronto KK as he is a complete waste of space. He didn’t even look interested warming up, never mind when he got on the pitch.

Still, always next year eh? :-))

CTIDCFP (cold, fed up, p***ed off), Mick B <Koolfurmick(at)>


After seeing City play their best football of the season against the Gooners, what did we expect in a game versus a team 50 places in the Leagues below us?

Oldham played with the hunger to win, and a game plan that I could see from the opening minutes, which was to unsettle City and not give us any time to control the game. It worked, and Oldham stuck to their guns throughout the game.

I’m going to be critical of some of players. Sibierski, who looked as if he was a chicken without its head running around at times. Mills, who is poor going forward, and has difficulty crossing the ball at times. Joey Barton, who puts an awful lot of energy into his game, maybe it’s time to change brands of football boots; shooting at goal was never on target, and his passing not perfect.

Having said that, I know Sibierski is playing out of his position on the left and Danny Mills can be a great defender. Joey Barton has a committed effort for City in every game he plays.

Just as City played well as a team against the Gooners, collectively City did not play their best as a team against Oldham.

The Oldham goal came in the 14th minute when the oldest player Eyres (40) squared the ball to Scott Vernon who side footed the ball past David James.

City’s best effort came from Shaun Wright-Phillips, who sent in a rocket only to see it turned away by OZ goalkeeper Progliacomi, who also made some other fine saves.

In the 72nd minute City made two substitutes: McManaman, who came on for Sibierski (to be honest there was nothing to choose between either of these two players), and Bradley Wright-Phillips, who came close to scoring only to see his effort taken off the line, replaced by Willo Flood, who tried without making an impression.

City need two players: a striker with a killer instinct, but who and how do we get one? Anelka was never one, just had the pace. The other a left midfield attacking player just like Andy Reid, but again how?

Anelka claimed again that he has hurt his back, but will not let the doctors examine him. See article BBC Sports (Sat morning). This is obviously “Le Sulk” at work again; he wants to leave City and now won’t put a City shirt on, what’s so sad about it all is that Anelka signed to play for City who pay him large amounts every week, and instead of showing other clubs how good he can be so other clubs will be chasing him and knocking down the front doors at City, we only have quiet taps on the back door making inquiries about Anelka, so City and Anelka lose money on any deal if there is to be one. I know Anelka has his fans, after all he has shown some classic football when he felt like it. Let’s take the best offer possible, be it to Liverpool, the Turkish team or whoever. Anelka is a prima donna who is best forgotten, what a waste of talent [Don’t believe all you read in the papers or websites Ernie – Ed].

Well done Giant Killers, go as far as you can.

There is only one thing left for City, a top six finish, one game at a time. Please don’t make any predictions Kevin Keegan, that will be our kiss of death. Even though I know KK means well. Shhhhhhhh!

Ah well now we all know how the Rags’ fans felt when City beat United.

Ernie Barrow <britcityblue(at)>


On Friday night I managed to find a copy of “There’s Only one Jimmy Grimble” from a friend who knew of a small independent video rental store here in Northern California. So we watched that on Friday night.

Saturday morning… got up at 6.30, fed the dogs, brought in the paper, made tea and turned on Fox Sports World at 7.00 for the Oldham game. Lord knows who decides which games to show but it was on live. Our feed was such that we joined the game right at kick off and there was no explanation that I heard as to why Fowler was not playing.

It was clear after 10 minutes or so and before the Oldham goal that this could well be one of those days and it was. No-one seemed to be in charge on the field and everything seemed rushed. I’ll say no more about the game, other than it looked very breezy!

I do wonder why people like Kevin and David O’Leary make comments about the Cup being the last hope for Europe. Don’t you have to win 6 games to win the Cup – why not put that effort into winning six extra league games? I find the way they approached the games and the rest of the season as quite defeatist.

Best wishes to all from a very rainy Northern California.

John Pearson <john.pearson(at)>


As a long-suffering True Blue based in Toronto, Canada, I have to state my total disgust at City’s apathetic FA Cup display on Saturday against Oldham.

Never have I witnessed City team play with such disinterest in a supposedly key match. City played like Saturday’s 3rd Round encounter was a pre-season kick-around. Except that when City played Oldham in a pre-season friendly last year, they won 6-0!

To say their performance on Saturday was inept would be an understatement. They were 1 down after 15 minutes, should have been 2 down (there was nothing wrong with Oldham’s fourth minute corner – Alex Dawson must be turning in his grave!) and could easily have given up three or four goals.

City’s midfield played with a total lack of drive and enthusiasm, John Macken looked totally out of touch and Shaun Wright-Phillips tried too hard to do it all himself.

But the worst image was Kevin Keegan sitting huddled up in his seat, looking totally bored with the whole situation. Wishing he was obviously somewhere else despite the fact that his over-priced charges were totally floundering against an undermanned but enthusiastic Oldham outfit. Keegan showed absolutely no interest in the match. Made no tactical changes at the half and never even budged off his seat to even encourage his team in the second half.

I know Keegan has taken some stick this year but it obviously seemed he has no interest in this team’s future. He is just playing out time. And that’s not acceptable.

We need someone (like Stuart Pearce) who would never have stood for City’s apathetic performance. We need a midfield player who will grab the game by the scruff of the neck and kick some life into this team. A guy like Robbie Savage in midfield would not have gone through the motions like Bosvelt, Sibierski and Macken did on Saturday.

Get rid of Anelka, get rid of McManaman, get rid of Macken and get a couple of players who actually care about playing for this team. There’s a great nucleus here but there’s too many high-priced has-beens that are just playing for a pay cheque plus a manager that’s obviously playing out his contract.

As a long-suffering City supporter, this is just not acceptable. There used to be some pride in playing for the FA Cup – but not with this team!

Time to clean house but keep the nucleus of James, Dunne, Distin, Barton, Mills, SWP, Fowler and Jordan. This is the team of the future.

Keith Sharp – Toronto, Canada <keith(at)>


It’s a cliché that City should capitulate against vastly inferior opposition in cup competitions. Our time under the current leadership has cemented that fact – I include the League Cup losses at Wigan, at home to Arsenal and now away at Oldham in the ever-growing list.

How can a squad of players that call themselves professionals perform so heroically at Arsenal in midweek and then so poorly at Oldham on Saturday? This is exactly why I now refuse to waste good money on watching City away from home because the prices in the modern game simply cannot justify the outlay any more. Our last (if not faint) chance of any silverware after so long (ask any United fan as they know!) without a trophy. Don’t these players want to win trophies and be successful with City?

This team is great one week and then hopelessly inept the next – how can we progress as a club to where we believe we have a divine right to be if we cannot beat teams we have every right to expect to beat? What will happen against Palace at the weekend? No doubt whatever the result it will be far from easy because we will do everything possible to make it difficult for ourselves.

Well I’ve had enough – I don’t know if I can afford next season’s season card (I’ll tell you in March!) – I’ll certainly have to move from my current position in the Kippax.

So what is the answer? I haven’t got a clue! Some might say KK should go, but I cannot make my mind up. I am happy that we appear to have established ourselves in the Premiership but that position is so precarious because there is little difference in the quality of most sides below say 5th place. I’m happy we are in a far better state than we were 6 years ago but what do the next few years have in stall for our club? Can anyone shed any light on that because without a serious cash injection I fail to see that we can build on the excellent progress we made since getting out of Division 2.

Here’s to next season! 29 years and we’re still here – just (see next year’s prices).

Graham Keller <gkmcfc(at)>


After seeing the way that City were dumped out of the Coca Cola Cup by Arsenal’s kids’ team with a shocking performance, totally lacking in commitment from most of the City team, I had prepared myself for the possible, if not as some would think obvious outcome of our 3rd Round F.A. Cup visit to Oldham, a team 2 divisions below us and only 8 miles from our own ground. No but surely not! This was the F.A. Cup!

Excuses could be made such as no Robbie or Anelka, and a cold, windy day but hey! This was Boundary Park, not Stamford Bridge. Anyway, the unthinkable happened, 0-1. I am at present reading Tony Book’s excellent story called Maine Man where he states that in the late 1960’s at the height of City’s best years you never knew which Man City would turn up and that things haven’t changed much since.

What made me laugh though this weekend, was that my daughter called me through to watch Sky TV’s Dream Team on Sunday night because the dream team (Harchester United, a fictitious, championship side) were playing in the 3rd round of the F.A. Cup against our very own Manchester City. And you guessed it, they beat us in the last minute 0-1, a free kick after a foul by Joey Barton on the edge of the penalty box; we really are so predictable!

By the way, if we can call Shaun Wright-Phillips `SWEEP’ can we call Bradley `BWEEP’? [I think BeeP is easier to pronounce – Ed]

Simon Challiner <saramay(at)>


Well it did just have to happen didn’t it!

I was talking to a client and he said you must have been happy with the point at Arsenal. We talked about the game for a minutes of two and then I said to him, “but we’ll lose to Oldham”.

After such battling performances against the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Yoo you have to wonder don’t you, the joys of following the Blues. It’s a wonder Kevin Keegan isn’t totally grey and wrinkled by the time he leaves our beloved City.

The funny thing is a few years ago I’d get real grumpy about a result like this, the wife and kids would barricade themselves in a room, the cat would disappear for three days, but now I just have this funny smirk on my face, and wait until the decent teams come around again. Oh well that’s City!

I think a health warning should come with following Manchester City, ‘supporting City can be dangerous to your health’, but then supporting City is like an addiction, it doesn’t matter how bad we play, what the result is, we always seem to be there for the next game, on the rollercoaster ride that is our beloved Man City.

I’ve followed City since 1965, just before the start of out greatest era, Colin Bell (congratulations), Mikey Doyle and co., and I’ve a feeling that those days may be just around the corner again. A couple more players and who knows? We can but only hope.

You gotta luv City, Kevin Williamson <scribbs(at)>


Well it must be that time of year for my annual MCIVTA contribution (thanks all at MCIVTA for doing such an outstanding job), and I have to say that I support the increasing call for KK to go, and go now.

I have been utterly consistent with this, and ever since the day the Board stabbed Bernstein in the back, I have thought that there has been something rotten at the heart of our Club. It is not KK, who by all accounts, is a decent guy and I believe suffers the lows and celebrates the highs like any fan, but the people in the boardroom. Funny how since Bernstein departed almost everything that can go wrong, has. The key to our biggest problem (which isn’t Steve McManaman, although he comes a close second!) is the relationship between the Chairman and the Manager.

KK needed a man like Bernstein to give him the parental guidance he requires. KK, as the FA discovered at national level, needs a strong Chairman to control his impulses and spell out to him the warning signs that his totally optimistic view of the world sometimes obscures. He needs a Chairman who genuinely represents the fans and sees the bigger picture. For all Robbie’s reasonable current form, he has still scored only a handful of goals, and we have had to pay over the odds to have him sit on the bench for more than a year.

In hindsight, Bernstein’s position on Fowler appears absolutely correct. For the Chairman, having seen the sheer incompetence of KK’s impulses with the appalling waste of cash on Vuoso, it was clear that his patience had run out, and he put his foot down. But KK, who can charm the pants of almost anyone, had clearly done his boardroom homework, and appears to have talked the major shareholders, Wardle and Makin, into believing that it was Bernstein who was stopping him investing in the instant success that he convinced them he could bring. The combination of KK’s charm and his promises of a top six finish appear to have led Wardle and others to consider Bernstein a stumbling block to the Club winning the Premiership in its second season back in the top flight.

So, having done their dirty work on Bernstein, John ‘I don’t want to be Chairman’ Wardle and KK could bring their love affair out in the open, and with that the spending began. Super-inflated salaries were agreed for aging journeymen and KK was allowed free reign to apply his all too familiar management regime with the squad. This meant favouring some and ignoring others, running a series of cliques and allowing a culture of individual stars rather than a team of equals. And now, incredibly, after wasting £50 million, KK is moaning again, undermining Wardle, because he won’t give him any money in the current transfer window. Is this not a rather familiar cycle? Unfortunately for KK this time, there is no fall guy to take a knife in the back in the boardroom.

And on the pitch, the legacy of his disastrous management culture explains the great performance against Arsenal followed by the crashing defeat at Oldham. As a collection of individuals, rather than as a team, it should come as no surprise that in front of a prime Sky audience, and with managers from across Europe watching, the team play well (as they did against United and Chelsea) but when it comes to the games where you really require a ‘team’, for those cold, windswept January games with less glamorous opponents, other than a few notable exceptions, they simply don’t care. It was telling, that even at the end of the Arsenal game, the players had to be forced to applaud the City fans in the Clock End. When is the last time you saw a City player kissing his shirt after he has scored? Most of the team simply don’t care about the Club.

That is not to say, for their own value and professionalism, they don’t care about trying to play well. I think most do, which leads us to the next issue; the quality and synergy of the squad.

McManaman should go ASAP, as he will never be fit and will never capture the skill of his occasional past. Macken has proved to be broadly talent-less, and we should see more of BWP up front. While Bosvelt has a classy touch, he has no stamina any more, and Reyna looks the part, but simply fails to inspire, as does Sinclair (when fit) and the useless Sibierski. Anelka has no interest, and is possibly one of the best strikers in the world, but represents, more than any other player, KK’s ‘star’ management system. We should accept any offer over £7 million. The jury is still out on Robbie.

SWP is truly magnificent and a delight to watch. He has vision, sparkle and immense skill. He really is a class act. He needs to be more consistent, but it is pretty hard to fault him. But why should he stay? He remembers sitting on the bench waiting to break into the first team, as KK favoured the journeymen. In fact the passion of Jordan, Flood and Barton have only been able to prosper as a result of injury rather than KK’s planning. And when he has a chance to play Onuoha at Oldham, after his fantastic humbling of Henry at Arsenal, he plays a journeyman instead. Insane. At least the youngsters appear to care about the ‘Team’ and the Club, instead of picking up their weekly lottery win. So, whilst I would be deeply upset when SWP goes to Arsenal, I won’t be surprised, and once more, KK will have to take responsibility for losing one of the best players we have ever produced.

Dunne has been inspired and has been an outstanding performer this season. He has personally saved us from defeat on numerous occasions, and to be fair to KK, can be clearly recognised as one of his rare man-management success stories. Distin, despite some errors of judgement, is a quality player too, but why captain? He is one of the less vocal players on the pitch, but his captaincy once more further reinforces the lack of ‘Team’ commitment in the squad. We simply don’t have anyone who cares enough. I would give the armband to Dunne. Onuoha, looks excellent. Mills and Thatcher add very little. James can make horrific mistakes, but can also make some inspired saves, and on balance, whilst every high ball in scares the living hell out of you, he is still a top Premiership ‘keeper, and such an improvement on the KK folly that was David Seaman.

Unfortunately, KK will not go, until it becomes all rather unpleasant. The reason he won’t is only because of his reputation as a quitter, and as this will probably be his last job in British football, he can not afford to reinforce that view.

But, to cheer yourself up, on a cold and wet afternoon in the morgue-like atmosphere that our wonderful new home has become, as we lose 1-0 to Crystal Palace, just imagine what could be:
Gordon Strachan as Manager, Anelka sulking away in Turkey, a new striker, playmaker and defender, our spiralling debt under control, McManaman gone, Dunne made captain and David Bernstein back as Chairman.

Miles Webber <lfi(at)>


Just thought I would say a few words on the possible transfer of players. I have been out of action for a while owing to a problem with my PC.

The club must reduce its debt. So if any decent offer comes in then they are going to listen.

I would think that £6 million for Distin would be worth taking, hope it goes through before Newcastle realise that Blackpool Sands is the place to buy a donkey, and they can kick with both feet.

Anelka must be sold: just look back at the games in which he has not played, the whole team performs better. He has scored 7 goals so far, Paul Dickov has scored 6. Strike for strike Anelka is the worst striker in the Premiership, give any other forward the chances he has had and he would be bottom of the scoring table.

SWP: it is only a matter of time before he goes. What a pity we have to depend on his skill and ability to create something all too often. He will go because he will get fed up.

Anelka out and play Macken and Fowler every week.

Sam Duxbury <samduxbury(at)>


Here’s a thought. If you buy a house much below it’s market value, all sorts of people want to know why. The tax people, particularly, as there could be fraud involved.

So why should we sell Anelka for around £8 million? It doesn’t seem right.

We paid £12.5 million for him and he is, allegedly, approaching the ‘prime’ of his career. Can you imagine getting Thierry Henry for less than £30 million? I think not. Henry is good but is he worth £22 million more than Anelka? I think not, again.

I would be quite happy to see Anelka sold but please, let’s have some ‘real’ valuations spoken about eh? To recover the £12.5 million would satisfy me and if Liverpool don’t want to pay that much, they don’t have to buy him do they?

Suddenly, from having a squad of players that no one values, we now have a number of assets in demand. Good, innit?

And as for Shaun, he’s still for sale. Anyone got £40 million? Apart from you Chelsea.

P.S. Yes, I know that McManaman and Reyna are still there. I was trying to forget that bit.

John Nisbet <nisbet1957(at)>


Nicolas Anelka – some of you so called City fans need to take a reality check.

Look at the facts:

Fact – Anelka is the best footballer and biggest “name” we have seen at City since Colin Bell (yes, bigger and better than Kinkladze, who was my hero too).

Fact – I don’t remember any City fans criticising the purchase of Anelka at the time. I was pinching myself that he joined us.

Fact – Anelka came to City because he believed we were going places, and wanted to be part of it.

Fact – We played to Anelka’s strengths, using skilful midfielders like Benarbia and Berkovic to feed him. They haven’t been replaced, and Anelka becomes frustrated that nobody is on his wavelength. Anelka’s form has suffered, along with City’s.

Fact – Keegan’s other signings looked sound at the time. The spirit within the club was excellent… until we signed Robbie Fowler.

Fact – City have never found the perfect partner for Anelka. Had we done, we would be looking at a different team now. Fowler, for all his recent improvement, has held the team back.

Fact – Anelka has scored almost a goal every two games for City, making him 5th most prolific goalscorer since the war for players playing over 100 games: 1st – Goater (0.48585 goals per appearance); 2nd – McAdams (0.48507 goals per game); 3rd – Lee (0.44848); 4th – Kidd (0.44533); 5th – Anelka (0.43689). For the record: Fowler – 0.23611; Macken – 0.23077, meaning that Anelka is almost twice as likely to score than Fowler or Macken.

Fact – Anelka has played more games for City than any other club. Does that not show some kind of loyalty?

Fact – Anelka is the only current player to be a League “ever present” (2002-03). Does that not show commitment and desire to play? The only other ever present since 1996 was Steve Howey (2000-01).

Fact – Some City fans are shocked when Anelka supposedly makes a comment in a French article that he wants to play in the Champions’ League. Is that not a reasonable ambition for a world class footballer? Unless you are on drugs, City are not a “big” club, nor will they have any chance of becoming one without players of the calibre of Anelka.

Fact – These same short-sighted City fans then “boo” Anelka on as a substitute. Think of how that would affect you at work. If your customers criticised you as you walked into work, would you feel motivated, or would you turn and walk away?

Fact – Because of the booing, Anelka is embarrassed and takes this personally, and declares himself unfit for the Arsenal game.

Fact – City get a great result at Arsenal. Some fans think we play better without him, even though our goal is scored by a midfielder.

Fact – Anelka’s critics get a reality check. The appalling performance at Oldham proves how much we miss Anelka, but the damage is done, and Nico wants away.

If this piece ever finds its way to Nicolas Anelka, I’d just like to thank you for the wonderful enjoyment you have given me whenever you’ve played for City, and for being a perfect gentleman to me outside the grounds whenever asked for an autograph or photograph. I wish to apologise for the short-sighted morons who call themselves City fans yet “boo” their players as they enter the pitch to play for City. I am realistic enough to know that you cannot achieve your footballing ambitions with City, and wish you every success in the future, wherever in the world that may be. Just remember, the true City fans appreciate talent, and you have it in abundance. Merci beaucoup. Bon voyage, au revoir et bon chance Nico.

For those blinkered City fans who think it is constructive to boo Anelka and McManaman onto the pitch, I would be delighted to hear from you, especially what benefit there is for the player, fans and club?

[Agree Steve, Anelka has been given a pretty raw deal at times and it’s a damn shame we haven’t capitalised on his presence at MCFC – Ed]

Steve Kay <steve(at)>


In reply to Dario Gigante, “long term secured debt” means that the company have borrowed money but this does not need repaying immediately. It begs some questions as long term is basically greater than one year and it depends on the deal that has been struck e.g. repayments on a regular basis (such as a normal domestic mortgage) or all monies to be repaid in one fell swoop at the end of the term, or many different varieties in between.

Secured means that the lender(s) has security over assets of the company, usually book debts, stock or property, again similar idea as a domestic mortgage. Whether or not that is the ground I don’t know. Those with the company accounts can help further; but of course a nonchalant comment that the company has “long term secured debts” as often made by those in control is supposed to make us all feel that there are no financial problems.

But if the day comes when we cannot pay the interest or the capital… we’ll probably all have to become Oldham fans by default.

Of course the idea is that nobody questions the comment.

Brian Leigh <B.Leigh(at)>


I’m going try and get in here early. I have a feeling that we haven’t taken our full allocation of tickets for Chelsea (probably because we haven’t sold out in the past two seasons) and so they won’t be going on sale to CityCard holders.

So here’s a request for 1 to 3 tickets.

Thanks, Andrew Goodman <Andrew.Goodman(at)>


The next meeting of the Reddish branch of the Centenary Supporters’ Association is this coming Wednesday 12th January at The Ash Hotel, Manchester Road, Stockport starting at 8.00pm. Our confirmed guests for the evening are Andy Hinchcliffe and Paul Lake. As always everyone is welcome.

Howard Burr <reddishblues(at)>


Was wondering whether MCIVTA has been asked this before (I don’t recollect seeing it)? Prior to the team running out to the Brainbug song, City usually play a medley of songs (Oasis, Stone Roses etc.), there’s one particular track called “Beautiful City”; does anyone know who/what this track is? I’ve looked around the most obvious song/lyric sites but not come across anything!

Thanks in advance, Rich Fenton <rich(at)>


I will never forget the date February 29th 2004. Daughter gets knocked over by car, receives severe brain injuries. My wife (heavily pregnant) and myself spend 10 painful weeks in the hospital. Days and dates go by without noticing anything else that happens around us. I remember the day well when it all fell into place. City were playing United, consultant comes into room and gives us good news (daughter allowed home shortly). As he leaves I turn to look at the TV (only had BBC2); it is showing highlights of the game. I look up to see SWP score a super goal. I shout so loud I startle everyone. We done ’em, we done ’em, we stuffed ’em.

All the days in the hospital were hard, but one of them was made easier. Cheers Shaun.

My wife eventually gave birth, a beauty of a boy, his name is Shaun Wright John James. Couldn’t have it all my way. My daughter’s recovery going very well as well.



League table to 09 January 2005 inclusive

                             HOME          AWAY        OVERALL
                    P  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F   A   GD Pts
 1 Chelsea         22  9  2  0 22  3  8  2  1 21  5 17  4  1  43   8  35  55
 2 Arsenal         22  6  5  0 28 12  8  1  2 24 12 14  6  2  52  24  28  48
 3 Manchester Utd  22  7  4  0 19  5  5  4  2 14  8 12  8  2  33  13  20  44
 4 Everton         22  8  1  2 15 11  5  3  3 12 12 13  4  5  27  23   4  43
 5 Liverpool       22  8  1  2 20  8  3  3  5 16 14 11  4  7  36  22  14  37
 6 Middlesbrough   22  6  3  2 18 11  4  2  5 16 17 10  5  7  34  28   6  35
 7 Tottenham H.    22  4  3  4 22 16  5  3  3  7  5  9  6  7  29  21   8  33
 8 Charlton Ath.   22  6  2  3 17 12  3  2  6  7 20  9  4  9  24  32  -8  31
 9 Manchester City 22  4  4  3 13  8  3  3  5 14 15  7  7  8  27  23   4  28
10 Aston Villa     22  6  3  2 16  7  1  4  6  7 19  7  7  8  23  26  -3  28
11 Bolton Wndrs    22  4  3  4 13 11  3  3  5 16 20  7  6  9  29  31  -2  27
12 Portsmouth      22  5  2  4 16 15  2  4  5 10 15  7  6  9  26  30  -4  27
13 Birmingham City 22  3  4  4 12  9  3  4  4 13 16  6  8  8  25  25   0  26
14 Newcastle Utd   22  4  3  4 18 18  2  5  4 15 21  6  8  8  33  39  -6  26
15 Fulham          22  4  1  6 14 20  2  3  6 14 19  6  4 12  28  39 -11  22
16 Blackburn R.    22  2  7  2 13 16  2  3  6  7 17  4 10  8  20  33 -13  22
17 Crystal Palace  22  3  2  6 10 12  1  4  6 13 22  4  6 12  23  34 -11  18
18 Norwich City    22  2  4  5 13 19  0  6  5  6 20  2 10 10  19  39 -20  16
19 Southampton     22  2  7  2 16 16  0  2  9  6 21  2  9 11  22  37 -15  15
20 West Brom A.    22  1  5  5  7 19  0  5  6 10 24  1 10 11  17  43 -26  13

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Manchester City FC recognises three supporters’ clubs: The “Official Supporters Club” (; the “Centenary Supporters’ Association” ( and “The International Supporters’ Club” (

[6] Where can I find out about the fans’ committee?

The Fans’ Committee operates as an interface between supporters and the club. It has its own website, containing info about forthcoming meetings as well as minutes from previous gatherings.

[7] What match day broadcasts are available on the web?

The GMR pre and post match phone-in is available on the web at

Live match commentaries and archives of games, reports and interviews can be found at

[8] Where can I find out if City are live on satellite TV? provides a listing of Premiership games being shown on UK domestic and foreign satellite channels. Useful sites for North American viewers are,, and

[9] Do we have a Usenet newsgroup?

Yes we do: is our home on usenet. If you are not familiar with usenet, a basic explanation is available here:,289893,sid9_gci213262,00.html

[10] Do any squad members have their own web pages?

There are a number available and direct links can be found at

[11] Can I buy shares in the club?

Yes you can: Shares in Manchester City PLC are traded on OFEX. The latest prices can be on found the OFEX web site (registration required) or in the business section of the Manchester Evening News.

[12] Where can I find match statistics?

Statistics for the current season are available from the club site, but for a more in-depth analysis try

[13] Where can I find a list of City-related websites?

Try Wookie’s Lair:

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